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Where to live in Austin..

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Where is a good area to live in Austin? I've seen a lot of cookie cutter areas and lots of homes seem affordable but I want a unique area that is great for families.
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It really depends on your price range as to where you can live that would fit the 'unique' category. We just moved away from there and we loved our area. It was up slightly north of the Arboretum called "Westhill Estates". It is actually a small area that is not actually in Austin city limits. Large lots (1/2 to 1 acre) and all kinds of homes. Lots of deer, gorgeous trees. There weren't a terrible lot of families, but it is so close to everything and with a little effort you can make friends!

I have friends that live in Allendale and Travis Heights and love both areas. Older homes and more expensive, though. Good luck!
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