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Weekly chit-chat December 6th-12th

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Does anybody know how many days are left until their EDD?

I have 66 days until mine. Wow.
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I have 58 days left!!

I am having a ton of BH the past two days. They only go away when I am lying down--but I can't do that all the time! There are a bit annoying and a few have been quite uncomfortable as well.
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52! : Lots to do still!
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Sixty-two! Yikes! I have so much to do!
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Wow, 58 days! DH and I were talking about how anxious we are for the baby to arrive just last night! I can't wait! :

I've been pretty tired lately. Came home early from work yesterday and slept for 2 and half hours then slept in till 9:00 today. That felt good! I"m having a pretty mellow day so far. Cleaned the chicken coop but have accomplished nothing else...fine by me. I think that's what Saturday's are for. If I can vacuum, put some laundry away and make my bed then I'll feel as though I have accomplished a lot!
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I've really loved having him around to help and I miss that a lot but I am glad to have him working and bringing money in.

If I counted correctly I have 58 days left.
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68 days left here. Made it to a prenatal yoga class again finally. Also got a little x-mas shopping done and bought a birth ball to use before we go into the birth center.

Baby is way in my ribs now! It's starting to get uncomfortable. Also she seems to favor being nestled on my right side.

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My girl also favors my right side. She is using my bladder as a pillow! Definately getting more rib kicks, too.

I'm asking for a birth ball for x-mas, I figured the kids would enjoy getting that one for me - a ball for mom! How they will wrap it is a mystery I also asked for new pajamas that are easy to nurse in (I prefer flannel with buttons in the front)

I don't know how many days I have, I try not to count too much. My due dates both times before were so unreliable I guess I am afraid to rely too much on the numbers! I am just hoping to keep this one in closer to term.

My midwife gave me my list of supplies and suggested I get them all by 36 weeks just in case. So that's six more weeks...

Guess I'll be shopping for christmas presents and birth supplies!
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
Does anybody know how many days are left until their EDD?

I have 66 days until mine. Wow.

I have a lot of days until my EDD. (well, 1 more than you I guess) But, 37 days until the latest Mia is born! Yikes!! I should know her scheduled date either this coming Tuesday or next Tuesday. Unless she has to come even earlier because of her heart issue--in that case, holy cow, I'm not going to be ready. LOL!
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73 days until my EDD.

Which, on the one hand, is fine, because I have a lot left to do....

But on the other hand, I sure will be relieved when she's here and I'm not so exhausted, uncomfortable, and grumpy.
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I have 61 days left until due date. It sounds both near and far away to me! I don't feel as though I have alot to do before she gets here. Just the normal stuff, washing all the baby clothes, etc. I don't have very much, so that won't take long.

I am going to pull out my tub of boy newborn stuff, though, because the clothes that my sister gave me are not going to cover all my needs like I had once thought. So, I will be pulling out gowns and sleepers that I used with my boys.

I have had a strange shift happen to me this week. The last several weeks, I have been having so much nerve pain in my back. It's been miserable. But something has happened this week . . . the baby has shifted or something . . .and i am not having that pain anymore. I have more energy. (besides my cold) I just feel better.
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
Does anybody know how many days are left until their EDD?

I have 66 days until mine. Wow.
I hadn't even thought of this!!!

I have about 70.

I need probably about 120.
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Okay, well this has motivated me. I just wrote my new birth plan! I couldn't find my old one (the original copy is buried on a PC downstairs that's long dead), so I did a new one.

It's pretty long and involved though, so I need to trim it a bit, but it helped me identify the key points I need to bring up to my midwife and pediatrician.

There. I'm feeling better now. Back to being more or less unprepared elsewhere...
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66 days here.. wow.. :
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Wow, about 71 days for me. In 2 more days, that will feel a lot sooner, but over 70 days still feels like a lot to me. When that first number is a 6 though...it seems much much sooner!

Other than that...I'm a lurker lately. I try to jump on and just read the various threads, especially the chat, but I've been so busy lately. My 18mo ds has been sick this week and dh is out of town. Ds has been SO unconsolable and unreasonable that I'm exhausted...and don't really have a free second. I have a little help now, and that's great, but for a few days there it was all day and all night and I have a 3yo, too. Poor thing was so good about it all, but I know she was bored silly. Anyway, I think ds is starting to feel a bit better, though dd and I seem to be coming down with something...

So...: Keep Talkin'
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What exactly does everyone have left to do that that two months isn't enough time? In one week I will Order my car seat base, birth supplies, diaper sprayer and finalize diaper plans and thats it.
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59 days??? It doesn't seem possible! I was having pre-term contractions, which forced me on bed rest for a bit, but I bet buckets, I'll go past my due date! Murphy's Law...

My son was late according to a wheeled chart. It drove me crazy for the 9 days he was "late". I had a friend who would only ever give vague generalities about when her baby was due ("Around mid-February..."). I thought this was brilliant for natural onset births. This time around, I'm just going with "around Valentines Day." It's a mental game for me to be patient!

Until then, I'll celebrate Christmas and the new year, so I'm thinking that time will fly! It's getting through January that will be the boring, uncomfortable and COLD temps outside (I'm a Houston wimp - I don't enjoy being cold!), time for me.

Due 2/10/09
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I don't feel as though I have anything to really do before baby comes. We don't have a room for her, so no room to decorate. Which is fine with me, because I like having my babies right next to me.
So, other than that . . . the only thing I really need to do is organize her clothing, and figure out how to fit my 3rd son into my boys dresser. (we still only have the one dresser for all of them) Then I'll put the new baby's clothes on the changing table shelves. And secretly hope for a new chest of drawers for this baby. One is not enough for all these children we have. We just don't have any room for it right now.

So, now that it's on my mind, I think I'll go pull out the newborn clothing and go through it all.
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I think I have 67 days until my edd.

As for what I have left to do, not a whole lot because I'm a crazy organized person . I have a list of the things I have to do and the things I need to get. And I'm trying to put off these things so I have something to do in January. The only thing I'm worried about is if I've forgotten something.
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Wow, I just pulled out all my tubs of clothes from my boys from age newborn to 2 years old. Man, I sure do have some amazing things that are in super good condition. Because up until about 2 yo, they don't wear their clothes out very much. I have the cutest things. It's almost a shame I won't get to use them again! I pulled out the stuff that I thought were somewhat neutral, that I can use on a girl. Mostly sleepers and gowns. But I cannot find some of the newborn sleepers and gowns that I used for my 3rd baby. I can't even imagine where those might be. I am on a mission to find that stuff. Because I can get lots of use out of them even with a baby girl.

What a relief to get all of that done. I know have about 6 paper bags full of amazing baby boy clothes that need a new home. I am hoping I can give them to a girl at my church who is having her 4th baby. She has 3 girls and is hoping for a boy.

I am looking forward to seeing this little baby via u/s next week. It would really put my mind at ease to see some girl parts, just so I don't get rid of clothes that I could end up needing!
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