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Who's cloth diapering... and what's in your stash? - Page 2

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I am cd'ing this time around and excited about all the options! I used one size fitted diapers with dd which worked all right, but then ended up with disposables at nights. With ds I tried the cloth...and disposable...and cloth...and then finally the pampers cruisers contained the leaks. It was crazy and I had no advice for keeping him dry. So frustrating. So I gave up on cloth. Now I know better and hopefully can make this work full time!

Right now I have:

- 2 dozen infant prefolds
- 10 kissaluv nb
- stacinator nb cover
- pull on wool cover
- 5 bummi whisper wraps, nb
- 6 small covers, bummis, thirsties etc

In January I plan to add more including some type of all in one, more prefolds, and some more wool. I can't wait to start washing the prefolds and arranging diapers lol!

Triscuitsmom - what did you use for your heavy wetter after the kl's didn't work out? Just the prefolds? Did you use inserts?

Is anyone buying inserts right away and do you commonly use those with prefolds?
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For a heavy wetter get bamboo!!! It's the ultimate for heavy wetters. My ds could pee through hemp and microfibre but never bamboo.
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Originally Posted by triscuitsmom View Post
We're planning on ECing as well, so there will be two of us around town at least
I'll be lurking on the EC'ing forum, so make sure you let us know how it goes. I love the concept but with having to come back to work I don't think it would be possible for me. I give you lots of credit for it though!
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For the newborn stage, I have
6 bummis whisper wraps
30 indian prefolds
10 fleece liners
tons of cloth wipes

For the med. stage, I don't have much.
A few bummis whisper wraps and prefolds, but I'll probably buy med. fuzzi bunz for this stage or maybe bum genius.

For large, I have 24 lg fuzzi bunz

I don't like aio's for the newborn stage because I have to change so often. It's easier to just throw a new prefold into the diaper than to change the whole diaper....well, maybe not easier, just more cost efficient.
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chaoticzen... do you snappi or pin your prefolds, or just let them hang out in the cover?
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I use wrap diaper covers with velcro to hold the prefolds. I had snappies, prefolds and nylon pants last time, but it was a real hassle to keep the snappy in place. I use such soft prefolds that the snappy had to be really tight. If this is your first time cloth diapering, don't go crazy on any one style....try several.
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We have:

24 Sherpa/fleece contours (good up to 22 lbs or so)
12 fitteds of random size and brand (probably good for 10-22 pounds or so)
1 NB cover
3 Small Bummies SWW
1 Small MotherEase wrap
1 Small Monkey Doodlez AIO
1 Small WAHM AIO
2 One Size Baby Kangas pocket
3 One Size Bum Genius 3.0 pocket
18 fleece liners
24 cloth wipes
Wipes warmer (loved this for cloth wipes and solution with our DS)

I'll probably buy a fleece wrap and another 6 of the one-size pockets once we decide which brand we like best.

We also have 18 large Fuzzi Bunz and a handful of large covers and prefolds in storage.
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I'll be using cloth but through a diaper service since I won't be able to wash my own. I am wondering though if I need to buy any inserts or something to use at night in addition to the standard diapers to prevent leaks? I recall my mom saying she sometimes used double and triple diapers!! I was thinking of maybe using the g diapers inside of my thirsties covers at night. Or using them as an insert in the cloth. I really don't have any idea about this though and whatever I buy needs to not be washed by me.

I haven't bought any diapers but I have 3 thirsties covers in newborn and a bunch of snappies and a wet bag.

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This is what I have so far:

flannel wipes (32)
birdseye flats (24)
Cottonbabies Unbleached Indian Prefolds (12)
newborn GMD dyed CP (12)
Kissaluvs 0 (6)
newborn dappi covers (4)
newborn prowrap (1)
x-small Thirstie cover (1)
snappi (4)
diaper pins (3)

one size Tushie diaper (2)
one size Wonder Wrap (1)
Organic Caboose Infant Contours, organic cotton fleece (4)
small Imse Vimse Organic Cotton cover (1)
small Thirstie cover (1)

Medium Bummis Super Whisper Wrap- M (1)
Medium Starbunz duck (1)
Medium Thirstie cover (1)

I'd like to get a wipe warmer, some more wipes, a couple of Kissaluvs 0 and some more one size diapers. I got most of my diapers used so that helps but I definately want more!!! I think it's a bit ambitious but I would like to have enough diapers to take me through toilet training!

