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My girls came 3 hours apart, and Baby B (Sierra), had the cord around her neck and each time she descended her HR had decels. We had to break the bag of waters to start labor up, though I didn't really change in dilation. When the labor had kicked back in, and the MWs were doing constant monitoring of Sierra, the decels eventually happened, but they asked me to just push and keep pushing, and she was born just like that. They loosed the cord from around her neck, and although she was bluish, she was fine, breathing on her own immediately. The MWs had back up oxygen, and were prepared to use it, but had no need. It is actually not uncommon for babies to be born with the cord around their necks, and usually it just needs to be slipped off and is fine. I immediately got a shot of pit, and delivered a huge, fused placenta. The MWs left methergine for me as well, but needed it on day 3 when I dropped a clot from too much activity. And though all this may sound scary, it felt really peaceful and normal, and the birth was really gentle. And being Baby B, Sierra got to have the benefit of a longer cord pulse. She is one healthy, happy baby today!