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colonoscopy and clear liquid diet prep

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I'm going in for a colonoscopy on Thursday and have to be on a clear liquid diet from tonight until the procedure. I have jello made up and tons of homemade chicken broth. I was going to get some Recharge to have on hand to keep hydrated, but after an unsuccessful trip to find it at the grocery store and a quick google search, I have discovered that I wouldn't be able to drink it anyway as all the flavors have white grape juice in them and I'm allergic to grapes. I'm trying to stay away from Gatorade and the like because of HFCS and artificial colors and all that yuck. Does anyone have any suggestions of think to have on hand for drinking besides plain water and apple-cranberry juice? I have some Emergen-C but I'm not sure how good that is as an electrolyte drink.
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You know, since you are not going to drink/eat a "traditional"/mainstream clear liquid diet, you might want to call your doctor and ask them to just use Colyte ( I think that is it) for the prep. Chances are you will be less likely to dehydrate with that.

OR since it is just a couple of days on a clear liquid diet, just use things you normally wouldn't, and afterward, go back to restricting the HFCS. Of course, you would avoid anything you are allergic to, like grapes.

Good luck!

Maybe someone else will have some better suggestions.
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Gatorade is really good, or you could always get the clear pedialite.

Im trying to think of what i gave DD when she had them done...
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What about juicing some vegetables and fruit yourself?

Pineapple juice, water kefir, kombucha, *mineral* water, nettle tea infusion. Add honey.

I think the Emergen-C is a great idea also. Not tons, but 2-4 of them, over the course of the day.

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Also, consider some coconut water and "rehydration solutions". Here is the recipe:

All you need is 1/4 tsp sea salt to each 6 oz or water; the rest is for flavor but here is the full recipe:

To make 1/2 gallon at a time:
1 cup lemon juice (fresh squeezed, no preservatives)
2 1/2 teaspoons sea salt
2 syringes full of lemon drop stevia
7 cups filtered water

Coconut water!!

Here are two links to info on the many health benefits of coconut water:



I heard it is best served chilled.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I do also have all the stuff from the dr to drink. I just downed a bottle of mag citrate and tomorrow afternoon, I get to drink the gallon of TriLyte.
Sadly I don't have a juicer or anything of the sort, so making my own juice is out. I'll have my DP pick up some kombucha and coconut water though, I like those ideas.
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Juicing your own stuff won't work anyway as most are not considered "clear". Really the prep is the worst part of this. I felt so much better after mine was over knowing everything was free and clear on the inside!
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Yeah, I was going to say definately "no" to the pineapple juice and honey - neither are considered "clear liquids" for this purpose. Good luck with the procedure.
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The TriLyte has electrolytes in it, it's given for that very reason. It will replace what you lost.

7-Up is an option if you just want something to drink, it's what our GI doc has us mix with Fleets Phosphate soda during bowel preps.
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