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I would love to update, but need to get to bed. Real quick.....I can't believe Lettie (we rarely call her Coco anymore. Her legal name is Colette and Lettie fits her really well) turned four months last week. She is such a joy, absolutely perfect. And I may be biased, but she is *so* beautiful. Such an amazing child.

I want to write more, but here are a couple pictures I took just a couple hours ago.

Lettie #1

Lettie #2
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aww what a cutie....i hear ya about the name thing our daughter is Alexis but we call her Lou Lou I think it came about first from calling her Lexie Lou Lou.

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Well, since you all have joined the thread...I will too! Where does the time go hmmm?

Our son is 5 weeks now, SUCH an easy baby - now that mommy doesn't drink milk or have anything dairy. Most of the copious vomiting and constant screaming is gone - hooray! Of course he still makes more laundry than all of the rest of us together,

I think most days at some point that I am losing my mind, like why would I EVER think I could handle two children!!! I envy my partner her 8.5 hour work day... I have no friends or family here in southern NM, so sometimes I lose track of the days...I work out of town once a month for a week and in that town I have adult human contact. Which is a good thing.

And then when they are both asleep at the same time, I think gosh, what was my problem earlier? They're angels!

I added pictures to my sig, so now you all can see what we look like ()

Take care, my online friends!
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Just checking and seeing how everyone is doing....wow babies grow up so fast DP and I are totally amazed at lexie. She is 9 months old now and has been walking for about 2 weeks. She hates to crawl which is probably her motivating factor to learn to walk. We are happy she can walk because her 23lb body is super heavy.
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bumping this up for pf!!!

our "newborn" is turning 6 months old next week. SIX MONTHS??!?! how did that happen? lol! i weighed him last night - dp had mastitis and thought her supply had been affected - and he is 22lbs even!! he is wearing 12-18 month clothes too! eeek. we'll get the official stats next week at his check-up.

he is sitting up and trying to get into the "crawl" position but hasn't managed to roll over yet - in part i think because his thighs are so chunky.

he continues to be a very easy-going happy baby. ds1 is an amazing big brother. they had their first bath together last night and it was so much fun.

we'll start solids next week too - he is growing up too fast.

our plan is to start tracking dp's cycle once af returns and start ttc #3 in may or june next year.

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Great idea to bump this up. I have way more time for this than I did when I was pregnant and did nothing but go to work and sleep.

My boy is 14 weeks and about 13-14 pounds and he is wonderful! The rest of us are all teachers or students so we're off for the summer. I'm off until next April on mat leave.

I'd love to hear how people are doing with their babes.
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Yay! I forgot about this thread

DD is almost 6 1/2 months and I agree, time is FLYING by. I just uploaded some recent photos to my blog.

We also hope to start ttc #2 early next year. We are just about to ask our KD if he's on board with that...wish us luck!
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carmen, she is SO CUTE!!!

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Originally Posted by carmen358 View Post
Yay! I forgot about this thread

DD is almost 6 1/2 months and I agree, time is FLYING by. I just uploaded some recent photos to my blog.

We also hope to start ttc #2 early next year. We are just about to ask our KD if he's on board with that...wish us luck!
She is so adorable
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Hello All!
I just found this thread.

My daughter is 6 weeks old. I had a wonderful birth and she is great but it's been very different this time around- I have a 2.5 year old son and I am finding it hard to split myself and move between their different needs.

At any rate, I am glad to have others to connect with who are in the throws of newborn-ness, or have been there recently and may remember the struggles.
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Hi elismum, congrats! We just had our first and I've been trying to imagine what it would be like with 2....
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I love hearing everyone's updates.

We are just getting into a family rhythm over here. It's nice to start feeling like we are good at this. Of course, that will go out the window once he gets mobile! And I can't even imagine adjusting to two - or twins! My hat's off to mommas of more than one and multiples.

I just began taking both Leo and our dog, Talula for walks at the same time on my own (thank you Beco!). Talula is very happy about this development - and I'm pretty proud of myself, too.

I'm obsessed with cloth diapers and baby carriers. I'm finally in a good place with breastfeeding. Life is good.

DP is applying for jobs all over the country and has made it to the final round for a few in different locations, so I'm trying to get into the mindset that Leo's childhood may not have our current city as it's backdrop. And that we may be far from our support system one day soon.
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life with 2 is definitely a challenge! ds1 was 2.5 when ds2 arrived. he went through a very crazy adjustment phase that wore us (especially me) out and we had some serious behaviour problems that we thankfully resolved with the 1-2-3 magic book. we couldn't give him the same attention but always found a way for him to have outings and keep his routine as close to what it had been before. dp had 12 weeks maternity leave but once we were both back at work it made everything so much harder. some nights we don't get to bed until midnight and we are up at 5am. BUT it is ALL worth it! ds1 and ds2 love each other and ds1 is such a great big brother. he can't wait until they can play baseball and do puzzles and dance...

when ds2 was 4 months old we started pl'ing ds1. yes, we are certifiably nuts but 2 months later he is daytime pl'd and today asked if he could pee standing up!! naps and bedtime are a hit or a miss if he's dry but we know that takes longer.

i finally managed to start eating better and working out again and that has helped with my energy levels. not to mention i have lost 20lbs.

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6 month checkup today and a couple more shots. he's meeting or exceeding all his milestones with the exception of being able to roll over because of his chunky thighs, lol!

weight: 22lbs 13.5oz, height: 30" (OMFG!!), head circ: 17.25"

off the charts except for head which is 50th percentile.

our ped informed us that his height is the average for a 14 month old.

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Wow, that's one big, little boy you have, indigo!!
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Wow! That's so great!

Leo just weighed in at 11 lbs 4 oz at his three month check up. only 35th percentile, but since he was gaining slowly at first we are thrilled. Height is 75th percentlie. So long and lean - nothing like me.
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ds1 turns THREE today!!!! happy birthday to our amazing son. it's also my dp's birthday. double the celebrations.

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Originally Posted by indigoscot View Post
ds1 turns THREE today!!!! happy birthday to our amazing son. it's also my dp's birthday. double the celebrations.

Wow, happy double birthday! Have fun celebrating.

Can't believe I can legitimately post over here soon.
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Hello Mamas! I remember many of you and am thrilled to see so many happy families.

My daughter Aurelia Josephine was born June 11. She was "due" the 1st and after a really beautiful 2 day labor at home, she was born by c-section at the hospital nearby. Not the homebirth that we wanted, but we're healing together in more ways than one. I finally posted the birth story on my blog.

I'm already back at work, which I loathe, but it gives me some time to write again.

Motherhood is everything. Everything I ever wanted, all I hoped for, and of course, so much more.
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Welcome FarmerFemme and Congrats!!

We are crazy over here. DP got a new job and we are moving to Philadelphia by the end of the month. We put down a deposit on an apartment (that I've never seen in person! but DP assures me I will love) and now we are facing packing up. Anyone have any tips for moving with a three month old??
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