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Hey, that's great to know, thanks Nighten! You are a veritable font!
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You're welcome. I'm just very anal about stuff I buy is all. And rather obsessive when it comes to research....

But I'm very happy to share whatever info I find. And if your Targets don't have the curtains, let me know. I'll see if I can pick one up at mine and mail it to you or something. PVC ones smell just awful. They burn my lungs. I'd hate to think of that being anywhere near my newborn.
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Mal85, I'm so sorry that you're sick, it sounds miserable. But I wouldn't worry about Baby--your body will take care of her.

kssinca, what's Cloth Diapering 101? I want in on that! And I know what you mean about the reality of everything...I'm okay with thinking about diapers but I have no idea how to dress a baby.

DreamsInDigital, yay for turning babies! Hopefully mine will follow soon. I keep telling her how important it is.

Enudely, good point about airing out the carseat. I forgot all about that!

AKislandgirl, great news about the doula! And I strongly second nighten's magnesium recommendation. Just one every other day has made all the difference for me.

As for me, my parents are in town for the weekend so I'm hoping to get into the holiday spirit a little bit. Huz had his tonsils out on Monday and I've been really uncomfortable with the pubic bone pain, so we could use some cheering up.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Pay day! Woohoooo! I have soooo much I need to do! ANd it feels fantastic to have a pay day after weeks of not having one.
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Wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate that information. I have been feeling like I don't want to have plastics that go in the mouth (thanks for the reminder about wood paints). I received a couple of 100% polyester fleece sleepers yesterday. I've felt fine about passing on the ones that have been handed down to me, but this was a little different. Especially as my husband picked up the yellow ducky one and, in a moment of rare sentimentality, hugged it with amazement saying, "Our little child will be in this! A little person will be this size and fill this out." I couldn't exactly say, "Not on your life!" I'll keep vigilant on the plastics, be careful of the polyesters and such, and buy things with natural materials.

Now mattresses. My first exposure to the idea that SIDS is caused by a combination of mattress off-gassing and baby spit-up cultures, was through an article on MDC, which I can't seem to find again. I've researched it elsewhere online and see that people have had good results using the BebeSafe mattress covers and a strict cotton bedding policy. We have a used crib (currently in storage for when the baby is slightly older), a used bassinet, and our used (family passed down) queen sized mattress. Now what? My husband is adamantly opposed to co-sleeping, so I plan to use a bassinet directly next to the bed and expect that the baby MAY spend half the night in bed with me. I know I need to have some sort of mattress pad for our bed (for amniotic fluid all the way through baby urine), but I HATE the thought of getting something with vinyl in it. Should I get a BebeSafe for my thin bassinet mattress and crib mattress? What should I do with my bed? I don't know how many of my sheets are 100% cotton. All of the mattress pads that I can afford have polyester fill. Even my pillows are just stuffed with fluff! Please refer me if I'm asking questions that have been asked elsewhere, but I just thought that since you all were so helpful with the plastics question, you might be able to help me with this other soul-wrenching issue!
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For mattress protectors, use wool. Wool works great -- you can cut it to fit; no need to hem even -- and it works very well for repelling moisture and bacteria growth. And not all mattress pads/covers are polyester-based. I found an all-cotton one at TJ Maxx for cheap not long ago, actually.

The thing about wrapping mattresses are some potential issues to consider:

1. You are sleeping on plastic. True, it's a foodgrade plastic that doesn't offgas, and it locks in the chemical gasses of the mattress, plus it's waterproof, so that's good, but it's still plastic, which means it's loud. You have to have some kind of protection between it and your sheets unless you want it to feel slippery and be loud underneath you. Thick wool would be great for this, I'd think.

2. Because it's totally encasing the whole mattress, it's potentially trapping in moisture. Which can result in mildew issues. This, I would think, would be tied into whether your home is older and/or damp, etc. to begin with? I don't know. Something to consider? It was a concern for us but we live in an older house.

3. If it's a partial wrap (top only) then you're still dealing with problem #1 and there is still off-gassing from the mattress itself. I'm pretty sure the Bebe ones are full wraps though, yes?

