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Congrats to those who have gotten their BFP's this month, especially those who have been waiting for so long. Naturegirl, I'm sending you really sticky vibes.

Adina, this is killing me. I can't stand the waiting to see if you are pregnant. I'm guessing it is much worse for you. I almost hate to tell you this in case AF shows up soon, but the cramps and gas were my first symptoms with all three of my pregnancies. With this pregnancy the week before I got a positive test I had awful gas. Some of it was that awful bloating gas that never seems to want to come out. I didn't ever connect it with the possiblity that it could be an early pregnancy symptom.

After I got my positive test I dug out my pregnancy journal I kept with #2 and sure enough I wrote in there about the awful gas I was having very early on.

I guess I'd say that gas can be an early pregnancy symptom, at least it has been for me.

Also, to those with the very BFPs and cramping, it is so totally normal. It is just he uterus begining to stretch and do it's job. From what I understand, it isn't related to implantation, but just the uterus getting ready to do it's upcoming job. Those early cramps usually last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, then they fade.

Naturegirl, I had a friend who had just weaned her ds and wanted to go on the pill,so when she thought her period started, she began taking the pill. The period was pretty light, though normal length. She was suspicious and took a pregnancy test and sure enough, she was pregnant.
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Jish!!! I just tried to PM you to see how you and the little one you are expecting are doing...but your PM box was full woman!

I was also going to ask you if we could make the "Please share your chart here, thread #2" a sticky, so we don't have to keep hunting for it!!

Thanks for the support. I am hoping. My cramps went pretty much all the way away today...I am hoping that my temp will go up nicely tomorrow. And the gas was so bad and it HURT this morning, enough to wake me up!!! SO keep thinking of me and praying for me! I have two more days to go before I can test! And hopefully I will get a nice big fat positive!

Thanks for stopping by!! Drop some baby dust the next time you come by!
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CD 30, 14 DPO, BFN this morning.

I woke up at 3:45, having to pee...so first I took my temp, and it was just above the coverline, so I decided to test. Went back to bed, had a hard time falling asleep, but finally did, then when I woke up at my usual time, the temp had gone below the coverline...! So, I've decided to throw out today's temp, but I'm afraid AF may be on her way...

I know, I know, the fat lady ain't singing yet, so....hopefully she'll stay away so I can test on Tuesday.

I guess I have to pack my period schtuff for my vacation...

Unless I go to a Kinko's next week (while mdc is still up), I may not be back until Dec 22...!! I'll miss you guys!

to everyone testing this weekend, and to those who have a bit more waiting yet...!!

Welcome back Sierra - I've been thinking about you! hang in there, hope you still caught that egg, and if not, enjoy the break, and it'll happen in January!!!

I want to come back and read about Adina'S BFP, and Shannon's, and Jodie's, and Alexis' - uh oh, hope I haven't forgotten anyone...! Gotta go pack and catch a flight!
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i was so hoping to hear about a BFP from you this morning....:LOL

more later, dd needs me!
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ahhhh, sorry Hevasoul, if it's any consolation, last time I didn't test positive until I was 3 days late (I think) I tested yesterday and of course it was neg, so I did convince myself to hold out until tomorrow which is when AF is due. Suddenly I'm not all that confident though, which I suppose is just as well, a baby due in August isn't so great, it's my busiest month, September is better (I obviously miscalculated when I thought this cycle would give me a september baby!) Not to mention I don't want to be too huge for my wedding beginning of June!!
Who else is testing today or tomorrow--Hevasoul will know but I don't know if she'll be back before she goes!!
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Well, jessviola and heveasoul....I too would love to read about my BFP....but it isn't going to happen this month. Af showed up this morning....bright red and a day early! So I am out. Again.

For myself, there is not much obnoxiously positive in me today. For you guys - well it seems I am destined to watch everyone graduate!! So I have complete faith that all of you will get your BFPs very soon!

Good luck to everyone left!!!

edited to add a vent, cause I know you all will understand!

So I have never had a dream really about having a baby. Not that I can remember anyway. So last night, I have a dream that I am carrying my baby around the theatre building on campus and showing him(?) off. And I sit down to talk to friend with him on my lap. And he gets fussy so I pull up my shirt and start to nurse.....I was wearing a black shirt. It was very vivid, I could feel him nurse!! And I have never felt that! I have no idea what that feels like I mean come on! And then my period shows? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT????!!! Anyway, I was totally surprised when I went to the bathroom and had showed. Grrrr.....
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So sorry Adina...I had those dreams before I was ever pregnant, and I was dreaming about my actual children. Your son was saying hi !!

It will happen...I thikn your dream was a way of saying to hang in there...your baby is thinking of you too!!

I had a dream last night that I was chickening out in the middle of childbirth...weird!

to you....

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Adina, I am so sorry. Be good to yourself today. IMO, the dream was your baby talking to you and saying "please be patient with me. I will be worth the wait!"

I'm buried in snow here! But we are getting so much done today. 2 soups, rearranging the living room (I LOVE doing that!!!)Christmas decorating, playing in the snow and chocolate chip cookies!!! Soon to be here with you all.

Good luck to everyone still waiting to test!
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Adina -

I am so sorry, hon. I don't think you are destined to watch everyone graduate...your baby is just taking their time.
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So sorry AF found you! And early, too, geez...What a brat she is! I think your dream was a nice one -- and I agree that maybe it is your baby saying "hang in there, I'm coming." (The traditional interpretation of baby dreams is that they signify creativity and your dreams coming to fruition.)

