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I had my baby today!

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I had my baby this morning! He is still unnamed, but he was born at 8:34am, was 10lbs 13ozs, posterior, HBAC! I have some tearing, but according to my MW, the amount that I have for a baby that big and in that position, the tearing is minimal. I have a few stitches, but not too many.

Labor began about 11:30 last night. I woke up screaming in back labor saying to my DH to take me in for an epidural. My MW did show up quickly during labor when we called. The only thing that I really haven't liked about this birth is that she "forgot" to leave a cord clamp and scissors for cutting the cord. SHe is big into lotus birth/delayed cord clamping, but I would really like this cord gone at 12 hours post birth. I ended up having my MW, her apprentice and my doula there, in addition to my DH. We had to have a friend come over and watch the older kids in the morning when they awoke, but it all worked out in the end. Hypnobabies got thrown out the window upon waking up in back labor, so I didn't get to use that very much. However, it was useful at points, but not during the whole labor.
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Yahoo! Good job Mama!!!!
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wonderful news -- congratulations!!
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Oh my gosh! Congratulations!!!!! Welcome baby boy! You and your mama enjoy your babymoon! :::::
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wow, you are a hero lady!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!
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Congrats, mama! Welcome to the world sweet baby :

Enjoy your babymoon and I can't wait to see pics and hear more
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Wow! Intense story but congratulations! Welcome to the world big baby boy!
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unnamed big ol' boy! Congrats on your successful HBAC!
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Wow mama! What a birth that must have been! Posterior is no fun, I know from experience- Congratulations on your healthy baby!!!!!
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Welcome Baby Boy ::
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Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy and well done for your hbac
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Wow, congratulations! Nice big baby! Rest up and enjoy your babymoon.

My DS was posterior, so I know what you mean. DS was stubborn and didn't turn too! LOL. I remember my butt hurt immensely after his birth ...in contrast to my other two!
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Congratulations!!! : A big welcome to your baby!
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Wow amazing girl!
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Yay! Congratulations! I'd love to hear more of your birth story, sounds crazy intense. Hope things are going great in babyland.
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Congratulations! : All of these babies being born is getting me all excited.
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Congratulations mama!!!! Welcome to the world baby boy!
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