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Okay... went shopping last night... Three weeks away from my due date... I realize now I get tired and crampy very easy! lol After lugging around bags at the mall and taking off my coat and sweater over my short sleeved blouse because I was sweating like crazy I collapsed on a bench. I think I should have tried to rest more in between stores... I almost didn't make it to the bench because I was getting such pinchy pains in my cervix! Holy crap! That was very interesting.
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Today's my EDD. No sign this ones coming out today : I was hopeful I wouldn't go past due date this time, but alas, I'm not gonna be that lucky again this time. UNfortunately, Nana is only available for a short while more to come down and visit the grands (and give us a break from DS and DD and all that) so it looks like this is going to be a lot more stressful. I'm beginning to contemplate methods of eviction And there will so be some membranes stripped on Monday if this one doesn't come out before then and I've effaced enough
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Here's the first picture of the new tile in our kitchen! The bathroom is bigger tile, same color. Tom the Tile Man is downstairs installing the bull-nose baseboard edging and grouting the tile now. This afternoon, he'll reinstall our toilet. (I've never missed anything so much in my entire life!) Tonight, I can sleep in my own bed all night!


In other news, I've now officially overdone things. I can't stop myself, though. I started laying self-adhesive vinyl tiles in a spare closet last night so that DH can take up the 12 plastic totes of kids' clothes - that have been stacked in our bedroom. I'm tired of feeling closed in, and they are stacked up so high that I can't put anything in them, so I also have a stack of baby clothes waiting to be put in them!

Tomorrow, I have to clean the laundry nook - and the washing machine - so that the machines can be reinstalled. I wanted to paint the nook while it was empty, but I think that's pushing things just tooooooo far. We'll see, though. I just hate that if we don't paint it "now" it will never get painted because it's too much hassle to move the machines. Has anyone ever figured out some way to keep stuff from falling off the sides or back of the washer?

Gotta hit the potty again ... hope I can get some more things accomplished before the baby decides to arrive (I'm 39 weeks). I'm having an afternoon lunch/potluck at our house on Sunday. Hope there's some good leftovers or at least recipes

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janis - what a difference the tile makes!! it's fab!

i had a lot more trouble shopping a month and a half ago than i do now. probably because i had sciatica. but overall i am just way more energetic (maybe because i switched my iron types and added chlorophyll).

i took my baby dog to the doggy playcenter today. we'll pick her back up after we have the baby. my dog is on the shy side and WAY too attached to mom & dad so a trip to "camp" is always great for her. she comes home happy and exhausted. and it has a webcam so we can watch her
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Janis it looks great! I'm glad it coming together for you and almost done. Hope you make it to your potluck, it sounds yummmy! I miss potlucks....

So I have been crampy since last night off and on and have a lot of pressure down there. Finished up the birthing room and I'd like to get my hair cut and pick up some beeswax candles and white xmas lights for my room. And she may arrive after that tonight. It would be neat if she came on the 13th...ds1 is Nov.13, ds3 is Aug.13th....maybe she'll arrive to keep it alive?!
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jennifer-we haven't even tried. I'm *so* tired by the time DD goes to bed... (Not that I don't *want* to, just DD likes to go to bed late/wake up late, so by the time she's asleep, I usually am too. DH has been staying up until 6 am, so that doesn't help...)

wembles- your nursery is adorable! We don't have a nursery, per se. DD's playroom is where all her and this LO's clothes/toys/diapers/etc. is at. I'm going to have DH take DD's toddler bed upstairs so we have a little more room in there, since DD is not showing any interest in sleeping on her own (unless Daddy isn't laying down right, and she can't snuggle to watch TV, then she'll go lay down on her inflatable bed we have set up in our room.)

I've been cramping a medium amount, and having more sharp pains, so maybe that's something (although, again, not trying to encourage him, just whenever ) I've got a drying rack full of socks in the bathtub drying, then on to a few more loads, or, ideally, the rest of the laundry done. First things will be clothes for the hospital.

I'm starting to have all the emotional *stuff* that comes with being so pregnant and having a VBAC (I imagine) Last night, I was bawling because I didn't give DD the birth she deserved, and what happens if I can't/am not strong for this LO?!?!?!? DH thought I was trying to start a fight, so he was getting defensive, and everything started going badly. Eventually he realized I was just being emotional, and we're better now, but I think there's more *stuff* from DD's birth that I didn't/haven't worked through.
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Originally Posted by Lemon Juice View Post
So I have been crampy since last night off and on and have a lot of pressure down there. Finished up the birthing room and I'd like to get my hair cut and pick up some beeswax candles and white xmas lights for my room. And she may arrive after that tonight. It would be neat if she came on the 13th...ds1 is Nov.13, ds3 is Aug.13th....maybe she'll arrive to keep it alive?!
My crampy feeling is no longer here. Oh well, I think DS and I are going to go to town here in a bit and do some shopping. Just to get my mind off of things. Maybe a trip to the dollar store is in order? Just for the heck of it.

