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Rio Rancho, NM mamas?

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Hi! Can anyone recommend a good selective vax ped in or very near Rio Rancho? tia!
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Hi! I don't know anything about peds here but just wanted to say I am in RR as well
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Thanks! Have you lived in RR long? Our littlest is just 10 months, so I haven't had a chance to explore too much yet. We've been here since the middle of July and absolutely love it so far!
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we have been here since the beginning of the year and really love it as well. It's so pretty and peaceful and much more laid back than Denver was.

I honestly have not needed to take my kids to a doctor since we've been here but had found a ped in NE ABQ that I am planning to try (as soon as I get around to making appts) He is supposed to be friendly to non/delay/selective vaxing. I did however, have a positive experience at the ER here (on RR BLVD). well, considering the circumstances and all. I wouldn't hesitate to take my babies there if they needed emergecy care.

On that note, did you hear we are getting a full service hospital and university in about a year? I'm excited about both of those along with all the other new development going on in the new city center area.
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