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Breech twins at 32 weeks?

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No, not mine--asking for a friend. Both are breech and her OB wants to schedule a c/s...any hope? What should she try? Is www.spinningbabies.com relevant here? Version is out, right? I don't know much about twins. Uh, help?
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Post this in the "parenting multiples" forum for more answers. Spinning babies is worth a try, as might be some chiropractic visits. There's certainly a good chance one or both babies will move before delivery. But, if the twins chose to stay breech, your friend will be hard pressed to find a provider that will deliver her vaginally. That said, she can always insist on going into labor naturally before a c/s to give those babies all the cooking time they can get!
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Eh, one of mine turned at 36 weeks. Baby A turned breech at 35 weeks and then back to vertex at 36 weeks. I wouldn't schedule anything earlier than 38 weeks, and even then be really flexible about it. I had lots of fluid, but the boys were 6 lb 11 oz and 6 lb 6 oz, so not tiny babies either. There is still hope!
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At 32 weeks they have lots of time to turn all on their own. I don't know much about twins either, but I bet the gentlest methods of turning would still work, if they don't turn in a few weeks. Moxibustion, acupuncture, playing music down low on the belly, visualization, all those should be fine. Maybe chiropractic adjustments?

If they don't turn and she doesn't want a c/s, she will almost certainly have to stay out of the hospital, I'd think. Midwives will be hard to find, but it's not impossible. She could try the Farm! If I had breech twins, that's where I'd go, I think. (I had just one breech, and it was a great birthplace.)
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Have not had twins or breech ones, but I still feel 32 weeks is WAY too early to start talking c-secs. I would ask at multiples forums and google to find other success stories and/or proven strategies. In the worst case event, if she does have a c, I agree with the pp about allowing the body to go into labour naturally first. The babies can tell the Mom that they are cooked and ready! Also have heard homeopathics can also be helpful, but she would need to research further. And I think I did see a breech twin homebirth on you tube a while ago.
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My son moved at 37 weeks. He was Twin B, which means he had more room, and he moved to a LESS optimal positioning (from frank breech to transverse ). But it means that they CAN and DO move later, even when they're twins. I'd advise her to advise her doc that she wants to wait and see. I agree that you'd be hard-pressed to find someone to attend a twin birth where Twin A is breech. But at the very least, she can delay the section as long as she can.
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