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December 2ww!!

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Well, it's officially Dec. so I thought I would start a new thread!

I am 8dpo and don't plan on testing till the 12th, when I know AF is truely late(she's fooled me in the past).

Hang in there everyone we will see our BFP's soon!!!
s to all those AF has found. And s to all those who are late and having confusing cycles, I hope it all gets cleared up soon.
To everyone still waiting and waiting...
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In that, case, I'll copy my post from Nov 2-ww:

Hi all.

sorry about AF, Amy. Good news about the cruise, though!

I'm trying to remain optimistic, telling myself that maybe December will be the optimal time to conceive. CD 25, 9 DPO. Temp scarily low today (above coverline, but just), so there is the possiblity that I will have a short LP this cycle, and will be doing lots of BDing while on vacation (Dec 6-21)...

I'm not proclaiming to be totally out, just trying to look on the bright side if this is indeed a sign that AF is on her way...

Congrats on waiting, Shannon - soon, soon!!

So, our 3 BFPs - will it be today? !
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Oops double post!
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OH MY GOD! I got a BFP this morning! I went to take my temp to start my new cycle and it was way up. Plus my "period" has been pretty light, enough so I thought it was really weird. I decided to POAS and low and behold a BFP! Now I need some prayers for a I am so happy yet so scared because I am bleeding. Not too sure whether I should celebrate yet or not.

Please send me your prayers ladies!


P.S. Also posted in December pre-O. Need lots of prayers!
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CHERYL!!!!!WOOHOOO!!!! All my super sticky positive healthy vibes are heading your way!!!!!! That is cool!

I am currently 8dpo.....
af is supposedly going to show up on Sunday. I have had weird cramp type things for the past couple of days. Of course it could have been gas, given the serious food orgy we had the last few days.:LOL And other than that, no symptoms....which I guess it good cause it is too early to have anything really!

Much and
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That is super exciting, Cheryl!!!!! I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you.

I'm towards the end of my 2ww and will most likely see AF tomorrow, if not tonight. The cramps I've been having are definitely AF related.

This was a hard month because I know we timed the BD right, I'm definitely ovulating, and we just got lab results stating my dh's sperm is very healthy. So I'm wondering what to do next. Anybody ever tried Robitussen for increasing fertile cf?

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Hi - I'm just checking in from pg boards (I'm always hoping for good news for those ttc), and wanted to say - Yeah, Naturegirl!!! I am sending positive thoughts your way. I too had bleeding last month for a couple of days, but the bleeding stopped and I got a BFP a couple of days later. So here's to a healthy happy nine months for you

Notyetamomma: Hope stays away! I'm sorry I have no idea about Robitussen - hope someone else has some info for you!

Adina and Heveasoul - Good luck this 2ww - sending your way!
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yippee, Naturegirl!!!!! (that's sparkiling cider )

I had a feeling about this...

Hoping the light bleeding goes away asap and that you have a happy and healthy 9mw!
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I posted over on the pre-O thread, but I'd like to join the party here, too...YAY Cheryl!!!


You have my prayers for a long and healthy pregnancy!

Thanks, Michelle - here's hoping!! No signs of AF, other than my low temp this morning...maybe an implantation dip... ?!

Ellen, hope she stays away! for you!
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CHERYL!!! Congratulations!!!

I think it's a great sign that your temps went up! I have heard of lots of people who had some bleeding early in pg, but it all turned out with a baby. I will be sending lots of sticky thoughts your way. Please keep us informed of your progress!!

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OMG! CHERYL!!!!!!! Congratulations! I came here to lurk and check in on you guys and now you have me crying Sending you lots of lovely sticky baby vibes

and for everyone else

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wow, i am completely floored! yippeee!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy for you cheryl!
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I'm sneaking in here, nobody pay attention to me!

Congratulations Cheryl!

I'm not sure if I am pg or not. If I am it implanted on Tuesday. I am expecting AF on the 5th. I have some tests coming in the mail and they will probably be here Friday or Saturday. I'm determined not to buy any more tests so I can check early. I don't really *feel* pg but I did have a good cry this afternoon so maybe I am.
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Wow thanks everyone. I am really trying to not get too excited yet as I am still bleeding. More than spotting, less than full period. : I am going to wait until this stops and then test again to see if he/she made it through the storm. (fingers crossed)

I have a feeling this might be another early m/c for me but I haven't given up hope yet. My mom said that she had quite a lot of bleeding when she was pg. with me, so there is still hope.

to Trish! Good luck holding out for the tests!

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Oh Cheryl....my fingers are crossed!!

As for me,

I am currently trying to stay as positive as possible!

I can and will be pregnant!!!!

I can and will have a baby!!!!

(repeat ad nauseum....)

Boy, I want to be pregnant. Really really really want it this time. ANd I have thought I was pregnant before and had it turn out I wasn't. I was doing so well at not obsessing....and now I am sort of feeling it.

Could be because one of my best friends got what sounds like a positive test this morning. She was here over turkey day and she was smoking, drinking and drinking diet pepsi like it was going out of style. Her dh was smoking like a chimney too. grrrrr......

Anyway, I just needed to get this out I think. I can and will be pregnant, I can and will have a baby....I can and will be pregnant, I can and will have a baby....I can!!!
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Wow Congratulations Cheryl!!
Wishing you a sticky sticky baby and happy health 9 months and beyond.

Heveasoul~ keeping fingers crossed it is an implantation dip.

Adina~ I really really want you to be pregnant too, Adina can and will have a baby very soon!

To everyone...
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If I can do it you can do it Adina! Hope we can spend the next 9 months talking about morning sickness, sore boobs, stretchmarks and big bellies! I'll be praying for you between my own prayers to keep this one

Heveasoul! I send you some while I still got some! Hope I will continue to have lots around for the next 9 months!

BTW, I had a huge, below coverline, dip about 4 or 5 days ago. Heck it ain't over even when shows in my case...

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So my friend just emailed me a picture of her test....and though faint, it is positive. There is a line there. So it looks like she is preggo....this being her third month of trying.

I am trying to come to terms with this...and not doing so well. I knew she would get pregnant before me....and I am very unhappy that I was right.

I am also trying to know that just because she is pregnant, doesn't mean I can't still be. For some reason I have this block...if someone else gets preggo, then there isn't enough to go around or some dumb crap like that. grrrr....

I think I am going to go upstairs and have a good solid cry...and then I should feel better.

I HATE that I can't feel happy for my friend right now....I hate that this has taken so long, that I don't know if I am going to be pregnant any time soon. I hate that I am this bitter about her being pregnant!

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Oh Adina, I'm sorry. I've never really "talked" to you before but I know that you have been trying for a while. I have been wanting to try for a while but dh hasn't. The only reason I am here right now is that I might have miscaculated my cycle. Anyhow last month one friend and one family member found out they were pg and I was insanely jealous. They both had miscarriages and I felt so awful for being jealous about them being pg when I wasn't. Anyhow I really hope this is your month honey.
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