The forecast here for tonight and tomorrow is not good, possibly snow and high winds. It would SUCK if our power went out and I was in labor. We have gas hot water heater and gas heat, but if there is no power, the fan for the gas heater won't work. And I REALLY need a space heater-which is electric. So I'm contemplating buying a generator and then just taking it back if we don't use it. I would hate to have my birth plans sabotaged just for a stupid power outage. Plus temps are supposed to be in the 20's or lower which is not normal for these parts.
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My due date is tomorrow, there was a snowstorm last night, there's a full moon today, and I just spent the last half hour bouncing on an exercise ball while eating a pound of licorice. Nothing happening yet (except that I'm feeling rather ill). :
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Sara...sounds like it's December! Wind Storms! Those are wild back west (in Seattle our trees fell, one on the house, one next to it...that one year where everyone lost power until after xmas!) If you have the funds, I'd do the generator. It was insane that year...and power tends to go out during those, so it might be a good idea to have...and it would be good to have one for after babe is born b/c I'm sure there will be more wind storms and no body wants a cold house w/ little ones, especially a newborn : Good luck w/ the storm And : for labor!

Haselnuss...I got crampy all morning. So I decide to clean and run myself ragged to keep them going and get them stronger. I did SO much freakin' house work and drank 3 cups of RRL tea...and they stop. I'm like opposite of all woman alive. RRL tea makes my cramps stop...??? Anyone else? I drink SO much of it...but have for years all the time, wonder if that's why?

Off to lay down and see if that will make cramps come back
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Janis~ LOVE LOVE LOVE the tile! I love that color bc it goes w/ anything. And yay for getting your potty and bed back!

I got stripped and am moving along with evicting this baby. I posted in the "where are we" thread. So MAYBE in the next week?!?!?!?!?!

I can't take gaining anymore weight...egads.

Going to Dave and Busters tonight to eat with my parents and to let Ashton play games...and my DH(he would live there if he could.)

Hope everyone that wants to have their baby with this full moon gets their wish!
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Whew.. comps are over! 2.5 hours of writing, an hour lunch break, then another 2.5 hours. Wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be, but my brain is TOAST. Neuroscience and pregnancy brain do NOT mix.

I've been pretty crampy all week, feeling kind of under the weather, but so far no other signs of a baby yet I doubt the cramps mean anything though, I've had tons of BH since August or so, and have been having cramps off and on for the last maybe 4 or 5 weeks? I'm just 39 weeks tomorrow, so it could very well be another 2 or 3 weeks, but I want my baby NOW!
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So, apparently my blood pressure was a little high - not enough to freak out over, but enough that I need to limit salt (which I don't eat a lot of to begin with) and keep a close eye on things. And I'm supposed to take it super easy, keep my feet up, etc. Which would be great...except that I had finally started getting my butt in gear and was getting lots of stuff done and getting myself out and walking to get Lovey to drop. *sigh*

And we're going to have a big, nasty, super cold storm this weekend.

I've decided Lovey needs to be born on the 18th, because that's the only day between now and the end of the month that the doc I like is on call.

One of my brothers-in-law informed us a couple of days ago that he's going to be in town this weekend. I guess I would have liked more notice (only so I could get our home a little cleaner ). But mostly we're just very excited. We haven't seen him since we got married. And he'll be the only family we see during the holiday season. He'll also be the only family member (on either side) to see me large and in charge in person. lol
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hooray!!!! I have a working toilet again!!! I get to sleep in my own bed with my tv all night tonight!

The tile is lovely - the photos make it look really light because there is a film of grout on top that will get wiped off tomorrow: http://philhyde.smugmug.com/gallery/...35173893_sPLiK

DH car broke down on Wednesday, and so I've been stuck at home without a car. (fine with me) Then, on his way home tonight, MY car broke down! NOT COOL. So, he has to spend tomorrow fixing his car. He could fix my car for $300 tomorrow, or he could order some parts & some tools for under $100 and fix it in a week. Guess what I am choosing. (less $$) It messes up things a bit for me next week. I'll have to reschedule my Monday MW appt. And on Friday, I was thinking about taking the kids to a neighborhood gingerbread house-making event. I don't like socializing, and I haven't told them about it, but it seems like a good thing for us to do. I don't have to decide right now, at least.

I spent ALL day sorting through boxes of junk. yikes. I hate being a packrat. I've had a lot of success with freecycle at least! Ready for bed now, though.

