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Oh, thank god for this thread. It really feels like no-one else in my life can understand how *done* I am. Today, I burst into tears after making a grocery list because I was forced to think about the possibility of this going on for another several days. I am 40 w + 3 and SO uncomfortable. Tomorrow, my husband will go to work and it will be a long, long day. Thank god my sister-in-law is around to help me chase my son.

I'm so glad to see others who have doubts about whether or not their body will perform. I'm committed to letting this baby come out when he is ready and I really want to believe that my body will know what to do - but what if it just doesn't?

Here's hoping the labor fairy visits some houses tonight....
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Done, done, done. My feet and ankles are SOOO swollen it hurts to walk. I bought a whole size up two pairs of shoes from Ross and even they are a little tight. My crocs and house slippers barely fit, too. I waddle, I pee all the time, I feel nauseated and constipated and generally miserable. I am only 37 weeks on Tuesday. Argh. My doulas has warned me I will probably go overdue as it is my first birth. No please. Mentally - this is a battle. I'm hardly having a single BH and started with EPO today to try and help start ripening the cervix.
Okay, enough vent for now.
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