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Originally Posted by pranava View Post
I've been looking for a baby book to record all the fun first year facts in. I was having trouble finding one that didn't talk about Mommy and Daddy. I just ordered "And Then There Was Me" It's designed for non-traditional families. All references to parent(s) are gender neutral and there are even pages to record donor info. Just thought I'd share my happy finding. . .

Yes, such a challenge. I use and like Nikki McClure's First 1,000 Days. Beautiful and gender neutral.
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due date

yuppers its looking like August 17th ish. Yipppeee

Just a side note,

The Dairy Queen ice cream sandwiches I LOVE now smell like vomit. I have eaten two tubs of (pasteurized) pimento cheese in the last 36 hours.

Here we go....
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The time has finally come for me to be added to this thread:
I got the results of my first beta and it is 90.

Miss Scarlett it looks like we are going to be due around the same time
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It's great to have you here DM630!!!! :::
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Congrats DM!

Happy to be here with you! Sure seems like August is a LONG ways away, but I am planning to enjoy every minute of it!
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Congrats DM!!!: Glad to add you to the thread!!!
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My circumference!!!!!

Yes my circumference, not my waist!! I no longer have a waist : I thought, and I don't know why, I would be one of those women who barely show at 8 months. I don't think that's the case anymore. I look huge to myself, but I don't know if I'm just average compared to others or bigger than average. My waist measurement has increased by 10.5 inches from pre-pregnancy. I'm 26 weeks. Anyone else want to chime in? What's your circumference
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I'm not sure how big around I am, but I have now got stretch marks, which I hadn't before. They are right below my belly button.
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just wanted to say pranava that we have that baby book for T and love it.

And can you change baby E's arrival date to 11/24, please? Thanks.

Hm, it's about 10 to 10, the baby wants SOMETHING (I don't know what) and the rest of my family is asleep including the person who's supposed to be putting him to bed since I get up with him all night. :
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M would like to offer your DP a kick in the pants, I think. she's sleeping, too, but I bet she'd wake up to do it. :

I am awake because of contractions. Who knows if they're doing anything. more later...
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Congrats and welcome to the newbies! It is fun to think that you are due in August . . . makes our June due date seem not quite so far away!

Dw will be 12 weeks tomorrow : and is still puking most every morning, but is otherwise feeling a little better. She's starting to have cravings and can eat more than just soup (though she's still wary of chicken and absolutely can't eat red meat). She is getting a little pooch of a belly and it's soooo cute.

We are already beginning to cave on the not-finding-out-the-sex thing. Now we're leaning towards finding out (this was spurred by the acupuncturist bringing up the idea that dw could be having twins. It's incredibly unlikely, but the only way to know for sure is to have an u/s, so now dw is thinking she wants an u/s). We both know that if have an u/s, we'll want to find out the sex(es?!?). We just wouldn't have the willpower to not find out with it right there in front of us (unlike our friends who are expecting their first baby in March and didn't find out the sex at their u/s, but have it written on a piece of paper in an envelope on their fridge! And they can just go about their lives with it sitting there, unopened!). And I'm beginning to see how it could be fun to know. I think it would feel more real.

I've been having a lot of fun telling people that we're having another baby in June, and then have them glance at my belly, like, "really?" And then I get to say, "my wife is pregnant!" Not that I couldn't easily pass for a 3-months-pregnant person :, but I imagine that this will get more fun we get further along in the pregnancy.

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lex, we had the u/s and STILL didn't find out, actually we had 2 because they missed an angle on his heart. i'm sure the tech and the doctor knew but it didn't bother me at all.

dp wants to find out and i'm ok with that.

i can't believe lena is almost 12 weeks already! :

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Oh, sure, you can miss LOTS on an ultrasound - like all the markers for Down Syndrome!

(Said with only a tiny, tiny twinge of bitterness, because we wouldn't have terminated the pregnancy, but she ruled it out so emphatically!)

If you can miss those on accident, I am sure you could miss the sex on purpose.
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We don't know the sex either. It's quite the anticipation game!
If you go to a public clinic here, the Health Authority policy is to not look and not tell. We could've gone to a private clinic and had a 3D one, but I don't condone frivolous ultrasounds, and DP is happy not knowing, so we left it at that. Am I the only one that finds those 3D u/s pics kind of creepy and oogy?

Our bebe is hearing very well these days ... the dogs started barking at a bobcat in the yard at 4am and the baby woke with a start and started doing a little polka in there.
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We didn't find out the sex. DP din't waver in her desire not to know. I, on the other hand, wasn't 100% positive I didn't want to know until we arrived at the ultrasound. I'm glad now that we didn't find out. I'm enjoying the anticipation of finding out. I think it's a girl though...
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Originally Posted by starling&diesel View Post
Am I the only one that finds those 3D u/s pics kind of creepy and oogy?
Hallelujah!!! Quasar and I think those 3D ultrasounds are waaayyyy creepy! I think they look like the people in Pompei that were frozen in place from the ash of Mt. Vesuvius. And even the ones that I have seen that are good, I think that knowing what the baby looks like before hand really is unnecessary. I definitely wanted to know the sex of our baby, but I am so excited to solve the mystery of what the little guy will ultimately look like when he is born.

started doing a little polka in there.
Quasar's dad would love that baby... he is head of the Polka Boosters here!

Jen, good to see you posting here. I think I need to make you a present!

Congrats! & Welcome! to DM360 and Miss Scarlett.
DM360, I loved reading news of your BFP!!

AAU: Plodding along. I really should finish decorating for X-mas... Um, I mean start decorating for x-mas. And I have been meaning to make an album of Quasar's belly pics... and I have to make Jen's present! I better get moving and stop screwing around!
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Merry Christmas...

... to all our new mamas!!

Since I know you are all busy with your new babes, I took it upon myself to start the Queer and Newborn! thread.

Look forward to keeping up with you ladies there!
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yo, we should have some news soon, I got a call from Mrs Miep today that there is a mieplet on his way.

On pins and needles... :
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post
yo, we should have some news soon, I got a call from Mrs Miep today that there is a mieplet on his way.

On pins and needles... :
That is so exciting! How is she doing?
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Hooray miep!! Hope she has a beautiful and uneventful delivery. Can't wait to hear the news!! :
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