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My little stripper @@

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DD has taken to removong any and all clothes she can get off, I'm guessing because she can. I figure this will blow over, and I don't care so much in the house, but it's cold outside and she keeps stripping off boots, mitts, hats, socks (if she gets that far :P) Any hints to get her to keep her clothes on?
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I'm no help in keeping clothes on. I am a firm believer in personal comfort. I will however bring appropriate clothes/outerwear and leave them in the vehicle and make suggestive comments about how nice they might be.

I am firm in underwear (because "you need to keep your bottom safe and clean; it is a gentle place"). I am firm in footwear for outside (because "you need to keep your feet safe so you can play").

We are pretty laid back. However, if she is opting out of clothing and it is a nice enough day to be happy and comfortable out of doors that way we do not go the grocery or library. lol, guess I am not that laid back.
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I forgot - she's about 13mo's, so giving her alternatives is a little useless And I'm in Canada, a nice day lately is in the 30's - boots etc. are *not* optional!!!
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If she strips outside she has to come inside. Were you live and the weather it is a must because she can get frost bitten quick and is a safety issue.

If you are at a park, go to your car until she will let you redress her.

I would also advise keeping her busy. If she has time to strip it is mostlikely because she is bored.

Allow her to explore (taste, touch, smell) the snow inside. Get a cake pan and let her have fun! But outside if she strips, she goes in. We had to do this with my second daughter with her life vest around a pool.
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Hi scoutycat-My DS (22 mos) does this, too. He is forever taking off his pants and diaper. And then running around the house. He strips off socks and shoes, too. But the diaper and pants thing is just too funny (Iwill be in the kitchen and will walk into the living room and he will be naked). Of course, there are days that it is frustrating, too.
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I'm along lake erie--snow and wind, I understand...put her coat and snowpants on backwards---its warmer. Don't her feet hurt when she steps out of her boots into the snow? Or does she have a dangerously high pain threshhold?
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She hasn't actually managed to step into the snow in bare feet yet, so I guess she hasn't learned that lesson. Usually, she's in the stroller and I'm paying more attention to where we're going than her, or she's in the front yard where we haven't had snow down until just this past weekend. After being out in really blustery weather yesterday, she's not complaining about her hat (which she yanked off) as much anymore, so maybe she has just needed a bit of an object lesson ;P
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avoidance of pain--the reason I wear most clothes and shoes; what a motivator.
Maybe step back and watch with a bored look when she takes off outergarments. See if it clicks; see if it's worth it to her if you don't react. Frostbite isn't that rapid!

nak, pardon
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My ds went through a short phase right about that time of getting clothes off, then it went away until just recently. We did that thing of just letting him take clothes off outside so he could make the connection of no clothes=cold. Well, what he did, instead of trying to get dressed again, was run back inside and grab a blanket and drag it outside with him. : oh...and he would plow into our crotches (especially dh) to get warm. You just have to shake your head at their ingenius solutions sometimes.
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i haven't been able to read through all the posts, but i just have to say that my dds are nudist big time! it's a natural phase. and more power to them. i think it's great to feel naked, proud and comfy! i for one feel like hiding in the dark when i'm naked. i wish i had such confidence about my body.

but clearly this isn't socially acceptable. at home they can be naked, but obviously we can't let them do that in public. but they don't understand social norms so it can be hard (actually my dds are old enough now to understand social norms, but yours isn't nor will she be for a while). but just know that she's not doing anything "wrong" or trying to "act up." it's very natural.
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Having recently moved to Ontario, I now truly understand why this would be a problem ! :LOL

I second the suggestion to put on gear backwards - it definitely makes it more challenging! Tops - ones with buttons or snaps go on backwards, and over-the-head ones can be the kind you can't get off once the neck snaps are done up. Coats/snowsuits backwards too. Mitts are tricky, my daughter won't keep them on and it's minus 15 celsius here. I end up holding her bare little hands with my gloved hands to help, but I'm hoping she'll get the idea soon. It helps if they're at least on a string. hats that tie under the chin sometimes work, also one piece hoods that cover the head and neck. My daughter's boots are so hard to get on I can't imagine her pulling them off!

Then let her scoot around in the buff when you get home!
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My dd used to always take her clothes off. One time the pastor and his family were at our house. The adults were in the kitchen visiting . I looked in the living room where the kids where and dd had stripped down to her underwear Luckily she was only about 3. This phase eventually passes.
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