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Anybody Want Another Yet?

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I know the Nov. mamas who are still waiting are going to flame me, but I already want another baby! My one month old seems so big already
And all this amidst craziness: dh and I both trying to work, a 2.5 yo dd who needs tons of attention, financial worries, a messy house, no time for myself. It must be the hormones!
I know if we do have another it'll be many more months before we ttc, but motherhood must be in my soul! Well, I am a cancer...
Anybody else?
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I'm a cancer too...

When I was in the depths of the hormones and baby blues...yeah, I grieved that I can't have any more children (got my tubes tied the next day, planned it that way 6 months out, was given the option to wait until my 6 week check up, but knew that if I waited that long I'd back out). I really really really wanted another baby at that point. Or, maybe more specifically, I wanted another pregnancy, another miracle like that.

Now, that I've pretty much moved out of the worst of the hormones, I'm ok with it. Logic has returned, and all those reasons that we decided to not have any more children permanently are still there (most of them health related, my husband has cancer, and a genetic thing that causes cancer that potentially would be passed onto 50% of his children, and there are others).

So, it was a good decision. But, yeah, I'm missing the excitment and newness of pregnancy! Love'n the baby thought! He's a wonder.
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we definitely want another!
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Definitely want another... also a cancer! Hahaha
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Yes and no... we said we were 90% sure this was our last, but oh, I can't bear the thought of not having another baby. I thought for sure I'd be sad to not have another pregnancy or birth, but I can handle the thought of that. Not so the thought of never have another little tiny babe! So of course my mind has tried to figure out if maybe, just maybe...
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We were talking about this the other day. We want another one but not for another year and a half to two years. The pregnancy and birth was hard of me physically and emotionally so I need time to recover before having another one.
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I thought I was 100% sure this would be our last. But it is hard knowing this is the last time I'll have such a tiny one to marvel over. So now I'm down to just 99% sure. But actually, even though this newborn stage has been sooooo much easier for me than my first, I am still looking forward to the time when she can walk on her own, play a little by herself, and just not need to be attached to me 24/7. It wears on me a little to not be able to jump up and do whatever because I've got her in the sling or in my arms all the time.
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i was ready to do it all again 5 minutes after she was out!
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Oh yeah! With DC#1 I didn't start cycling again till 14 months, but part of me really wants my cycles to start sooner than that. We won't be actively doing anything to avoid, and while we have verbally said that we hope another baby doesn't come for another couple years, I secretly hope I'm pregnant within a year! did I really just say that out loud?? with the crappy pregnancy and hellish labor I went through?? My husband would think I'm NUTS!
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lol I think having an easy newborn makes you want to have another!
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Originally Posted by TefferTWH View Post
lol I think having an easy newborn makes you want to have another!
I had to laugh, its past midnight over here and Ive been going on four hours of interrupted sleep for the past month. The four days she was in the NICU I got maybe half an hour of sleep a night. I don't deal well without getting much sleep. I think she might be getting a little colicy since shes been crying around the same time every night for the past week for at least 1-2 hours.
My first was a ton easier to deal with and with her I didn't even think of having another until she was almost 10 months old.
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Originally Posted by TefferTWH View Post
lol I think having an easy newborn makes you want to have another!
So true for me!
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I definitely feel like I want another...DH is not positive, and I understand his reasoning-right now with the two girls as my DH phrases it: we can do man to man coverage, if we were to have more babies we would have to move to zone defense lol, and he is not positive we need to go there. Although he readily admits that he loves having babies and is positive he will miss it-so who knows! I personally *know* we will have more as everytime I mention us using condoms or some other kind of prevention (not birth control atm as I am breastfeeding) he hems and haws about all the downsides and we end up dtd unprotected, lol.

All this and I'm a sagitarius
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i don't think i want another, but at the same time i'm sad i won't have any more.
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I felt that way after DD1 and DD2. Although, we swore up and down that we were done after DD2. I definitely do not feel that way this time. I am for sure done with being pregnant and giving birth. Four girls is plenty for our home. DH also got fixed three days before this one's birth.
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It is so funny you posted about this. As I finally got the courage to see the birth videos and photos, a part of me wanted to go through the excitement of welcoming another lo even after the 5 weeks of bedrest and very difficult L&D and afterbirth. BUT, I know we are done. I am ready to move on.

I am sooooo enjoying my little boy and so in love. I hold and love him up a so much, trying to treasure this time.
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yes! i wanted one the day after....we're waiting a year but i wish it were sooner

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Yes! My cycle returned to normal when DD was about 16 months old, I'm hoping it happens earlier this time.
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lol...after I gave birth I couldn't believe anyone ever had more than one kid. I think my exact words were, "if she wants a sibling, we're adopting the next one!"

Time erases the pain, I know!
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Also a cancer

I do want another two, but this time I am hoping AF stays away until Jasper is at least 18mths PP so I won't be tempted - AF returned right before 6mths w/ Adrian despite the ebf, no pacis or soothers, and we were ttc again when he was 8mths.

I really think it would be smarter to wait (financially, physically and emotionally!), and to have a bigger age gap (3-4 years as opposed to 2.5) because there are things I want to do for my health - a detox and removal of mercury fillings etc, that aren't possible while nursing. I have been pg and/or nursing for 3.5 years straight now, another reason a break would be good. Buuuut...

...that's just the logical side of me. Emotionally, I already know it's going to kill me to wait, hence the wishing AF will stay away and make it impossible (unless we caught the first egg lol). As soon as AF is back I will be itching to ttc again, and though it took 14mths, + vitex and progesterone to stay pg with Jasper, who knows what will happen this time. I also think I will be devastated once the baby days are over, so spreading the kids out a little more may help with that.
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