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My Midwife will not measure me yet since my fundus is just below my belly button by I am due a few weeks later than many of you.

I have my big u/s tomorrow at 19w5d. I have only gained 8 lbs but my belly looks huge!
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Hey ladies! I'll be 20 wks this wknd. I had my ob appt today though. We heard the hb, but no measurements yet. They will see me in a month. I have my big u/s next wk at the hospital. I am nervous yet excited to see the baby again and to find out the sex! I am also going to take my two boys with me (along with DH too), since I think they will get a kick out of seeing the baby on the u/s. I feel bad for those of you who still have m/s. I do too, in fact I threw up today at the ob's office (in the bathroom). They keep their office very hot and if it's too hot, it makes my nausea even worse. She asked if I was taking anything and I told her the zofran helps with decreasing the # of times I vomit, but not so much with the nausea.
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mags, I hope you are feeling better! My MS let up about 3 weeks ago.

Good luck at your ultrasound!
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Hi mamas, we are quiet at the moment. I hope everyone is busy growing their babes and that everyhting is going well.

Anyone finding this pregnancy harder than ones when they were younger? I am not, so far, except for feeling really big. I have gained 11 lbs but it is all right out in front so I look really big and I already feel like baby is pressing on my lungs.

I should mention that I was "old" for my other pregnancies (34-35 and 36 respectively) too, LOL! I don't have, say a mid-twenties Pg to compare to.

I went for a run last night and it was really tough but I am blaming that on my cold, not being old!
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Originally Posted by veganmama719 View Post
Anyone finding this pregnancy harder than ones when they were younger?
That's an interesting question. I can't answer it because I wasn't PG in my 20s. I'm really worn out, even now in the supposed "honeymoon phase" of the second trimester. I think it's mainly because I'm working a lot of hours and taking care of a three-year-old at the same time. But man, am I exhausted a lot!

I'm not particularly big now (I got big fast but now I'm about average size with my last PG) but things have gotten much harder for me to do in the last couple of weeks. Bending over, housecleaning, picking up my DD -- it's all a big challenge. I'm wondering how tough it will get in the next few months...

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There's nothing more humbling than being 41 and pregnant! I'll be 42 in May and it sure is different at this age. I was never pregnant in my 20's (had my first at 30), but 30 is much younger than 41. I have gotten over my initial anxiety about birth defects. We've done the level 2 ultrasound and the blood screening. Both were great. So, now I know that whoever this baby is is just the way God made him/her. Onto more practical day to day stuff...I'm tired all the time. My back hurts all the time (I have to wear my pregnancy belt or it's terrible). And varicose veins...YUCK! Will my legs never look the same? I'm not one to consider cosmetic surgery, but I just may after this pregnancy is over. Oh well, enough grumbling. I love being pregnant. It's such a blessed time at any age.
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I will be 42 on May 12th.

Thankfully I don't have varicose veins. I will no doubt get hemroids again though. Oh joy!

I am definitely tired but I am not sure that is from being an older PG mama. Work is very stressful right now (I am a wealth manager) plus I am having to find a new caregiver fro my 5 and 6.5 year old and Dh is also very stressed at work.
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Ugh, the hemorrhoids have been just awful this PG... I try to eat fiber and get regular exercise, but it's very uncomfortable.

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Yeah, I hear you Kristin. Mine get worse after labour too. I pushed DS for over 2.5 hours and he was my second baby!

A friend had hers surgically removed after her 3rd baby but she said it was darn painful. Yikes!
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