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Looks like I'll have a baby soon too -- update # 15

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I had a bunch of tests done this week because of protein spilling in my urine, and my 24-hour urine test showed I probably have early preeclampsia. Thus, they're hoping to get me delivered this weekend. They initially proposed a c/s at 9:30 am tomorrow, but I said not until they do some more testing, since it's not a flat-out emergency at this point. I'm doing a nonstress test tomorrow and and a repeat of the toxemia panel, and if that's fine we'll proceed to talk about VBAC induction options. Apparently the doc on call this weekend doesn't like foley catheters, but my previous one worked really fast, and I had a successful VBAC, so I have some leeway to negotiate, I think. The complicating factor is that I have Group B strep this time, so they're gonna want to watch how long my water is broken.

Wish me luck!
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Good luck with all of that! Hope the testing comes back great and you have a babe in your arms soon.
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Good luck mama I hope all goes well and wish you a safe and peaceful birth. I look forward to hearing your birth story and all about your babe
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Good luck Mama - and well done on being strong enough to resist their crisis talk. Sounds like you know exactly what you want and you've got the confidence to get it.

Can't wait to hear about the safe arrival of your LO.
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Good luck! I am sure you have all the tools to make the right decision for YOU and your baby!!!
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Good luck!


I hope they're cooperative!
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Good luck! I hope you can get your VBAC. Wishing you an easy birth and healthy baby & mom! :
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Good luck Nealy! I hope you get the birth you want despite the need to intervene and are holding your beautiful baby soon! Be sure to post back and let us know!
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Good luck!!
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sending uncomplicated VBAC vibes!
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Just popping in from the Jan DDC - Good luck!!! I really hope everything goes well and you and your baby stay healthy!!
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Can't wait to see pictures, read the story! Good luck..
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Sending you fantastic birth vibes for a safe, happy birth! Best of luck and congrats to be soon!::
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Good luck! I hope you get your VBAC Thinking of you for a healthy mom and baby! Can't wait to read your birth story and see pics!
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So I went in and repeated the tests and did an NST, and everything looked great. My toxemia panel is still completely normal, and my urine only had trace protein even though I was very dehydrated from 9 hours of nothing-by-mouth (and having cried continuously for longer than that). My bp was 113/66. The baby was moving around well and I was having really good contractions. The midwife wanted to induce me because she said she knew I was a really good VBAC candidate (having had one before)and I was still doing fine, but the backup OB said no, because one of my ultrasounds showed a big baby. Apparently she won't bend on this at all, but I refused to have a c/s right now while I'm still completely fine, so the MW sent me home to go on bedrest and repeat the 24-hour urine test tomorrow, and I see another backup OB on Monday morning. I think they're going to repeat my ultrasound, which is a complete crapshoot. It could help my case or not, since those things are so unreliable. If this OB isn't more willing to listen to me, I think I'll wind up looking at other practices in the area. I don't want to sit around, stressing out with pre-e for a week when I could be enjoying my baby.

Again, wish me luck!
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Oh man. I'm sorry. I hope the other OB will listen to you, and soon you can enjoy your precious new baby soon
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Good luck - isn't it crazy that you have to do all this fighting and negotiating at the end? I'm glad to hear your tests were coming back normal - and your BP sounds great! Hope it all works out the way you desire...
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Hope it works out for the best!
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