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December 2ww!! - Page 6

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Congrats to those that got ++++

((HUGS)) to those that Af came to visit to her

Adina, hang in there and +++ thoughts!!!

3 dpo here, it's a long wait at this point ho hum.
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Congratulations Trish!!!

Congratulations Ellen!!!

wow december is off to a GREAT start!!!

kristie and letia,
so sorry found you after all that hope i sure hope your cycle regulates itself real quickly kristie! i sure don't want to wait all this time for the witch to return just to have to wait another 6 months for her to shape up

what's going on with you? any news?

thanks for the tip on the closed cervix. that will hopefully help give me some restraint when i'm convincing myself my BFN's were false :LOL

well, i guess i'm 'officially' back in the 2ww because FF finally decided the original O date was wrong :LOL and gave me another. i don't have much hope this is right either though because i temped really late these past 2 days so i won't be surprised if it goes back tomorrow or something. but the other signs match up a lot better with this date and i've had some pretty strong cramps lately so who knows? she does have to return at some point right???
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so sorry, Kristie . But awesome that you have a clear indication of what your body is up to! Best of luck this new cycle! !

Congratulations, Ellen, that's fantastic!

Alexis - any news?!

C'mon, weekend BFPs (mine included )!!!

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Congrats Ellen!!! Glad to know that there is another woman who is cramping like I am and had a BFP!!!! Woohoo!! Congrats!

AmyD - I know how you feel, there is alwasy someone that I am totally following!!! And it feels very odd to be that into some body else's cm, and cervix and how often they have sex! :LOL

Well the temp went down this morning, but dh stole the covers and it was about 18 degrees here last night and cold in the house!! So, I am not sure how worried I am about that. I woke up this morning feeling that I was pregnant. And the cramps have calmed down a lot. LAst night they were really going and I thought I was going to wake up to af...but nope.

So I am still here and waiting! Keeping as positive as possible!!!!! If I make it to Monday, I will probably test. Af is due on sunday....just two more days! eek!
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I happened to check in here b/c I saw Adina post, and I thought she was telling us she got a .

I'm over at pre-O, Jessica, so I didn't see your post! Thanks!

Weeeeeeeeeeell....looks like someone has got to change their username!

glad I'm not the only one hanging out at 2ww, ADVENTURE! *following back to pre-O*

I saw Kristie joined us this am....

Well, back to planning bding marathon strategy! Enjoy your rest! :
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I got a call from my naturopath this am. HCG levels are great! This baby is so far! Going in tomorrow afternoon to see if it doubled.

I am starting to let it sink in that this is for real!

Congrats to Trish and Ellen!

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Just wanted to send hugs to the ones that af found

congrats to the ones that finally got a BFP!

and lots of to all those waiting.

Love, Brandi
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Yeah Cheryl!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great news, Cheryl. Congratulations Don't be a hostage to fear during this pregnancy. Enjoy it!

OK! *now going to pre-O....quiet, guess not as much obsessing and bding.
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Yay Cheryl!!!! I told you it must be getting to be our turn! I am so very happy that you got your BFP!!!!!!Woohoo!!!! Hopefully I will be right behind you.

Letia - no alas, not yet. Give me time though and I will post a BFP!! But not till next week! For now it is just me talking about my temps going up and down and my cervix! :LOL
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Tested this morning -- BFN. I have absolutely no idea what the heck is going on! I am *so glad* though, that I didn't test yesterday -- it totally would have spoiled my birthday!

(But it was a fabulous day! I was so pampered all day long -- the facial appointment my dh gave me was so relaxing and nice; my skin is really glowing today! And we had the best dinner -- went to a very hip Japanese Franch fusion place and had the yummiest meals! We didn't even want dessert because we had good tastes in our mouths! Later, though, we went to our neighbors' for chocolate mouse cake )

Anyway, I got TCoYF at the library yesterday (and a digital thermometer -- so I can start temping, just as soon as I figure out how the memory function works!) -- anyway, I went immediately to the "post birth control" parts, and I have to say I am still darn confused! It's mostly the same as what I've been reading on line -- can cause annuovulatory (sp?) cycles, but one typically bleeds anyway -- it isn't really a period, but post-estrogen drop or something, but seems like a regular AF. And the books says mid-cycle bleeding is also very common. Nothing about having no bleeding at all -- in fact, just the opposite!

