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I could just scream!

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My grandmother had a stroke last weekend so my mother has to go out 5 hours away to see her, "don't have the baby while I'm gone" she says. DP would like me to have the baby the 29th, one day past my due date, as he has to travel and we have "other" issues as well, my work wants to have me there as long as possible, yet they all laugh when i waddle down the hall. The waterbirth store I ordered my liner and heater from hasn't delivered it yet and I ordered it more than two weeks ago, I haven't had time to do my belly mask and on and on it goes. And......I'm miserable, can barely walk, have cankles, and am exhausted 24/7, my 11yo just got her period so between her and me....well, you can imagine. I just want this baby out but everyone has their own agenda and are telling me when it would be conveinent for them as if anything about this pregnancy has been easy. wth?

sorry gals, just had to vent. I feel like I could lose it at any moment. Somehow I am keeping sane. I am so jealous of everyone else's stories.
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Stopping in from January DDC

So sorry!!

I hope you start to feel better, and people start giving you a break!
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That is the way I felt with my last PG. The ladies and DH's work made him put the due date on the work calendar as if it was set in stone. They just didn't seem to get that I was not scheduling an induction or a c-section and that I didn't know the exact time or date that my baby would be born. Luckily, no body has bugged me too bad about this time. I guess that is one advantage to everyone in my family being so bogged down with their own lives that I might as well not exist. I can't figure out which is worse, being bugged too much or not enough. Crap. I completely agree that a good scream is in order!
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HUGS for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe we'll look back one day and laugh...??? Ya think? Well, maybe not. lol

I always ask DH when he looks tired if he'd like to change places and before I can even get it out, he says very firmly..."NO."
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My dh is taking the week off before my EDD, which is fabulous. BUT, in order to do this he is having to work like a mad man to get everything ready. So he makes little comments to me like, "if you have the baby this week I am screwed." That's a nice thing to say, isn't it? HELLO - I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHEN THE BABY IS COMING!!!!! The other night I finally told him that I didn't give a flying crap whether or not he was screwed because he didn't get all of his work done. HELLO - I'M HAVING A BABY!!!!!! My mind will simply not wrap around anyone else's "stuff" right now.

Of course, we would all love to have the baby when it is most convenient for ourselves and our families. It just doesn't always work out that way and its annoying when you put this weird last minute pressure on a pg lady who is already feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of birth.

Again, I just retreat into my cocoon...the world can go on without me...
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Add insult to injury and my friend who knows my midwife informed me that my midwifes husband has to have surgery on the 18th so I can't have the baby that day either. Great. Let's see, who else do I have to please around the birth of this baby? I'm sorry it's been such a drag on all my friends and family haviing me be pregnant, like I'm really sorry this is such a pain, oh wait, I'm the one in pain, waddling, working full time still, taking care of two children on my own.

I came to a realization today. If it's just me and the baby when she's ready, I'm okay with that. She will come when she comes and we will be okay without anyone else. I've done this twice before, am a strong independent woman and if people want to be around and supportive then they will be and if not, well, I can do it.

Hugs to all around, glad to hear other folks are having a tough time too, well, not glad, but it makes me feel less alone anyway.........
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I SO understand where you're coming from! Like we aren't impatient and expectant and uncomfortable enough on our own, without everyone else imposing their expectations on us! They do realize that I have no control over this yeah? My dsd is the worst. She turns 12 on the 18th... and will never forgive me if I have baby that day! When I said baby couod be born any day, even Christmas, she said thats the stupidest thing she's ever heard, how could I possibly think of ruining her xmas like that... and she literally threw a hissy fit and started crying! Dh would like me to 'hold it in' until new years... not to mention my family that is all coming here for xmas, some of them just for a week, and will be most displeased if I have not produced a baby by then! Whatever, baby will come when baby is ready and I for one, will respect that! And I will do my best to ignore all the little comments, I know they don't mean badly...
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I think I would *smack* every last one of them (Blame it on the hormones). I was three weeks early and my mom told me that I hadn't given her enough time to get her job stuff in order
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OMG, that is so true, everyone has an opinion on when this LO should be born. Are you kidding me people?? And if I had a nickle for everytime someone said "When are you due?" And upon hearing 12/31, answering "THere is no way you gonna make, you look huge!!"", I would have the kids college fund. Seriously, people are just so inconsiderably rude!!! Do manners go out the window when you are prego? Everyone can just say what they want without thinking? And my MIL is the worst, she is coming 1/4 and staying till the baby is born no matter what. And I tried to convince my DH to talk to her about leaving when my mom comes (1/9). His response? Its her grandchild too and it wouldn't be fair to him (DH) and she can stay as long as she wants. Do I have to be rude and make her feel unwelcome? Is that what its gonna take to send her packing b/f my mom comes.

Ugh... seriously, who would have thought that we have to deal with this crap when we are facing possibly most challenging and life changing event of our lives?
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Right there with you at my dh's xmas party Friday (there's only 5 people there including me) They actually told me I could not have this baby tomorrow. No pressure really!!!
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