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Originally Posted by Shelbyscout View Post
Still here, horribly miserable. 38w 3d, and I am NOT DILATED AT ALL! : My dr. was going to strip my membranes but she couldn't even get in there, my cervix was so tight and closed. She said it wouldn't have helped anyway--baby's not ready--but sheesh, at least it would have been SOMETHING. Now I'm bouncing on my birth ball until I make myself nauseous. The EPO hasn't done anything, even inserted vaginally. The only way I could touch my cervix is if I had an Inspector Gadget arm. Sex is out of the question due to my pubic separation--just way too painful in any position. And speaking of the separation, walking is out of the question too. So I'm bouncing and rocking in my rocking chair. In fact, I think I'm going to make myself some RRL tea, pop in a Christmas special movie, and do some nipple stim *sigh*.
You're still early like I am...first time moms I believe typically go an average of 41W2D or something like that if they're left to go on their own.

I wouldn't worry still as it's still so early. With my first I asked for the membranes to be stripped (here they start having to do NSTs at 41 weeks, and wanted to avoid the trip to the hospital if I could!). It was at just under 41 weks and I was barely dilated then...but she said *just enough* to get in there. And, when she did it, she did it so gently. It wasn't painful, but super uncomfortable. She did a very thorough job, in fact I remember there was blood on her gloves when she was done. The completely brought me into labor the next day. So I went from very little progress to my baby in about a day! And, these are LMs who are generally VERY hands off. But when it comes to the possibility of dating out of their care we would start to think about stripping membranes, herbs, etc. Though I still consider it an intervention that definitely does carry risks. Which is why I only considered it at nearly 41 weeks.

Personally, I've always believed that from a scientific perspective EPO taken internally was the only way that it made sense. EPO contains the metabolic pre-cursors to prostaglandins...not the prostaglandins themselves. We need our bodies to metabolize the EPO and synthesize the prostaglandins. So, I always take the capsules by mouth. Though I do both, although I don't know that vaginal EPO does anything really. Sort of covering my bases.
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Originally Posted by jenniferadurham View Post
I saw the MW that I didn't like..turns out, I DO like her. I think she was just having some off days, bs she was wonderful today.

Oh yeah, Evan is measuring at 40 weeks...she first measured me and said 41, but then checked again(she had her finger to low on my bone bc his head is so close she couldn't tell the difference LMBO!) and said 40..I'm 39 today EEEK!

Hope we get some full moon babies this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, it's normal to be +/- 2cm in measurements, dont' worry about that!

Congratulations on your progress, my cervix feels great but is freaky posterior still! Which is typical for me, so I expect this to be another couple of weeks at least!
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39 weeks 1 day today, I don't think the full moon is going to help me. I'm not really over anxious yet, but I can imagine just going forever and needing to be induced. Plus the further from christmas the better as far as I'm concerned.

My husband is sick though, so that's not good, therefore I hope he has time to get better and I really hope he doesn't pass it on to the rest of us. Please! He's been burping and near vomiting all day. I'm thinking he might have eaten something bad though, and its awful but I'm hoping that's it because I can't stand the thought of getting sick right now.
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According to my OB as of Monday I am dilated 3cm. I get a lot of contractions at night. They are keeping me up, but other than that, nothing. I drank a cup of RRL tea last night, and I'm going to drink it throughout the day today.

My OB is concerned about going past my "due date", which is next Saturday.
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Rahnee... : for labor! I hope they pick up soon and you have a babe in your arms soons
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I'm still here. Being bored, waiting for labor action. Annoyed at all this prelabor stuff.
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Still here, still waiting.
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Still here. 38 weeks, 3 days and counting. I doubt I will go past my due date because I have always had my babes on or before the due date. I know I am getting close by the sporadic contractions and waddling.
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I'm 40+2 now. Officially over, but I'm trying to be optimistic. Getting lots of strong contractions during the day, but they all stop once I go to bed. No show or anything exciting like that. Trying lots of sex but not seeing any results! My dh said I was using him for his prostaglandins. I asked if that was a problem. He said no.
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It's my due date today. The midwife said she'd be surprised if I made it to today. Clearly she was wrong. I just hope that she wasn't very very wrong.

We're scraping the bottom of the barrel with crappy dvd's at this point!!
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Well geez...I was so ready to go since i"m due in 2 days. BUT now that my mw tells me today that i'm group b strep + even tho I tested a month ago...I would really like 2 more weeks to get rid of that result. Not gonna happen but maybe baby will not come out until we can fix this?

No labor vibes for me anymore.
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I'm still here too....38 w 4d. I am hoping to go within the next week- DS was born at 39w 3d. Physically I am READY READY READY- so tired of being sore, tired, etc etc. Mentally I go back and forth- one minute I am OK if she decides to come NOW, the next minute I need a little more time. Heck, I JUST found the crib sheets about 2 hours ago- still have to wash them then figure out how to side car the crib.

And since I've made it this far, I might as well go at last another day or so- after all, the Survivor finale is on tonight!
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