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Samuel Joseph came early!!!

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Our first experience at birth was exciting! Sammy J was born on Tues Dec 9th at 3:45 pm at exactly 37 wks. Hospital transfer from the birth center. I am finally back home with baby boy after quite a ride.
Long labor story below:

I saw the MW at noon on Monday for a prenatal visit and she said the baby was head down and low and to make sure and have our bag packed and car seat in by Wed. I told her it was full moon that night and does that have any bearing on labors. She said no, it didn't. Oh yeah?
It all began around 3pm Monday lots of bathroom visits and not feeling so hot. I laid on couch until I had to get up because our church community group was coming over that night. So I threw in premade cookie dough for snack, tried to get kids after school routine done, called hubby for McDonalds dinner run and went up to bed while our small group met downstairs starting at 6:30 pm. I just told DH I didn't feel well, so he didn't know I was having a few contractions. About 8 pm I realized I was definitely having contractions. Never did lose my mucus plug that I was aware. I called doula at 8:30 and she was teaching a birth class so I heard back from her around 9pm and I said just a heads up, I may be in labor so get some sleep now. About 9:30 things kicked up a notch and I could't lie down to go to sleep, dh asked if i should watch a movie w/ him and I looked at him like he was crazy. I went downstairs for awhile and couldn't find any position of comfort, constant contractions but short. DH timed and they were 40 sec 3 min apart so I got back in tub where it was the only place I could stand the pain. I told him to call the doula after 40 mins in the tub in tears, it was close to midnight and she said call the MW after hearing me on speaker phone. Paged MW, who told DH to hustle me there as we may not make it. THat snapped DH into reality, he had gone off all the classes where our instructor told us first stage of labor takes a LONG time. We had to call my mom who lives 45 mins away on a fast day. She hightailed it over and we met the mw at the birth center shortly after 1 am. I was dilated to a 7 and she felt my placenta low down and I began to bleed some. She warned me I would have more blood than usual. I barely remember the timeline from then on. I stripped, got in the birthtub. Labored for awhile there and they called my mom and kids and said come now. That was about 2am. Went to a 9 and said I could bear down if I wanted. I started extreme contractions where I projectile vomited every time I got up to move and that was strong enough vomiting to break my water. They checked me again and his head was caught on the lip on my cervix. That's when it got rocky. They tried to move the lip out manually while I pushed and I began getting extreme back pain. I pushed for 3 more hours and continued to vomit in extreme pain. I felt like I wanted to die from the pain. I begged for drugs. Finally I said I wanted to kill myself and that he WAS stuck. The MW clued in and called the hospital to prepare for me to trsfr. My doula tried to talk me out of it and said I could do it if I wanted but here are all the risks, blah blah blah. I tried again for a few more agonizing pushes with their fingers in me. Then I stood up from the birth stool and said ENOUGH! We drove to the hospital 3 mins away and I straggled in on the back of my doula, going to my knees in the hospital room. All I could say was "Epidural, Back, Epidural, Back" over and over. Thank God for our wonderful hospital! The were awesome. They had a team of nurses, the on call dr and the anesthesia guy all ready to go. They hooked me up, took vitals, checked me, all while I was writhing in pain and trying not to die. The epidural finally took effect and they had to redo it to get my back pain taken care of but they were so great. I told the anesthesia guy that I loved him and he said this is why he chose his career. i checked in around 10 AM. Once my pain subsided and I could relax, I fully dilated. A csection trsfr from my same birthcenter/midwife came in just after me and the on call had to run up and do a csection. In the meantime they worked with me on getting the contractions going again with pitocin very slowly. I finally was able to feel some and they checked on our boy. His vitals stayed incredibly stable the whole time. The ob realized with my bone structure our guy was truly going to need some help so we decided I would push with vacuum extraction and so ea time I felt a contract I would push like crazy. THey said I could try a few more times and then we would have to talk c section. I was determined and gathered all my strength and pushed him out in 5 pushes. I tore front to back and started hemmoraghing. all that didn't matter to me as I finally held our little boy in my arms and admired all of him, while he happily peed on me. What a doll!!!! Ended up I lost tremendous amt of blood from placenta so low and exhausted uterus. i stayed two days and rcvd a blood transfusion but I have to say I am happy as a clam. I had my natural birth experience until we absolutely needed intervention. My doula, the mw, two assist mws all cheered me on in the pushing along with my dh and mom. The hospital staff was brilliant and kind. DS had apgars of 8 and 9. He is a great nurser and I'm in love. Pictures later.
Sorry for the long story but I want to get it all down while still fresh.
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Congratulations! : I'm sorry you had to transfer. Welcome to the world, Samuel!
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Congratulations and welcome to your little boy!! :
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What a story! I'm glad things worked out in the end and that you are happy. Welcome to the world baby!
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Congrats! He and you are safe and sound and that's all that matters! Best wishes for a quick recovery!
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Aww...you went early, while most first time moms go 41+ weeks!!! LOL So you're due after me!

Glad everything worked out in the end. Sorry about the tear, my SIL had a really bad one too with her vacuum baby (it's typical that they do a large episiotomy with it).

Rest up, recover and enjoy your babymoon!!!
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Glad your babe is here! Congrats! :
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wow, what a story! you are one strong mama. congratulations!!
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Welcome to the world Samuel Joseph!!!!

Congrats and quick healing mama!
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Congratulations! What a story, glad you are both ok
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Congratulations! Glad everyone is safe and sound.
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