Anyway, I'm totally perplexed. I have no idea what is happening... I *feel* pregnant, and I would like to think my intuition counted for something... but who knows!

Oh, and I have weird hip pain again (it's happened a few times in this cycle). Feels like my hips are bruised! (But more on the right side). The first time, I thought it was from dancing, but I haven't even done yoga in a few days (need to, though -- I'll probably do some this afternoon!)

Anyway, enough about me! I am so still obsessing and I wish I weren't...

Kristie Now that my two "weird cycle" buddies are both out of it, I am feeling even more frustrated! So sorry AF found you!

Congrats Ellen!!!! And Cheryl, I'm glad everything is going great!

Oh, I so need to get my head back in the obnoxiously positive game...
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sorry about the BFN, alexis. . I really hope you see a BFP soon! Glad to hear you waited till after your b'day - sounds lovely! and Happy Birthday!

Great news, Cheryl!

+ vibes to Adina!

Welcome, Arduinna!

No news here...reeeeeally don't have time to be checking/posting here right now...but I couldn't resist checking in!

Is it Saturday FMU time yet...?! hmmm...okay then...back to work for me...!!
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Hi all . It's been a while since I've been able to get on Mothering, so I thought I'd wave and say that I am here with you in the "waiting zone" even though I haven't been able to hang with you.

I am pretty sure I am not pregnant . My experience has been totally different than last month when I think I had that early miscarriage. Plus, our inseminations ended up mis-timed, as my cycle had been weird and we weren't able to do the last insem we had planned. The last insem before I ovulated was probably at least 5 days too early. I'm sad about this but I'm trying to keep in mind that it would have been bad timing this month anyway (my work schedule gets crazy right around the time we would have been due).

Next month it looks like we are going to take a break due to the holidays and the feeling that our donor's life has been crazy and he could use the break. Our donor and his partner seemed relieved about the break, which is a good sign we've made the right decision. My hope is that I will stay busy enough this month that I wont have time to be bummed that I wont get to try until January.

I guess there is always the chance that we could end up with the surprise BFP this month too, though I would be in trouble if we did :. I've been so convinced I'm not pregnant that I've been pretty relaxed about my blood sugar control and stuff this month. I just can't seem to stay motivated without feeling like I even have a chance. Yikes!

I am sending BFP vibes to all who are waiting...

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Sierra! I was just thinking about you! I am sorry you aren't feeling hopeful, but glad that you seem to be pretty okay with it. I hope that you get a surprise BFP though!!!!
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Oh cool! Congratulations Ellen!!!!

OK, my pregnant friend has given me her hpt(she doesn't need it), and going against the rules I have set for myself I plan to test Sun morning!!
Sunday will be 14dpo, the test she had was an Answer Early Result test so keep your fingers crossed for me.
Only things that will keep me from testing are lower temps or AF.
At the moment I feel very positive and upbeat.
Temp went down some today so we will wait and see.
I'm so excited.Jodie's Chart

Can't wait to see everyone's BFP's!!
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Jodie, well your BD was certainly well timed...you did what I wish we could have done with our insems this month. I'm hoping for you.

AdinaL, I was thinking of you too and was happy to read posts from you when I logged on. I am really praying for a BFP for you!

My very best to all,
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Good luck Jodie!!! Sunday will be 14dpo for me too. I am going to hold out till at least Monday I think.....

I hope you get a big ol fat POSITIVE!!!!

Good luck.
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Can you tell I have nothing better to do today....I just keep posting and posting and posting....

oy...i need a life.
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Congratulations Ellen!!!!
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Congrats Ellen, Great news Cheryl!!!!!!!!!
Sunday is 14 dpo for me too, I luckily am never late and have a pretty perfect 27 or 28 day cycle, so I'm now sitting on pins and needles, will test sunday morning if no AF.
Hevasoul I will be checking first thing tomorrow morning to see your BFP!! What time do you get up to pee???
Sorry Kristy, but I know what you mean about being down and coming on line to find someone has been thinking about you, it makes such a difference
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