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I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts Lisa. Please be gentle and take care of yourself.
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Thank you juneau, that is really touching and very special.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and love.

I'm really torn up that since she died before she was born there will be no birth certificate, just a death certificate.
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Lisa there are places that will do a certificate for you. There are also groups working to change that law.

You might want to check out MISS when you want to talk its a good place. The loss board here is also really supportive but MISS is also wonderful and has a lot of information abut things like the above.

Keep talking to someone ok?
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Do you know any of the places?
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I am so sorry, Lisa.

Sending lots of love and prayers for you and your family.

Rest in Peace, little Fiona.
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First Lisa, are you in California? If you are then it is one of the states where you can request a birth certificate not just a death certificate. Here is an article on it:

missing angels

I'll see if I can find the info for you on how to do it.

if you want a keepsake one instead you should probably ask on the loss forum if anyone has done one, we never did and while I can give you the websites of some people that will do them, I don't know if they come out nice or not.

Here I found some info, this is a web version of the actual form, you have to go back and download the form as a PDF if you want to fill it out. Only parents can request one.

certificate of stillbirth California

Just wanted to add another hug. I know this is such cold info to be posting, but I also know how important these little things were. Thinking of you and sending love along with weblinks.
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Oh sweetie, I'm so so very sorry to hear this.
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Thank you, yes I am in california. This would be so nice to have. Thank you.
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No. Oh no, Lisa. I am so sorry. I read the title of this thread and hoped I wouldn't be reading the words that I read. There are no words big enough to tell you just how very sorry I am for your loss. I can just imagine how beautiful she must have been. I'm so sorry she couldn't stay.
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I'm so sorry. This is beyond heartbreaking. We will light a candle and free some balloons for Fiona so she won't be all alone up there

sending you my love :
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Not in you DDC, but I am so very sorry for this loss.
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Today was my due date. *Sigh*
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Originally Posted by StarMama View Post
Today was my due date. *Sigh*
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Thinking of you babe. Lots of love from me.
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I am so sorry about the loss of your precious girl
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I'm so very sorry- sending you prayers.
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Sending hugs and love to you, Lisa. xxxooo
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How are you, mama? I think of you often and hope you okay. Please keep us posted on how you are doing and if we can help in any way. As always...i'm sending you much love, light, and peace.
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I'm so sorry, mama.

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