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Originally Posted by momongeon View Post

If the foreskin was SO INSIGNIFICANT then why has it not evolve out of the human anatomy?

And if it's so insignificant...why not just leave it alone? Why bother going through the pain of cutting it off?
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Originally Posted by Fyrestorm View Post
And if it's so insignificant...why not just leave it alone? Why bother going through the pain of cutting it off?
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Here is a Male’s response…

The amputation of a male child's nerve enriched prepuce is a penile reduction surgical procedure that unfortunately still infects our civilized, capitalistic, and so-called "equal rights" society. Not only is the circumcision of male infants and young boys considered a human rights violation by many, it's a men's health issue and perpetuates an irrational belief in our country that all little boys are somehow born imperfect or faulty requiring surgical correction of their penises upon birth! This idea is a sick one and is absurd to not only me, but the vast majority of people on earth.

Evolution and God has perfected the human body making every part sacred, miraculous, useful and functional. Circumcising male children is medically unnecessary, disfiguring, disabling, unnatural, abusive, unethical, painful, and a profit driven surgical procedure confronted by parents of newborn boys in most American hospitals, especially in the mid-western states. It's a "cure" still in search of an identifiable disease. Most parents have and are given minimal knowledge about the appalling history, unjustifiable reasons, and adverse consequences of circumcision. Many parents and many physicians in America acknowledge the male prepuce as an "extra flap of skin" and are uneducated about its protective, sensory, and essential sexual functions. In my view, all lack common sense and many also lack the courage and intuition to follow their maternal / paternal instinct to protect children from easily avoidable harm, enough said.

I am grateful that the male newborn circumcision rate in America continues to decline with the current rate being about 55-60%. I am also grateful that ALL national and international medical associations do not recommend the practice of routine childhood circumcision for both boys and girls! I am deeply saddened and vitriolic that many Americans encourage and welcome circumcision surgeries for male children due to parents' personal preference and ignorance, cultural or societal influence, physicians’ profits, numerous other irrational reasons, or flip of a coin.

My heart goes out to all those mama’s and papa’s who learned too late the adverse consequences of consenting to have their little boys circumcised. I commend them for standing up and spreading the word to end the practice and protect other boys. The regret in their voices is so sincere and painfully heartfelt. Their voices need to be heard to help end the still popular practice of amputating parts of male children’s penises in the 21st century. It is highly probable that in your son’s lifetime the U.S.A.’s 1996 Federal Female Genital Mutilation Act will be amended to protect the genital integrity rights of all little boys too. What a day it will be for rejoice as well as a reflection of sorrow and regret for the millions of males who have undergone genital cutting and unnecessary amputative surgeries without their consent.

If you do your research well, I am certain you will protect your son.
Best Regards and Many Blessings to your soon to be born, perfect Intact son, Devin
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Shouldnt Circ

I am completely new to this site. And I am a DAD!! My son who is 6 was circ because I was uneducated in the topic before. Since I have met my current fiance, her and I have gone over alot of different topics with pregnancy, circ and homebirth. One particular topic that stuck out for me was circ. My son who is 6 again is circ but I am NOT! My fiance gave me all the cons of circ but I was still kind of on edge with my decision to our baby due in AUG! After she had shown me the video on how they do handle a circ, my face filled with sadness and tears and I held my son and apologized. For me the facts are there and I understand them, but if that didnt do it, the video alone would do it for ANYONE with a heart. To see a baby go thru all that pain and no medicine to numb it or anything... thats crazy!! and WITHOUT YOUR BABYS PERMISSION its ridiculous. Look at it this way, your son just came out of his comfort zone (your belly), hes shocked, getting poked and bothered, and than also that same day after all the shock and nonsense that is going on, they take away part of his man hood! Its ridiculous.
So if all the FACTS cant get you to make a good decision, All i ask is that you take the time and look at a video of the procedure and watch what happens. Let him make the decision when he's ready.
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newlynaturaldad... your story is very close to myself and what I did to my son unknowing... I would take that dec. back in a heart beat.

I regret circing my son, and will never harm another little boy by not accepting all of him again!
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Please don't do it. Your son was born perfect. If he wasn't supposed to have a foreskin, he would not have been born with it. Do you really want to do wound care on a newborn?

You know better now, so it's your responsibility to act on that knowledge. You owe it to your child to leave his body the way it was created.
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Originally Posted by BnInTheOvn View Post
I have SO MANY questions!! And my reasonings for considering it are as follows:

1. I am not a boy, don't have a boy, and have never seen an uncirced penis. I don't know exact %, but I do know that most males are circed in the US. However, I do know that it is a "European" thing not to circ (my grandfather is from Germany, and I know he is not circed and that it isn't as common over there?). But the fact that most US males are has led me to assume that there must be a reason for it.

No! It's the other way around. The reason that Europeans (and East asians, and Africans and South Americans and Australians and Canadians etc. etc. etc.) don't circ is that there isn't a reason for it!
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