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I was a 32B pre-preg, got to a 36C right after, and now have settled into a comfortable 36B. However, my milk supply seems to have made my breast grow different sizes..my right side is much smaller than my left..Weird...
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32 "neary B" pre-preg
Went to a 36D by the end of preg
I have no idea what I was when my milk came in b/c I was going topless
1 month post partum, I am a 34DD

DH is pretty :
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38DDD pre-pregnancy
40/42F now while breastfeeding
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No change in cup size, just a bit more fullness
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Pre-pgy #1 36D
While bfg #1 36DD
Post-pgy/bfg #1 36C/D
Pgy/bfg/post-bfg #2, 3, 4 38DD

Post breast reduction this year: 36C
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I went from a C pre pregnancy, to an F pregnant and nursing. I am back into a 32 C now
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I was a 34DD pre pregnancy, jumped to an 36H when pregnant, and am now a 36J. My husband loves it but I hate it-because NO shirts fit me! I usually just wear one of his tshirts =/
My body has always liked to grow my boobs though-I was a B/small C in high school, went to a full C in college, D/DD after...and now they're in their own zipcode.
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Originally Posted by spero View Post
Post breast reduction this year: 36C
This is going to be me if I don't shrink once I'm done bfing.

Pre-pregnancy: large 36C
Pregnant: 38D
Bfing: 38DD
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I started out as a small B. I went up FIVE cup sizes.
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Once upon a time, before dd1 was conceived, I was a nice B cup. 34B, to be exact.

The most recent bra I bought was a 38E. It depends on how a company sizes their larger cups as to the exact letter, but essentially I'm two cup sizes up from a D.

I keep thinking that one day they'll shrink. I mean, one day I'll have all my children weaned, right?
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I was a 36B pre-pregnancy and about a 36D after my first pregnancy. I think I went down to probably a 36C before getting pregnant again. After having DD2, I went up to a 34DDD (try finding that size in a nursing bra!). I was tandem nursing, FWIW. Now that DD2 has just turned three, although still nursing, I'm back to a 34B (and loving it!).
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Pre-pregnancy was a DD, 5 days pp was an H, am now an F, but I think I'm going to go get measured soon, they may have returned to a DD
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I don't want to wean because I love my cup size, and I am afraid that the girls will shrink smaller that ever. 34A is my biggest! But I never had to worry about stretch marks on my boobs.
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Small A before pregnancy, 38 B in the first months of nursing, now a smaller B. Will they get even smaller when I wean? Not planning to for a while but I've wondered.
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32 D to a 32 F.
I didn't know such a size existed in nature.
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34 E pre pregnancy
36 F pregnant
no change post partum
34 E when babe was 6 months and nursing a little less frequently coupled with some weight loss.
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With my son Colin I was an A pre-pregnancy and a large C/small D during breastfeeding.

This time around my prepregnacy size was a small B. I'm already a C now and I have to wait to see what I will be once I start breastfeeding again but I'm thinking a D.
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I was a small B before kids,

nursing my first child I went up to a D,

now on my second, I never got bigger than a full B.
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I have a nursing two year old and have been nursing continuously since late August 2004. Before ever having babies I was a C cup. Now I'm an F.

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