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VBAC midwife for hospital birth

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i live in Seattle and love my midwife but since I had to have a C-section for my first birth, my only option is a hospital birth (in this state unless I want a homebirth but i'm super high risk). Can anyone recommend an incredible Certified Nurse Midwife with lots of VBAC experience?????? I had a recommendation for Cynthia Brown but she's already booked for next summer .
Please help.....
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I've heard mixed reviews for Sally Avenson, but like Cynthia she has priviledges at Group Health.
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There are home birth midwives that will attend VBACs in Washington. It is not illegal, they are just not covered by malpractice insurance for those births.
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The CNMs at the Center for Women's Health at Evergreen Hospital attend VBACs. You'd have to go to Kirkland, though.
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I'm using the midwives at Neighborcare Health for my VBAC (I see Ann Darlington), and have been happy with them. They deliver at Group Health.
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I saw the CNMs at the Center for Women's Health at Evergreen for my VBAC and had a really good experience with them. I saw Janice the most during my pregnancy and was lucky enough to have her be the one oncall when I was in labor. She was awesome the entire 22 hours she was with me.
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thank you all

thanks for the info and for sharing your stories!!!!
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