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Pagans at Christmas

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OK so... My ds came home from school today. They are learning about Christmas traditions from around the world. They had homework where they were supposed to write about thier family's Christmas traditions. My son wrote "We go to Cahokia Mounds to see the sunrise. We open presents! Yule is the longest night!" So, we talked about Christmas and Hanukah and Yule, and I asked him if anyone in his class celebrated Hanukah. He's in first grade so we didn't get too deep. He said "No, just Christmas." I wonder if there's going to be trouble from this. I wonder how I'm going to handle it.
If you're around West/central Illinois, you should check out Woodhenge on the Solstices and Equinoxes. Very cool to see the sun come up over those posts like clockwork. The Equinoxes are especially cool cause it comes up right over Monk's Mound.
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I never get around to getting there for the solstices or equinoxes and I really should, I'm only about 20 minutes from them. When the kids get a bit older, I will defnintely start going.

Good luck and hope theres nothing to handle and it all goes smoothly
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I am not a Pagan, but wanted to say that your tradition sounds beautiful and obviousley has impacted your DC very much. I hopw all goes well in class.
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No major problems, other than some girl said she wasn't his friend anymore. I told him that soundes awfully petty and he agreed. : I love my son.
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Gee, Christmas is just an old pagan holiday anyway...so we do it up old world style. Greenery, apple cider, Father Winter. I like the idea of watching the sunrise. We do a ritual with candles, and our UU congregation decorates a big a*s pine tree. Looks like the world tree itself!!

I'm glad it didn't cause your son any trouble. but honestly, how many families really focus on the "Jesus" part anyway? My inlaws are the only people I know who go to mass on Xmas. We never even read the Xmas story at my house.
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