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high blood pressure

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Anyone else's blood pressure creeping up? Mine has been up at the last 3 visits, and 2 of those I've had a trace reading of protein in my urine. I've had some episodes of not feeling at all "well" and now I'm getting a bit worried about that.

Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat or has been there. I had high blood pressure in the end with my 1st, but no protein spillage. No problems with 2 & 3. But I'm older now, 35, and I've worried about every little thing with this pg .
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I hope it stays down low enough that they don't get too excited about doing an induction. Make sure to get in plenty of fluids and take it easy!
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Originally Posted by mclisa View Post
I hope it stays down low enough that they don't get too excited about doing an induction. Make sure to get in plenty of fluids and take it easy!
I second that!
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I posted some info from Susan Weed's Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year about PIH and pre-e here.

So far my blood pressure is great but, I do have a bit of swelling. The swelling is staying minor and I am utilizing most of the suggestions I posted plus lots of positive thoughts
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My blood pressure isn't 'high' but it is higher than pre pregnancy.

As far as the trace protein, my ob said that it's perfectly normal at this stage of pregnancy to have trace amounts in the urine.
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A little creeping of your blood pressure is pretty normal. If it is already 20pts over your pre-pregnancy numbers, you may want to start taking it easier, spending more time on your left side, watching your swelling, getting adequate protein, adequate calcium/magnesium, etc. You can look to the pre-e related info like that posted here too. Once it is 140/90 or 30pts over your baseline, there is concern that baby isn't getting proper circulation.

A little trace protein is also normal. Once you go over that, with creeping bp, and especially if you have swelling, you may want to watch your labs just to be safe!

Mine is creeping too, but manageable. I have a history of pre-e and pih though.

If you do feel really sick, have epigastric pain or an unusual pain in your right shoulder, have it checked out though!

GOod luck!

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I just called my Mom (OB nurse) yesterday b/c I was having a freak-out about this! My bp's only in the 110s, but I have had 3 trace protein readings throughout my pregnancy, one at my last (38 wk) appt.

Then the dreaded swelling began. . .last time it actually started earlier in my pg. but I didn't know enough to let it worry me. My legs and feet are horribly swollen, and when I first wake up my hands are puffy, particularly the side I've been lying down on.

She said to calm down and take a deep breath--I guess at the hospital they don't really freak out unless the BOTTOM number is above 90. . .she said the trace protein was normal for being this far along and to drink tons of water, eat more protein and drink my pregnancy tea, with extra nettles for the swelling. To be honest, I've been really lax about all 3 of these lately so maybe I just need to take better care of myself.

Oh, and she said it's really the swelling ABOVE the waist that is concerning--particularly face and eyes, that really indicates PreE, not necessarily feet and legs. Even with my pretty severe pitting edema in my feet--

then she pointed out that perhaps my huge, ginormous and disgusting varicose veins that stretch from vagina to ankle were the cause of my extreme lower bottom swelling. Duh. Yeah, and she lectured me to wear my support hose (which I refuse to do b/c they don't fit and I HATE THEM!!!)
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I am also drinking dandelion root tea to keep me from getting pre-e this time. It cleanses your liver, which helps keep your BP down.
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