Whichever wrap you go with, make sure it is 100% foodgrade polyethylene. You can get one for a larger bed (if you do end up cosleeping and want to wrap your older mattress) here:


Get a wool cover for it. This can be anything from a wool blanket (like from the Army/Navy store) to a full on tufted type mattress pad:


http://www.snugglewool.com/shop/catalog.php?category=17 (this one has bassinet sizes)

The thicker the pad, the more protection in terms of sound and feel from the plastic.

If money's an issue, look at the total of a new mattress (non-org), wrap, and wool pad versus organic mattress.

We got this crib mattress from Dax:

http://www.daxstores.com/v-snq-crib.html (they have free shipping)

It was affordable. The twin mattress we're getting for G's new bed is much more expensive. But still barely over what we'd spend for all the others. So it's a tossup.

Also, be aware that you may have to get custom crib sheets made to fit if the mattress/wrap/pad ends up thicker. Our organic crib mattress was really hard to fit, but we did find some that would.

In terms of your bed being older, and your pillows, etc, if you're really worried, you can wrap the mattress and replace the pillows. Apparently pillows should be replaced every year or two anyway, esp. if you don't wash them regularly. Using more than one pillowcase at a time (like the zippered kind underneath) can help I think, as can washing them every 6 months. Be sure to let soak first and run extra rinses. Make sure they're totally dry before sleeping on them.

There's one school of thought that older pillows/bedding/mattresses don't offgas as much and aren't as dangerous. Other people believe they are more harmful because of the accumulation of bacteria and microscopic bugs, etc.

I'm of the former. I think that if you keep your pillows and bedding clean, and have some kind of mattress pad on the bed, that helps. And that overtime while the chemicals don't all dissipate, I think that they are less harmful. We have an organic crib mattress, but our mattress is not organic and we coslept a long time. The pillows on Winnie's bed are organic or all natural. My pillow is memory foam (which doesn't smell anymore but is still probably bad). Her bedding is cotton but she also has fleece blankets. I don't have issues with plain polyester. I have issues with certain types of poly-fibers that offgas. Not all do. It's a personal thing. If you don't like it, don't use it.

The problem with used baby/children's bedding is that you're looking at different fluids potentially on/in them and resulting moisture and/or bacteria there, in lieu of or in addition to any chemicals that may still be offgassing.

I would definitely replace the bassinet mattress, if it's pre-used. And there are some things I would never want near the baby -- including vinyl/PVC, which is the typical cover for baby mattresses. You can make a mattress for the bassinet if need be, out of wool and cotton quilting batting. It wouldn't need to be more than 2 or 3 inches thick. Just make sure it's firm and the bedding fits tightly. Be sure to keep the room no warmer than 68-degrees or so and don't overheat baby with too much clothing. Those are contributors to SIDS too. Always put baby on her back to sleep. I found I couldn't sleep without baby right next to me. And she couldn't sleep unless she was right next to me. There are lots of cosleeping links out there that show it helps prevent SIDS. I'll send you some if you like. We didn't plan to cosleep but did and I'm very glad we did. We plan to with new baby.

I can understand the concern about avoiding any non-natural fibers, but if your sheets are a blend, and are so old you don't recall if they're a blend, my vote is they're fine. That's just me. But as with anything, if you're not comfortable with any polyester, then there are plenty of ways to avoid it. Wool and cotton are your best bets, for sure.
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Thanks again. That is very helpful and gives me a lot to think about. I will for sure look into those links. It's a good idea to just go ahead and replace the bassinet mattress--I'll have to check the price of organic ones or maybe sew one up quick. Thankfully we have a little time before the crib comes into use, but I'll definitely be brainstorming about the next step for our bed soon. Thank you so much! I'm glad I'm not alone in this.
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I found this in the Safety forum...since we were talking about baby clothes and the car seat!

Its pretty cool! Thought I would share!
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
At my appointment today we discovered that baby boy is now head down, not exactly engaged but not floating either. Hooray!
mine too!!
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That's interesting. I wonder how much padding is too much in clothing? We've got an outfit that's padded but certainly not a snowsuit. Hrmmm. I'll have to re-examine it and see how thick the padding is.

Thanks for sharing, BG.
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Originally Posted by nighten View Post
That's interesting. I wonder how much padding is too much in clothing? We've got an outfit that's padded but certainly not a snowsuit. Hrmmm. I'll have to re-examine it and see how thick the padding is.

Thanks for sharing, BG.
Yeah mom pulling him out of the seat was pretty good for a visual type like me!
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