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Who's on your birth team?

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Who are you having at your birth? I'm curious to know what you all are planning. For me right now it's just my MW and DH (DS will go to Grandma's house). I'm mulling the possibility of asking my dear friend K to come too, but I'm not sure. So I'd love to hear what you're doing.
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Just me and dh. And that's how I want to keep it. My mom has been there for the other births, but I really want my mom to be with my 3 boys, so I know for sure that they will be fine.
So, hopefully, it will be just me and my husband. What a tender moment that will be!
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God willing, it will be me, Huz, my doula-in-training, and our midwife. Unless it's a weekend, in which case we switch out the midwife for one of three on-call doctors.
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Just me, DH, and midwife. Hopefully MIL can come up here to watch the kids. If not I might have to do it alone...
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I am giving birth at a hospital so.... I'm not really sure how many people will be there but family/friend-wise... it will just be me and DH. I'm a little worried about fil being alone. I told my baby he has to come out between the hours of 10pm-8:30am or 12pm-2:30pm so that way DH will be home for fil. It makes me a little sad because my entire family is willing to take care of my baby but no one wants to help out with fil. I tell them it's just like taking care of a BIG baby but....no takers/offers.
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Me, dh, dd. midwife and best friend...hopefully my two little ones will be sleeping for a good portion of labor/birth but if not...eh...
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My midwife and whoever she brings, my husband, my kids, and two friends who are doulas. I think I need to have a third doula, though, because one has expressed an uncertainty that she will definitely be able to attend, and the other has three kids and a husband who works crazy-odd hours. I need to be sure I have a doula there, for definite-definite.
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my midwife, dh & my mom
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I'll be at a hospital, so I don't know who will be there when I deliver. Hopefully just me, dh, my doula, and the doctor. Of course, I am sure there will be nurses too... hopefully kept to a minimum.
AHHHH! It's getting so close... I'm getting nervous!
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Me, 2 midwives, DH, my mom, and I have my 2 close friends who are booking time off but they are both 3 hours away so unless the baby comes when they have time off (or on a weekend) then they won't be able to make it. Right now I'm thinking I may need to uninvite my mom as things have been a little tense between us. That would really upset her but I just don't know...
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me, 2 midwives, and DH.... and I'm hoping my mom will watch DS but be around so he can be there for the birth itself but out of the way/not bored during the whole labor.
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Me, DP, DS, girlfriend that has doula training and the midwife. DP and my friend will be switching off attention for me and attention for DS depending on how/what he is doing.
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Me, DP, one of our two midwives (whoever is on call that day) and their student (we gave permission for it to be a teaching birth) ... my sister and her partner (we're birthing at their house), my best friend, and, if logistically possible, my mom, along with my favourite wise crone, Carla.

That could be nine women! Wow!
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Me, husband, doula, and midwife.

My mom will be looking after Guinevere.

Should something happen and Mom not be able to look after Guinevere, then my husband will, and the doula will be the primary person for me.
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As of right now it's my DH and my mom. My mom is flying in from Seattle so we are just hoping the timing works out. Also hoping the weather is decent and she doesn't get stuck in Anchorage. I'm thinking positive thoughts!

Plus the hospital nurse...they assign one nurse per patient here so I should have the same nurse the whole time (a second would come in at shift change). I'm also looking into having a Doula but that is very much up in the air. My OB is a friend too which is comforting.
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My doula will be waiting for me outside of the OR, so I'll see her before and after the c-section. DH will be in the OR with me. MIL will be with the kids in the waiting room.

And then the other people--perinatologist, nurses, hematologist, NICU team, assistants, & anesthesiologist. Way too many people, but we have to have both my specialists and the baby's specialists on hand.
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We're at home and we've got quite the "team" although I reserve the right to have hubby send any of them to the showers

Midwife, husband, one of two doula friends who are going to "tag-team doula" for me (they both have kids etc. and may have to trade off) my mom will be there to help with my two daughters, who will also be there, and possibly my mother in law, and possibly my friend who is due a week later than I am with her first (she lives a block away).

Luckily we have a guest shack with heat, a bathroom and a TV so the grandmas and girls can escape out there and watch movies/sleep if I need some space, yet they will be close enough to summon for the big moment. My oldest daughter is 12 and seems to want to be more involved this time.

I have worried about it being too many people (although during past labors I didn't notice who was in the room one bit) I have still discussed with my husband and the others that I might want "space" and not to be offended.

I ran into a former professor who is teaching anthropology of reproduction next quarter and she jokingly asked if she could bring her class what a field trip!
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In our teeny tiny apartment, it will just be my husband, midwife, and back-up midwife. I've been hearing about a potential student midwife, but since I haven't met her yet, I think I will say no to her presence. I really need to sit down with family and make my wishes known--no calls or visits until we give the okay. I plan to call them at the beginning of labor, mid-labor, and after the baby is born.

However, in case of an emergency transfer, I'm not sure why, but I really want my mother there. Maybe because I know she's a veteran of natural birthing in a hospital and will help me keep my cool. It will probably be hard to tell her to pray that she isn't needed though!
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H, the kids & my friend, with her new baby. That's it. Should be fun.
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We'll be at a birth center, so the midwife on duty will be there. Additionally, my husband will be my main support person. I had thought I would like to have my mom there, but very recently I've started to think it should just be my husband and me (and the midwife). At one point, I also thought I would like to have my stepmom there with us, but now I'm leaning toward keeping things very small and intimate. My sister is due less then 2 weeks before me (and she does not have a supportive partner, so my mom will surely be there for her), and it's all just become very awkward and I think keeping it just between my husband and me is the best choice.
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