Heveasoul -- hope you're still in the game when you get back!

No Af here... feeling way more obnoxiously positive today! (The veins in my breasts/ stomach are just SO intense! Not all the time, but after baths, at night, etc... It is really crazy looking:LOL)
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Adina~ I'm so sorry showed her ugly face. That dream you had sure does sound nice though.

Heveasoul~ hope you have a good vacation and AF stays away for awhile.

I'm waiting to test. No signs of AF yet, but we all know how she can sneak up on us. Tomorrow morning we shall see!
Jodie's chart

to everyone AF has found and
to those still waiting!!
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Adina I am so sorry

Hang in there. I will be praying for a good, fertile cycle for you this month.

I went in for my day two of my HCG levels. Now I just need to wait and see. It was also a good thing I had my Prog. tested because it was still low despite the oral prog. and prog. cream I had been using. We doubled the dose and went to vaginal suppositories. Hope that does the trick. I really wish this spotting/bleeding would stop already. It's been A WEEK! :

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Oh Adina,

I'm so sorry Please be gentle w/yourself today. IRL, a friend of mine who didn't know we were TTC, had a dream that I was pregnant, the night before AF came. I also take that as a good sign

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Adina, I'm so sorry.

It just makes me sick to hear that AF showed again. I was really hoping that this was your month. I know it doesn't make anything better, but lately I've been hearing a lot of stories about and from women for whom it has taken anywhere from a year to five years or more to conceive, but they all did, and did so naturally. I don't know why some people have to wait so long, yet others (like me -- talk about guilt) decide to conceive and get pregnant right away. It just isn't fair. I would have gladly waited months to conceive if it would have meant that you would be pregnant now. It shouldn't be this hard.

Now, on a sort of sad note. I'm giving up modding the Fertility boards and Missgrl will be taking over shortly. I have an incredibly slow dialup, and since my ds1 started school I have only about an hour and fifteen minutes in the afternoon to be online and it is the busiest time of the day which means that it takes forever for me to do anything. That's why I haven't been posting lately. That's also why the prayer list hasn't been updated for months. Trying to edit literally takes me from 5 to 10 minutes just to wait for all the pages to load to do it. And that is if I don't get logged off waiting.: My sincere apologies for that. I'm hoping that Missgrl will take it over with her super speedy cable modem (I'm so jealous.)

It was a really hard decision to give up this board since I truly love it, and I have been wrestling with it for a couple months. I just don't feel like I am doing justice to my boards, when I can't even post. Plus, with adding another member to my family in three months, I have no idea what that will do to my free time. I decided to keep the PPD and LWAB boards since by March I will likely have both.:LOL It was a really hard decision to give this board up. I will be checking in on the 2ww frequently with the highest of hopes that within a year I'll see you all on the LWAB board.

Know that everyday I am spreading my dust around all of you.
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sorry you're not too hopeful this month. i hope you end up with a nice surprise


you're chart is looking great!!! i hope you get that BFP tomorrow morning! you better post nice and early!!! :LOL

sorry about the BFN this morning. how can you go away at a time like this?!?! don't you know we'll all just wither away not knowing whether you're or not? :LOL have fun on vacation! i hope all that rotten period stuff comes back unused!

i can't believe i'm so upset about someone else's and about the dream, i had a bunch of vivid homebirth/first day with baby dreams back around september i believe. it's amazing how crushing it is to wake up and realize i'm not even pregnant. and on the other hand, i remember that as soon as i started picturing a family with dh, i got pregnant with dd so i'm hoping it's a good sign for you. and FWIW, i always dreamed of a daughter and always *knew somehow on a subconscious level that my first baby would be a girl. although when i was pregnant, i was paranoid that she was a boy and a little worried because i was so attached to the idea that she was a girl. i mean, i grew up knowing she would be a girl. it's weird.....and now to show how pathetic i've gotten, i've started having dreams that has finally arrived for me. what the heck is that? i'd rather be dreaming about my next baby! and i definately hear you about thinking everyone will 'graduate' before you, but i think i'm going to post a separate thread about that because i have a lot to get out.


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we'll miss you as moderator here! i hope you stop by frequently to update us all especially since it sounds like once the boards get back up, they'll be faster!
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Jish! Thank you so much!! You have always been so sweet to me! YOu must keep in touch!!! I will miss you around here. I will pick up and keep the prayer list going...I already did one update! :LOL

Have that baby and spend your time on that!! We will catch up to you soon!

Much love and to all left on the wait.
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Well looks like I'm out, started spotting tonight--right on time, AF is due tomorrow morning I was soo positive at the beginning of this 2ww, I was JUST SURE!! but for the last week, I've kindof been sure I'm not and now I suppose I have the answer I'm so sad right now, I don't know why this has got me down so badly but I just feel like giving up right now.
Adina, so sorry for you too, guess I'll see you back over in pre-O
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s Shannon! I will see you in Pre O....we can get in on the BD fest planning they have over there!! :LOL They all have little game plans laid out! (no pun intended!)
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Shannon ~ This cycle will be the one.

Here is a bunch of baby dust to everyone who is waiting for their BFP!(Be they pre-O or 2ww)

I have so much to give because this morning I took a test and

it was................!!!

Please send me sticky baby vibes! This is the earliest I've ever tested so the line was not as dark as the control. But this ain't no faint positive, definently a line!!

Merry Christmas!!
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