There is a baby boutique/diaper service store near me and they offer Cloth Diapering 101 classes that I am going to have my parents, DH and me attend.

ok....I need to step away from the diaper trading sites....
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Are you in Southern Cal?

My DH & I were planning on attending a cloth diapering workshop at Angel Bunz on Robertson in LA last month but didn't make it. We were concerned it would be more about selling their merchandise than about cloth diapering options.

Just wondering if it's the same place.
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weeduckling, I'm up in the SF Bay Area. The store that has the classes is called Tiny Tots. I actually found the store when I was buying diapers from a lady off of craigslist!

I figure it would be a sell to use their diapering service. They do have some things I would want to get at their store so I don't mind them trying to sell me.
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I will be using tiny tots for diaper service. :-) But their store isn't that close to me. Maybe it would be worth driving down for the class - I feel somewhat clueless. When are you taking yours? I'd love to hear if it is worth the drive or not.

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I have a bunch of newborn and infant prefolds, a bunch of flats, a bunch of one size fitted, a few newborn WAHM fitted, 18 one size tiny tush pockets, a few feece and interlock covers I made, a few longies I knitted, a few soakers I knitted as well.

I like to have some of everything!
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I feel like I've already responded to a thread like this- but I see that I haven't!

I'll be diapering 2, Eva and new baby, so I have a tonne. Too much!

1 doz infant prefolds.
2 doz kushies fitteds.

A few small wool soakers.

6 regular prefolds
3 doz premium pf's
1.5 doz goodmama onesize fitteds.

Tons of med/large wool soakers and longies....
a few small, a few med, a large or two waterproof covers; kushies, bummis
a couple odds and ends- bamboo velour prefolds, random dipes
oh, and 3 haute pockets- one size
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For my 2 year old I have

12 prefolds
2 bummi's whisper wraps
1 thirsties cover
4 dappi nylon pants
1 BG 3.0
5 Kushies AIOs

and I just got some in the mail for baby
12 preemie prefolds
12 infant prefolds
2 newborn prowraps
1 thirsties cover
2 BG 2.0s
5 Kushies AIOs for 16lbs and up
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I have fluff! I went to my friends house today and this is what she gave me!

They are a mixture of fitted, AIO's, pockets etc... Looks like all I need to pick up newborn wise is some covers and maybe a dozen prefolds. So I can spend my money on the next size up.
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Jenivere, so cute! I spend too much time looking at diapers on the web! I want them ALL!!! I'm not feeling very cute/attractive but atleast my baby can be the stylish one!

I'm very excited to do my cloth diapering class! As much as I just want to focus on the cuteness aspect, I want to be sure I know how to put the prefolds on!
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Oh same here. I want some of these http://hyenacart.com/PreFitted/index.php?c=11 and these http://www.crickettsdiapers.com/diapers.htm as well as some flat and wraps from Green Mountain diapers.
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Arg! We want to, but we have nothing but a bunch of Gerber prefolds we bought for K when he spit up all the time. I am buying a pattern, but can't afford materials at this point. I have a feeling we are destined for sposies
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Can you try pretending you need to buy a box of sposies and wipes and taking the money out and putting it in a jar every 2 weeks until babe comes? You would have enough money by the time babe arrives for prefolds and covers. Then just keep doing that and to get the next size or some AIOs or whatever you want. Another option is just get the prefolds and knit or crochet your covers or make the dipes out of recycled tee shirts and the covers out of recycled sweaters. There is a really good site on frugal diapering check out the diapering forum. You can do it and for much cheaper than sposies.
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