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I watched this last night with my roommate. I loved the first segment on orgasmic birth. Amber and Nassim were featured in Birth as We Know It, which I own. So it was cool seeing them interviewed here. My roommate was like "I want an orgasmic birth!" lol She had never heard the term before. Which is funny because I talk about birth stuff all the time. Glad they exposed mainstream America to some of those ideas.

The nursing thing...ah. Nursing a 6 year old is hardly extreme. Not the average perhaps, but not extreme. And the woman who was nursing her 8 year old was just tossed in to make it a little weirder. I've seen her full interview on Youtube, and they pulled the most "shocking" clips to put in this piece. I'm so glad they mostly focused on the woman with the 6 yo. They seemed liek a really nice family. Funnily they asked all the male partners if it posed problems in the marriage, and NONE of them complained about their wife bf their older children.

I was totally irritated that they were confusing unassisted birth with home birth. They are not the same thing! And really, considering how common it is in the rest of the world (and indeed in countries with lower maternal and neonatal death rates), I don't consider homebirth particularly extreme. Unassisted birth perhaps a bit more so, but not in a negative way. I so Rikki Lake! I can't stand how they tried to equate a hospital transfer as reason to not even attempt home birth.
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Originally Posted by KristyDi View Post
Well I just finished watching it and it wasn't too bad.

The psychologist sounded like Joe Blow off the street who's done no research and is parroting what "everyone knows" about extended BF. I thought it was kinda funny that he talked about "mom's job being to work herself out of a job" as if the English mom was going to keep bfing forever right after they said that the 8 year old has self weaned. Sounds to me like mom did work herself out of bfing. He seemed to be implying that if mom didn't get on the ball and stop her DD from nursing then it would never end and obviously that wasn't the case.

that was the part that got me too. As soon as those words came out of his mouth I thought to myself.. "That's my problem...Here, I think my job is doing the best that I can for my child and helping her grow into the person I know she can be...and my job is really to just get out of having a job!" I've been doing it wrong all along! lol
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I wondered about the 12 YO getting teased at school too. Who knows though maybe he is home schooled and the nasty peer teasing isn't such an issue. I agree that the interviewer was less then ideal. She seemed grossed out the whole time. I like the interviewer for orgasmic birth much better. I skipped the doll segment altogether!

I wonder if they started with 2.5 year old twins to ease people into the 6 and 8 YO!!
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Originally Posted by ahdoula View Post

I wondered about the 12 YO getting teased at school too. Who knows though maybe he is home schooled and the nasty peer teasing isn't such an issue.
Oh I'm sure they would have brought that to light if he had been just to make them seem more freakish.
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I watched this with my children Friday night (we were up unusually late). I thought the segment on extended nursing was beautiful. The older children in the family were so sweet and honest. It doesn't seem unusual to me because we have conversations like that all the time here. My 8 y/o son is still nursing and enjoyed seeing the other little boy talk about his "nummies" My dd, 13 often reminisces (sp?) about her nursing days. She weaned around 8 or 9 also because she kind of "lost her latch" as they mentioned on the show. I think they really enjoyed hearing other children speak fondly of their nursing days. Very sweet.
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i thought the lady interviewing the 6yo seemed grossed out when she interviewed him, but perhaps i have a biased slant.

the way she said that the "two and a half year old twins are still nursing" seemed really judgmental to me. and perhaps her own bias shining thru!

i've seen that footage from the UK (?) family on youtube, and i felt they edited it in a way to make them look weird. IMO, the most adorable thing that girl said was how breastmilk taste better than mangoes, which is one of her favorite foods...i noticed they didn't air that part...or at least i don't recall seeing it.

the homebirth part could be very misleading for viewers who don't know the difference between UC and midwife attended birth. not only did they not make the distinction, it seemed to me they made them sound like one and the same. i also thought they could have spent less time on the prairie and old movie scenes and spend more time interviewing midwives, women who have had homebirth, or perhaps spend more time educating the viewer on the differences between midwife-attended homebirth vs. UC

the doll part was down-right creepy to me. made it feel like they were dedicating an hour to "mother-freaks"...IMO, it put a totally different (and weird) slant on the entire hour.
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Closed pending review.
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Okie dokie.

Two issues:

One, this is the child-led weaning forum, so please limit your discussion to that aspect of the segment. If you'd like to discuss other portions (homebirth, creepy dolls, etc) please visit the 20/20 Extreme Mothering thread in the television forum. I'll be visiting that thread soon, so if it's locked, just hang tight.

Some of the posts removed were removed due to off-topicness. I didn't PM everyone about every single post removed.

The second issue is taking issue. If someone posts something you disagree with, please PM them rather than airing your grievances on the thread. From the User Agreement:
Do not post to a thread to take direct issue with a member. If you feel a member has posted or behaved inappropriately in a discussion, communicate directly with the member, moderator or administrator privately and refrain from potentially defaming discussion in a thread.
Who knows? Maybe they'll see your point and edit, and then the thread won't end up locked.

Finally, talking about a thread getting locked and pulled is a really good way to get a thread locked and pulled.
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