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early labor

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I'm having some pre-labor or prodromal labor happening ... spent half the day emptying out (sorry TMI) and then having contractions about 3 min apart but they're not getting stronger really ... I filled the birth pool about half way just in case and sent the youngest boys off to my mother's apartment for then night ... so I'm half-hoping I will be able to sleep for several hours and then wake in full blown labor ... then again, I'm hoping to start full blown labor right now and get this party started! LOL!:
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Sherry! This is super exciting! I can't wait to read the update! Take gentle care and have a great birth-day!
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Oh my goodness! Our ddc is hopping today!! :

Sherry...I am soooo excited for you! I can't wait to hear an update and hope you are holding your babe in your arms soon

I so look forward to reading your birth story and seeing pics...already! Much love to you and peaceful labor vibes surrounding you in light
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Good luck and good labor vibes Sherry!
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Awesome, maybe today is your day! Or last night was.

Hope to hear happy updates soon! Easy labor vibes sent your way!
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Good luck girl! Same thing happened to me. . . 2x! Still no baby heres hoping ou have better luck than I!
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any update??? I'm so excited over here, I hope all is well and you are holding your babe soon, if not already!
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