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Yesterday DS1, who is four, said, "Santa is dead."

DH isn't that mad, he'll get over it. But now all of a sudden he's changed his mind about my honesty-stance when it comes to Santa. I have always told the boys that Santa lives in heaven and he doesn't bring presents anymore, mommies and daddies do that-- but it's fun to pretend Santa does. And we do pretend, we say "these are from Santa and those are from mom and dad" and that kind of thing. So yesterday when DS1 asked if "those presents were from Santa", and I said no, those are from mommy and daddy, Santa will bring his stuff when it's Christmas. And that's when he said, "Santa is dead, mom."

I think he was reminding me just in case I had forgotten; just in case I was thinking that Santa was REALLY bringing presents on Christmas Eve. 'Cause then I might drop the ball and he wouldn't get anything! Yikes! Mom, don't forget Santa is actually dead and YOU have to fill my stocking!

I thought it was awesome and hilarious although I managed to keep a straight face. DH, however, was not so much amused as horrified. Apparently, now he thinks I'm a magic-destroying, party-pooping, Scrooge of a mom.

By the way, DS1 went on to say that he thinks Santa is actually invisible (i.e. like a ghost) and still lives at the North Pole. I said, "Maybe-- that would be cool, huh?" So you see, I am not in fact a totally imagination-killing mother. So there.