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It's a....

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....boy! (much to our great surprise and delight) :

after several days of prodromal contractions, our darling son was born yesterday at 10 a.m., at home on our bed, after less than 2 hours of active labor. he's an ounce shy of 8lbs., 20.5 inches. the birth was easy and fast, except for the "pushing" stage, which was excruciating because it seemed to last forever, as i was trying to breathe the baby out instead of pushing. our MW was great, very hands off until it came time to help a bit with his shoulders, which she said were tight. it seemed harder than my 2d birth, but it all paid off in the end with no tears!! (TMI: my girlie parts feel great )

he's nursing well, but i'm sleepy due to all the adrenaline.

(he was born at 40w+6, also to our surprise that he came so much later than the other two)
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Yay yay yay! Love that you had such a quick, gratifying labor : Does the little one have a name?
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Congratulations mama! Sounds like a beautiful and peaceful birth.

to the world baby boy!
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YaY for new babys, it sounds like it was a beautiful birth!
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Not in your DDC, but congrats!!

So it seemed like easing on the pushing helped, I am glad! Well worth that effort, I'm sure.
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: congratulations!!
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Wonderful!!! Congratulations!
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Congrats on the birth of you sweet baby boy, mama :

Enjoy your babymoon!
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Sounds like a wonderful birth! Rest up Momma and enjoy your babymoon!

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Congratulations! Welcome to the world, baby boy! :
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congrats and blessings to all of you! :
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Welcome to the world baby boy!
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:::Yay, Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :::
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Congratulations! :
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Yay!! Boys rock!
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