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I had the most HORRIBLE night/early morning. I had my membranes stripped yesterday and BOY did it do something! I had been having ctx on and off all evening as we went out to eat and walked around the mall shopping a bit. They started getting more and more so I went in to take a bath, and fell asleep SEVERAL times in there, so I decided to just go hop(well, not HOP) in bed. I slept until about 1am woken up several times by my ctx. I got up and got on the computer to track them, and they were lasting ahwile, some a minute..some not quite, but they weren't exactly the same time every time. 5 minutes apart, then 4, then 6...but MAN OH MAN did they hurt! I felt so much pressure and every time I wiped after I pee'd it was brown/red, but just barely. So I did this until about 4 or 5 this morning until I laid down and fell asleep. I just woke up, so I at least got 3-4 hours sleep....thank God! I'm having a couple here and there, but nothing too bad. I wonder if I'll make it out of this weekend baby free or not??? Hmmm, something to pray about for me! Off to eat some Mcd's! then to watch Ashton adopt her baby! I'm sure I'll cry!

Maybe I'll come back with a baby story to talk about!
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It's my EDD today - woke up this morning to a fairly painful contraction, but then none followed it. Shortly after, DF's father called and told him his grandmother died this morning. DF seems to be doing ok, though. The kids are visiting XH, we haven't got the car and are basically snowed in for the day... nothing happening, and I'm just going to try and not think about it.
Incidentally, I visited a mainstream baby/pregnancy site this morning where I normally get a different page depending on my week of pregnancy, and was greeted with the "newborn" page. I took it as a personal insult and almost wrote to the admins - just because I'm 40 weeks doesn't mean I have a newborn! I'll tell you when I have it!! Is it really that unheard of for people to actually reach their due date these days?
Oh, and yesterday in the grocery store, the cashier asked when I was due. When I answered "tomorrow", she said "what are you doing here, if you're due tomorrow? Oh, are you having a c-section?" :
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sigh, still here.

haselnuss - said mainstream site sent me an email a few days ago about my 1 week old baby. i'm 41w tomorrow!
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That's downright creepy girls, even scheduled inductions are often scheduled for over 40 weeks.

Jen that sounds like something happening all right, I hope you and Ashton both get your babies this weekend.

After hoping and wishing the baby would come today I'm now hoping he'll hold off, DH, DS and I all have miserable colds and DH is especially taking it hard...just kind of depressed acting on top of it. Its hard to blame him I think he's worn out and exhausted and stressed on top of sick but well, I'm having a hard time with it since I'm worn out and exhausted and 39 weeks pregnant on top of being sick.
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Jennifer, good luck! Sounds like you had a wild night, huh? Hopefully your babe will be here soon! I can't wait to hear about the doll adoption! And to hear you're update on the contractions too

Haselnuss and brandyk I used to get those...had to drop them years ago b/c of crud like that. I'm glad we have mdc and this ddc to be able to come to tho. It's another world over here, huh?!

avivaelona, I'm sorry your house is full of sickies Not fun. I am only out w/ others (our homeschool group) once a week to limit germs and contamination w/ others It was just way too hard last year (we saw friends every day) and we were so sick! Not this year...not w/ a newborn on the way and 4 little ones to pick it all up, kwim?! So far so good...looking for some wood to knock on! But we do acv here and I know that is why I am not sick. Dp brought home a cough/cold and I was the only one not to get it. He had it a while and the kids not so long b/c of the tea/acv they drink while sick. Love it! :

So labor vibes to those who want it! :
And stay in vibes to those who need it! :
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Hooray for working toilets indeed! It must be a relief to have that all put back together again, Janis.
I've got my fingers crossed that no one's power goes out too - what poor timing, really.
I'm *supremely* cranky today. I don't think this child is ever going to be born. He's just going to sit as low as he possibly can and then stay there. Forever. Our furnace exploded at 2h30 this morning. DH managed to get it running again, but I couldn't sleep because I kept getting up and running out into the -40C to breathe normal air that didn't reek of burned oil, while worrying about what toxins I was passing on to the poor unborn child. The landlord will, of course, take a couple of weeks and then send his plumber or carpenter over to "take a look", which will produce no results. Good thing DH is half-handy and ridiculously persistent in terms of mechanical objects.
It's freezing cold, our house is a mess, crackbook won't load my pictures, we have Christmas parties all weekend, and I have an exam to study for. About all of these things I had said to myself, "Well, we won't be there to do xyz, because we'll be having or have just had a baby!". But, no baby. Oh, and I still have to write our advent series for the next two weeks for church. DH and I are speaking about advent/lighting the candles, etc this year. It's cool, cause we've been parallelling things with our own waiting for a baby, but it's work I'm not inclied to do at the moment. Yep. Cranky and whining. Will someone come remove this child from my womb? Maybe a few stern words would do the trick? Nothing I've tried has been effective!
Ok, rant over.

I hope the rest of you are feeling a little more patient than I am.
Holly - that's exciting (and I'm super jealous!) about your mucous plug. And, seriously, how many places do you get to say that you're excited about mucous plugs?
Come on babies!!!
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i called the hospital to postpone the induction (i was just soooo unhappy about it). they were too busy anyways. we're seeing what we can get going now. some contractions on and off, but nothing big at all.
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