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Massage question

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I have a friend who's certified in massage. She's an amazing friend and has offered to not only be on call for the birth but to help progress things along through foot, let massage, etc. as well. Can you think of a reason why, when I'll be 38 weeks, I wouldn't want her to come and massage all the spots on my feet/lower legs that would cause could contractions - haha?
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Can she come do mine?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????
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there are obviously no guarantees, but as soon as you're "ready" you may as well get those points massaged! Even if it doesn't trigger something, it will make you feel 1000% better and be totally worth it.

I started getting massages about 40 weeks with my last pregnancy because I was surprised that the baby hadn't been born yet, and I was feeling a lot of back pain. Baby was born 42w5d.

This pregnancy, I've had massages since very very early on. My therapist does a lot of prenatal massages, and there are two types: one that avoids all potential trigger points, and one that hits them! I'm hoping this baby will stay in til Christmas, so I'll wait another week or two before I ask her to do any trigger-massages!

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Hopping in from Jan DDC.

DH is a massage therapist. You will want to make sure that your friend has had the training for pregnancy massage. There are specific areas to miss and specific massage patterns that should NOT be used because of the risk of blood clots and other things. If that was not part of her training or if she hasn't had the lessons, PLEASE make sure she does her research before touching you. Not just because of the contractions that could start, but because of the other health items that can cause issues.
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