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Bach flowers for kids?

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Does anyone use bachflowers to treat various emotional moods in their children? Someone recommended I use them for my 7-month-old's sleep "issues."
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Thru breast milk?

I have been tempted to try Bach on dd, but have been told that if I use it, it would go through the breastmilk to her. Can't say I've noticed any difference, but I'm a big believer in the Rescue Remedy.

what remedy was recommended for sleep?
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I use flower essences for my 3yo dd. I use conings to find the proper essence.

edited to add: If you want to use remedies with children and do not do conings, get several remedies that seem to address the issues. Put them on a blanket and let your child pick the right one for him/her. they are very capable of choosing what is best for them.
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what is/are conings?
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Conings are a way of asking animal/nature spirits to help with issues. they are easy to learn, you don't have to be born "special." If you are interested try to find Machele Smallwright's book "Medical Assistance Program." Borders usually has it.
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there is a book about bach flower remedies that is written for children's problems. I have seen it, but I can't remember where. Perhaps you could do a search on the net for it? "bach flower remedies" and "children" or something like that?

I use them too; sometimes I take them for the baby, sometimes I give them directly to the boys. If I think that it is something they are picking up from me, I take it AND give them it too.
I mostly use it intuitively too. Sometimes our oldest will ask for them, I show them all to him and he picks one or two out. Later on I look it up for meaning, and sure enough, it usually matches up with what he is going through.
We always use Rescue Remedy after a nasty fall, after something that shocked the boys or was emotional. I am a firm believer in Flower remedies (not only the Bach flowers though!)
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Anyone feeling weird about giving the remedies directly to the kids, remember you can put it on pulsepoints, too.
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