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Play group and resources for natural family living in SLC?

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I'm a new mom, and am finding it somewhat to tough to find support for my decisions in SLC. I have one friend who is great, but every other mother I meet looks at me like the radical looney toon for not circumcising (I have been told I'm 'mean' for not doing it), Not vaccinating (irresponsible) breastfeeding (thats too much commitment!), sharing the family bed ("he will be sleeping with you until he's grown"), and last but not least when I chose to have a natural childbirth ("your crazy, why would you do that?") Like I said, I have one friend who is a mother with a lot of my same views on parenting, but other than her I feel like a black sheep.
I'm looking for play groups in Salt Lake City for other parents who share these views. I just would like the support.
Also, can anyone recommend a good pediatrician that will not quote the FDA to me everytime I decline another vaccine?
Also, I'm looking for a good acupuncturist that works with children, I would like to start that kind of therapy when son is sick.
Thank you! I look forward to meeting new mamas!
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I'm north of SLC, but I just wanted to chime in and say

I know at least six intact Utah boys (including my son!) See my signature--I'm way into the anti-circumcision movement!! Just remember that you're a good mama and you're taking good care of your son. That's all that matters.
Um, I don't have a lot of IRL friends who understand my parenting, but almost everyone here on MDC (this board) does. That's why you'll find it so addicting!

Here's the acupuncturist I'd recommend--Master Lu: (you'll have to ask him if he works with children.)



(He REALLY helped my gallbladder pain, and he helped my dh's "tennis elbow.")
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PS. On vaxes........you can go to the Health Department and ask for a personal (philosophical) exemption form. Then when docs ask about it, you can say "we have an exemption issued by the state of Utah." That makes you look smarter than just "we don't vax." Your son won't have to get vaxes for school if you have an exemption.
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We just moved here from Maine (but have lived in UT before). I'm a new mama to an intact, unvaccinated, bed-sharing, 8 month old boy. I trust my intuition about my choices for him and simply stay quiet when in company that I know will get riled up about my choices. I've gotten to a point where I can be pretty peaceful about other people making their choices and me making mine. Although, I have to admit, sometimes it's a breath of fresh air to talk to someone who sees things the same way. I'd love to get together for lunch some time, though I'm not sure how to arrange that without broadcasting my contact info over the internet Post back if you know how (I'm new to this forum) and would like to get together.
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If you click on someone's "name", you can then click on "send a Private Message" where you could share your address privately.
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My son's ped. Is Dr. Louis Borgenicht in down town salt lake.
I told him I wanted to decide on either delayed vax or non-vax and he didn't even question me one bit! he said, whatever i want....
my other friend goes to him and she doesn't vax.

He is vegan friendly.

The only thing i dont like about him is he is a bit impatient and not extremely personable. hes ok. But i just feel like he could be more sensitive about certain things.

But seriously, if you dont have insurance, they cut the payment in half and they don't really bother you if you can't make a payment for a while.

i don't personally know many other mothers who share the same oppinions as me, but i just take it as being an example to them.. hah ah aha.

I did Circ my son....=(
Family pressure and pressure from my hubby.
But my hubby has had a change of heart and agrees that any future boys will NOT be circ'ed.
I plan on talking to him about foreskin restoration when he is older. Awww

i still breastfeed my almost 3 year old son. even with little to no milk cause of pregnancy.

.....So we are one family in SLC who is Naturally inclined....
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