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I had the most bizarre night last night

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Let me first say that I was induced with DS. I never dilated, effaced, or really had much more than BH contractions with him.
At my appt. on Monday I was 1 cm, 60% effaced and I've been having contractions all week. Not consistent, not painful, but more noticeable and intense than anything I felt with my first pregnancy.

So last night was strange. I went to bed at 10. Around 11:30 I woke up feeling really off. I went to the bathroom, and then I started feeling nauseous, chilly, and started shaking uncontrollably. I was also having contractions, the same as all week. Not painful, but definitely there. I seriously peed like 5 times in an hour, pooped (sorry, TMI), and continued feeling bizarre. I thought my water was possible leaking (but now I think I was just sweating). I fell asleep on the couch probably around 1, then woke up at 3 drenched in sweat but feeling as normal as I possibly can right now and have been all day. I took my temp. in the midst of all that and it was normal.

I've also been having constant lower back pain/pressure. It feels like a weight is sitting on my lower back, just at the top of my butt. It doesn't go away.

I've had a crazy week. Yesterday was the last day of work for me, and I spent it and all day Thursday training a temp which drained everything out of me. I'm starting to wonder if maybe the end of work caused me to have an anxiety attack last night, but I don't know what those feel like.

Do you think this was a sign that labor is coming soon? Something else? I'm stumped. It was beyond strange, and I've never felt anything like what I went through last night.
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Wow, I don't know. The constant lower back pain, diarhea, nausea, contractions and generally feeling strange all sound normal enough (I have them too) but the sweating and trembling I don't have. Stress can do wierd things to your body though, especially now. Have you called your MW or OB? Might be worth checking in, if you aren't feeling better after resting.
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That doesNOT sound like a fun night at all I hope you have found some answers or been able to rest easily.
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I don't have any answers yet, but I've been fine for the rest of the weekend. Back to my normal contractions every now and then, but no signs of labor. I have an OB appt. and will certainly be bringing it up.

I've been wondering if maybe it could have been an anxiety attack. I've been under a great deal of stress for months, and Friday was my last day of work. I wonder if maybe my body felt the need to release the tension somehow? Who knows. As ready as I am to get this show on the road, I'm also a little grateful for some additional time to prepare. I have been so preoccupied with everything else in my life that I have not had any time to do that.

I told H that this week will be spent relaxing, watching movies, and reading. I need a break!!
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I called my midwife when I woke up feeling like you describe. She said that it was a hormone surge. I went into labor that night. It sounds like you might be getting really close.
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