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Where are you all?

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Ok, I get so excited when I see that people haven't posted in a day or so. My mind goes nuts thinking that there is a huge baby boom happening I insist that you check in EVERY DAY so we know what your progress is and who is laboring
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Ha ha. I wish. I am so jealous of all the babies and so TIRED of constantly worrying over childcare arrangements, "if" DH could make it in time "if" today was the day...sigh.
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Originally Posted by mom2annika View Post
Ha ha. I wish. I am so jealous of all the babies and so TIRED of constantly worrying over childcare arrangements, "if" DH could make it in time "if" today was the day...sigh.
Oh, Mama, I'm sorry to hear about this stress on you I really hope tha when your "labor day" comes it all works out exactly right for you.
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Well...I'm just sitting here on my big ball, trying to get Lovey to drop (all the way), drinking RRL tea (about 3 cups a day, but hoping to drink more), and saying "OK Baby, I'm ready. You can come out now!"

Basically I'm trying to defy my due date and nature and encourage her to come ASAP.

Think I might go to the 24 hour store and go for a walk with DH (no way I'm walking in the cold and the dark outside).

Believe me...as soon as I know I'm in labor I will be rushing to get on MDC to post! What does that say about my priorities?
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Still here. Waddling around at 38 weeks. The earliest any of mine have come is 38.5 weeks. I keep hoping this one will be sooner but I don't think I will have that kind of luck.
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I am 38w6d. Can't stop bawling my eyes out. I spent ALL day crying at the drop of a hat. What does that mean? I cried when 3 posts went up yesterday about momma's having their babies. I'm SUPER EXCITED for them...but I NEED him to come out.

"I insist that you check in EVERY DAY so we know what your progress is and who is laboring " Aye aye cap'n!!!!!!!!! :
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I'm only going to be 38 weeks tomorrow. I do think near the end lots of us need to sort of draw into ourselves and get centered for the birth...I wouldn't be surprised if someone of the women here are doing that. Hey, I might do that the last week or so...

I've always gone full term at least (I think the earliest labor has started for me is 40W1D). So figuring this one isn't going to be any different. There's still so much to do, and I kind of doubt babe is going to want to come out until I'm feeling fully prepared.

I can say here though I found my cervix the other day and it's super ripe. If it wasn't for the different feel of the opening I may not have known that it was there. So, I'd say I'm pretty substantially effaced, likely at least 2-3 cm, but you know I know that doesn't mean anything. I've had friends walking around at 5-6 cm for weeks. But, it's crazy soft, like butter...
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Same old thing here! Felt pretty crampy yesterday but nothing major. Today I'm going to do some real cleaning so that will make me feel more "ready". My husband is convinced that if I'm ready the baby will come. He's also determined she'll come this weekend, its so cute how excited he's getting.
And Holly, I've already thought of that, how I want to post on here whenever I go into labor! Too funny!! Y'all are awesome! So encouraging!!
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40w tomorrow..... and no baby yet.......this baby needs to come..... I can no longer lift my leg. Tomrrow is the full moon so maybe then? I am soo ready to get this going.
My DH will not let me drive anywhere more than 10 miles away..which leaves...NOTHING!!!!!!!!! and I am sooo board of being home..
I am soo tired of have perfect strangers asking me if I should be out and about/are you dialated (like I would tell them and why would you ask that?????) and the best are they going to induce you soon? .....these are people I do not know!!!!!!!!
I guess I will clean the house again... maybe that will get her moving this time.....
she can not get any lower and I can get anymore effaced than I am... I think she is spread eagle in there trying to stay in.
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Still right here - 39w2d so plenty of time still. Generally enjoying myself - cancelled out of a mtng last night and went xmas shopping and out to dinner with my daughter and partner and sister-in-law. That was really nice and made substantial progress on xmas - just need to order my daughter's gifts online and we'll basically be done. MW coming in an hour. Lots of twinges and BH and pressure and some contrax that are more painful, but nothing too definitive. I guess my only concern is making sense of all the different feelings I have and going back and forth on when I want the baby to come (as if I have any control over it).

Oh, and we decided a name: Dylan Daniel it is going to be. Kind of a major turnaround but we like it. And it's nice to have it decided. Maybe he'll come out now that he has a name

Good luck to those of you ready to go.
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I'm here still. Always here. Maybe I should go away and then I would have this baby! Quit thinking about it so much! Anyway, I'm 40+3 today. Really hoping for a full moon baby, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I really haven't done much in the way of trying to make labor start, but maybe I should. Like bouncing on the birth ball, sex, abnormal physical activity. Hmm...
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im 37 and some and still working fuller than full time!
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Still here. I was fine with that yesterday...but now I'm getting so darn tired of it and I want to be done for the 1st time this pregnancy.

I'm 39+2 and can't imagine having to go any longer. Jennifer, I'm getting weepy too. My kids are making me crazy and I don't want to be around them anymore. I don't want them pulling my hair and grabbing and touching me anymore The screaming and yelling and fighting they do is making me miserable...especially the screaming, my ears are like super sensitive and it hurts! I'm losing my mind! It's getting harder and harder to be around them and it feels so sad that I feel that way.

Wishing babe would come out asap :
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I'm still here. I drank some RRL tea last night and was having contractions about 5 minutes apart. Then I fell asleep and I guess they slowed down a lot. Now they are every 10-20 minutes. I'm already 4 cm dilated, so now I'm really confused. I think I'll have some more tea tonite and see what happens. My daughter nurses a lot at night, so maybe that's what made them so close together.
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40+4, still here. bouncing on ball, having sex, using breast pump, etc. etc. seriously baby come out!
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I'm still here too. Big sigh. Come out, child!

I do have a question though - if walking/moving gets the cramping and uncomfortableness to the next level, is it worth it to keep moving and walking? Yesterday afternoon I cleaned the whole house and did a bunch of laundry (cause, you know, the dogs need clean beds ??), and then went and did a big grocery shop (had to hang off the cart for most of that!), came home and made chili, cornbread and pumpkin cookies. I also spilled some raisins and then cried about it. And then get really mad at DH for not springing to his feet to clean up my mess. Anyway, all of this brought on a lot of BH, back pain, tightness, etc. But, it's gone today. Honestly, yesterday was very unpleasant pain wise, but I would just not sit down all day today if it would help get this kid moving. So, to be active, or not? Does it make a difference?

It's nice to know you guys are also getting antsy. Not that being antsy is something I wish upon you all, but it's nice to know I'm not alone in my antsy hermitness.
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I'm here due today . I'm pretty sure the baby is just going to stay inside forever though!
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I am still here again today. I have decided that this baby can't come until I get my holiday shopping done. Last year, DH and I didn't get to go shopping together for any of the cool presents because we didn't have a babysitter that we were comfortable with so he ended up doing most of it by himself. So, this year, we have to make up for it. It is on our schedule for this Friday night. If I can get that out of the way Friday night, then it would be a great weekend for a baby.
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Tapping my fingers, supposedly on bed rest to keep my blood pressure down, waiting for the midwife ordered induction acupuncture to kick in. I have little faith that's it's gonna work now. It's been 36hours.
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