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A Montessori playroom set up?

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Has anyone done this? I have 2 kids that won't be able to start Montessori until fall 09 b/c that is when we will be moving to an area that makes this possible.

I have a 4 year old in a play based preschool and he's doing well there. He is there 3 days a week. I was thinking of setting up some Montessori home preschool for the other days so I can give him an introduction (to whatever degree I can do that as a non teacher).

My younger son will be 2 when he starts which I know is a good age. I'm not so worried about him although if I'm doing this I'm going to add some things for him.

So, has anyone set up a homeschool Montessori, or based a playroom design on this? I can change our playroom now and I will obviously be able to really go nuts in the new house with a blank slate playroom.

Thanks for any ideas
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What's your budget like? A ballpark figure...

I have a lot of ideas.
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No real budget and I really want to overhaul our toy situation with the upcoming move anyway. We do have furniture that we'll have to work with, but they are pretty good shelves/art table/play table/etc. I'd also love ideas for setting up a kitchen so that they can be involved. We have a learning tower and we keep their things low and accessable. I'd also like ideas on getting them involved with laundry. We'd like to add a small garden to our landscaping plans. Anyway, for now I'll be keeping it small, adding a few key things, and getting rid of some toys, but with a new house going up, we can go bigger.

The only pictures I have are from when DS1 was about 18 months and we set the current room up, but it gives you an idea of the furniture we have to work with (plus a few extra small bookshelves in our family room). It has morphed since then with a preschooler instead of toddler, but the furniture is the same.





The new playroom will be a larger 20x20 loft and will finally have a window rather than being a basement space.
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I set up an area in our family room with 3 shelves for our Montessori jobs. There are no toys in this area, so it's used specifically for job time at home. They have a "toy room" (the living room), a "big girl room" (with all the choke-able stuff), and an infant/toddler room (since we have a soon to be 2 year old). Here are a few pictures of our shelves. I try to rotate them every month or when I notice they are getting bored of certain jobs. I store a lot of items in two big Rubbermaid tubs in the garage.



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Ok, Im a bit of a freak, but I set up a complete Montessori based classroom!!! I had shelves made, bought all the essentails from Alisons Montessori and homeschooled my children.(I am very lucky in that we were living overseas for dh job and his co. paid for my hs materials!) We now live in Germany (hs is very illegal here!) so my kids go to an amazing International School. I still have my montessori room right next to the family room and my daughter (5) especially migrates in there daily for creative work. My ds uses the math materials some for his homework and we love the energy of that room. I was happy with Alison's products for homeschooling-affordable and great service. Go for it
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I also set up our playroom like a Montessori classroom and we homeschool. We love it! I'll get pics for you later if I get a chance! :
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I'd love to see more pics, like from the last two mamas

BCFD, that looks great! I really like those shelves.

I am working on this. Well, by working on it I mean I've decided to use my empty dining room as a playroom and have bought a couple shelves and made a list of materials I want. The kids are getting a few new things for christmas that will go in there.

My dream is to have an infant area and toddler area, then a room for the older kids. It's a little challenging because of the small pieces included in 3-6 materials so I'd want separate rooms. Course, I don't have an infant any more and my toddler is getting big quickly but it's still my big plan.
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Sorry it took so long to get back. I've been searching for the post but just now found it! ANyway, here is a link to pictures of our playroom. Enjoi!

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Jackie, I love it!

Thanks for sharing, what a great room for your LO's.
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