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July mamas over 35

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Hello :,

I was figuring that there had to be a bunch of us here. I know these pregnancies seem to keep getting a little more difficult the older I get. I'm more tired but get less sleep.

How about anyone else?
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I'm 38 and will be 39 when I have this baby. I remember being tired when I was pregnant with my son 4 years ago, but this time around it's overwhelming. I spent the entire day yesterday napping and lying on the couch. I had a spurt of 30 minutes where I cleaned the kitchen and got a load of laundry done. Even after 2 naps, I was still asleep for the night at 8pm.

My work days are getting so hard! I can barely make it through. I'm looking forward to Winter Break soooo badly! I have fantasies of spending 2 weeks lying around indulging in my cravings!
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I'm not 35 yet, but I will be when the baby is born. I'm definitely more tired this time around,
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I am 34, is that close enough? I will turn 35 a couple of months after this baby comes. DH is 44, and he is sort of freaked out at how old he will be when the baby goes off to college etc.
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I'm 38, and will be 39 when I give birth. I am yawning as I type this.

I don't know how I am going to continue with my current job, honestly! It's 6:30 am to 8pm three days a week and I spend all my off time resting. I hope it gets easier after the first trimester.
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I'm 35, but when the baby is born I will be 36. I agree, this pregnancy is sooo much more exhausting compared to my other pregnancies. My youngest is only 3 yrs old, so I cannot figure out why 3 yrs has made such a difference. HOWEVER, in the past three yrs, I've noticed that my body has been going downhill, fast. Like, I have basically exhibited peri-menopausal symptoms. This pregnancy is also different for me in other ways. I started another thread just the other day about the difference btwn this pregnancy and past pregnancies. My symptoms this time are very different from my previous two pregnancies. Oh, and I don't feel like a hip looking pregnant mama at all, esp since I have a lot more white hair this time and also b/c I'm about 10 lbs heavier than I was when I was pre-pg with my 1st pregnancy. I guess I just feel frumpy.
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I'm here! : I am 37. I am having more symptoms all round with this pregnancy but on the whole, not too bad. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.
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I am 37, soon to be 38. I was 35, almost 36 when I had my first.

I think my symptoms are similar, possibly milder than last time. I am quite tired, and less able to nap at will, but I think my body is just used to operating on messed up sleep after 2 years of co-sleeping/night nursing. We are nightweaning now, so hopefully sleep will get better!
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Yikes, am I the oldest? This surprise baby was my 40th b-day present
Not exactly what I asked for LOL
Never thought I'd be having another when I was 40, that's for sure!
I'm definitely more tired this time around too and attribute that to my age.

Of course, I got rid of EVERYTHING baby related in the last year or 2 so we're starting over. Good thing is that I know I need a lot less than we had in the past and I still have a few friends that have some things we can use.

Luckily I have a lot of my mei tais and pouches left because I give babywearing presentations-thank goodness-they have gone way up in price since I bought 3-4 yrs ago. Have seen some of the crazy prices on carriers-$200 for a silk sling and I even saw a wrap for $1000!!!
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here too!

I'll be 38 when this little one is born - can that be true? I hear you all on the sleepiness! Luckily my 2 yo naps well and I can nap w/ her. I still sleep very well at night as well. I guess we all need the rest - this placenta building is hard work!

A few more weeks and we're past trimester 1 - whew! It'll be a relief!!!
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i will be having our third just shy of turning 35 in july.

i don't know, i suppose the obvious difference is my lack of perenial tone and a lot more discomfort in the nether regions. other than that i think i am actually handling this pregnancy a lot better than my first two which reduced me to tears on occasions. i think i must have aquired a little more suck-it-up-edness mothering my girls.
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I just turned 37 in october and this is my first so this is completely new too me and a HUGE suprise. But DH and I are happy. I try to relax as much as i can but not used too goin to bed at 9 pm and falling asleep right away.
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This is my first pregnancy, but I'm 35 and will turn 36 a few months before the little one gets here....
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I'm 35 and I'm pregnant with #6. I am actually not any more tired than with any of the others. I am tired, make no mistake, but for me it is par of course for the first trimester. My ms has been pretty mild and overall I'm feeling okay!
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Pah, you are all spring chickens!

I am 41 and will be 42 before this baby is born. I had my other two when I was 35 and 36 respectively.

So far the only thing harder about this pregnancy was actually getting (and staying) PG. I have had 2 early losses this year, likely due to chromosonal abnormalities but this baby had a vigorous heart beat of 162 bpm yesterday at 7w2d so I am cautiously optimistic.

So far I feel about the same as with my DD and DS. A bit tired and a bit "off".
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VeganMama I am with you, being cautiously optimistic after 2 miscarriages this year. I will be 38 in a few weeks and my first was at age 36. I feel tired with a little ms but not as much as my first when I had twins at the beginning. (one was reabsorbed after 8 weeks).
Hoping for the best!!
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I'll be turning 35 a couple of weeks after the hosebeast is born. I'm sure tired, but its not nearly as exhausting as teaching high school (which thankfully I am not doing right now). My worst symptom seems to be that I am cold all the bloody time...so tired of being cold...and no coffee to comfort me!:

I don't know if this is normal or not as this is my first.
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CamomileGirl, I am often cold when I am tired so that may be what is causing it, not the pregnancy per se.
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So glad to see so many of us. I'll just still be 38 when the bean is born -- by a few weeks. I had DD a month after turning 36. I feel very, very old. Although I know plenty of women who had babies at an older age (and I wasn't born until my mom was 41) I wasn't walking in their shoes. It's different from this end.
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Looks liek I am still the oldest,

It does start to freak me out when I realize I will be 60 when this child graduates high school!
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