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Headaches, anyone?

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I'm now nearly 21 months PP with no AF. But there have been some recent developments...DS has completely nightweaned for about 3 weeks now and has slowed down slightly during the day. Starting last week, I've been feeling some symptoms of returning fertility such as (sorry in advance for TMI):
dull crampiness
sore nipples when DS nurses
increased CM including 3 days of EWCM!
All of these leave me hopeful that AF is on her way. But I've also had headaches everyday all week which confuse me (I've read that most women experience headaches when estrogen is at a low and I'm hoping that my estrogen levels are on the way up).

So ladies, do you think that these symptoms sound like AF might return soon, and specifically, did any of you experience headaches at this time too???

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Sounds like something is happening. It could also be your hormones changing because of the weening. I got af back at 3 months (even though I bf for 2 yrs), so my body was still recovering from birth. I didn't then, but I do get headaches right before af, so that might be it. A lot of women get pregnant before their period comes bc they ovulate before bleeding, so if you don't want another so soon, I would use bc.
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