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Alexis, no AF for me either... although I am Cd 29 and having lots of cramps.. and have for an entire *week* now! I don't get it. HPT on Sat night (11 DPO with FRER) was negative. If I started implanting on Monday (when i had very light brown spotting and have been cramping ever since).... it should be + by now, right??? Anybody, please? Sorry, I'm obsessing just a little bit..

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Mel -- so, OK, let me make sure my math is straight. You had spotting on monday, which was 6dpo? (Math's not my strong suit :LOL)

Seems rather early to me for implantation, after all the reading I've been doing... but maybe. In that case, I'd think yeah, you should be swimming in hormones by now :LOL

Anyway, I wonder if it was the corpus leutium (sp?) that caused the spotting... but doesn't that happen closer to ovulation? Better to think of it as something else, maybe, rather than implantation spotting. Maybe someone else here knows better than I.

Anyway, for lots of people, 11 dpo is still too early to test. (I tested that day, too. BFN, natch...)

The cramping seems to be a common pregnancy (or psychosomatic-induced) symptom. So, no worries there

Anyway, hang in there! It's really no fun at all waiting it out, but it seems to be the only answer, unless you are one of those rare women who test + early.

At least we have the company of other crazed 2wwers here! It reallyhas helped me get a grip. Though I'm thinking of starting a new thread: indefinite wait... :LOL

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Congrats to the newly preggo!

I am wiped out by an out of town weekend and in town in-laws. Fortunately I O'd before it all happened and our coverage was decent.

I am in the thumb twiddling stage (CD 21) where after 12 cycles trying I know not to even think about thinking about anything. It helps that I am more busy than usual.
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How's everyone doing? Anyone testing soon, retesting soon? etc.

Well, my chart is looking GREAT!!! I'm only 3 dpo, but each day is above the coverline! (Just trying out that obnoxiously positive attitude, hoping it works :LOL )

That's all the posting time dd allows, so gotta go! Good luck everyone!
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Hi Coleslaw, sounds like a great start to the 9mw to me

I'm continuing in my weepy pattern -- but today, there's a bit of a difference, since I am upset over our apartment building being broken into Yeah, the night before last someone got into our building, and broke locks off of a lot of people's basement storage areas (sa). Ours was broken into, too

We're one of the few tenants who doesn't store much in their sa, but we kept our wine in there. (DH is very into good wine). Anyway, wouldn't you know it, our thief apparently also likes old French vintages, and we were cleaned out completely

(Needless to say, they took every single bottle of alcohol we had, including tequila, schnaps, and all that expensive wine my poor dh schleped on his back through France when we were there in the early 90s -- and that wine was just starting to become drinkable! Another five years and it would have been heavenly.)

So, we lost @ $600-800 US in wine. Nothing else of worth was taken, from anyone else's sa. The box containing all my old journals was opened, and that freaks me out on a psychological level, too. Just imagining anyone reading those...<shudder>

Anyway, my poor dh is distraught. Thanks for letting me ramble about this -- we probably won't tell most of our family/friends, since we don't want to worry anyone.

And like I said to Mike last night, the important thing is we are both OK and our doggie is OK, too. That's the blessing.

No AF. I don't know what to think anymore. I'll probably test again in another week. Or maybe not.
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alexisyael...I am so sorry that your sa was broken into. I am glad that you all are physically ok though...your right, that is a blessing...now if they could just catch who did it.
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Thanks Laura
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alexisyael Your welcome...now, wouldn't it be a wonderful time to be cheered up by two lines on that stick!!! Good Luck with your test!
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I am SO excited to join you all, my very first 2ww!!!!

Nice to meet you all!!
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Well I'm out. I wish many BFPs to all of you waiting.

I'm off to go endure? enjoy? feel neutral about? my break for my next cycle and look forward to getting back in the "game" for my "January" cycle.

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i'm sorry about the break in. i'm sorry they took all your wine, but you're not going to be able to drink for another hmmm, 9 months or so? right? well, that's my lame attempt to cheer you up....ugh, they probably don't have a clue what they have and just want to get wasted

welcome to the 2ww!

sorry you're out
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HI Ladies! I am unofficially here - no coverline and confirmation from FF, but I know I O'd yesterday-ish. Here's hoping we all get a for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Festivus!!!

I am feeling VERY obnoxious and VERY positive about this cycle!!! I am trying not to get too ahead of myself, but I felt like that in September, and I got pregnant!!!!!

I guess I will test around the 23rd or so...whew. That seems like a long time, but with Christmas two weeks away, it is gonna fly. Good thing, too - I have ants in my pants at 1DPO.... :

**A late congratulations to Jodie! May you have a happy and healthy nine month wait! **

**And a Happy Birthday to my dh, who turns 25 today! **
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i hope you caught that eggie!!! i was thinking about you earlier because i remember you said you expected to O today. happy birthday to your dh!

i'm all weepy and nostalgic today because it was exactly 3 years ago today that we conceived dd. i can't believe how this time has flown. i hope all this thinking about the magic of conception brings me some luck :LOL

well, i guess it wasn't afterall. i guess i spoke too soon, there was only the tiniest hint of blood but it was the only hint i've seen since PP bleeding stopped and so between that and the cramps i was so *positive* but of course she fooled me again. so i'm officially back in limbo land
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to all the newly preganant mamas!!!

I'm kinda nervous about joining your 2ww group... this is my second ovulation since August 28, 2001 when I got pregnant w/dd (I got my 1st ppaf in early November). I ovulated last Thurs/Fri, and now I'm having some strange achy/crampy sensations in my low back/pelvis. I don't want to hope, in any way, that I could possibly be preg., as we went through a rollar coaster w/infertility doc w/#1. The biggest reason I'm thinking it's all in my head is we only did the 'deed' 1 time during the peak time (it snuck up on me on day 32, LOL).

Whatcha think? I'm not due w/af for a week..... am I a total nut job (okay, so I am, I admit it, LOL).

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well, amy, if you're a total nut job, then the rest of us are too! At least those of us who are in the cult of the obnoxiously positives are:-)

Anyway, I swear the odd sensations in my pelvic region are intensifying. This is the weirdest thing. It has to be my imagination (or my intestines!)

Anyway, Jess you're totally right about the wine, but more so (I can't drink at all now, what with my IBS. I gave up alcohol and caffeine before even thinking about ttc. It has really made a huge difference!) But since we wouldn't have touched any of that wine for another 5-6 years (maybe later for some, earlier for others... like I said, my dh is seriously into wine), it's mostly the thought of it being gone that is sad. But he'll rebuild his wine cellar in time.

(Here's the odd thing: we bought the majority of that wine in France, six years ago and found out during that trip that I was pregnant. It was a very hard decision to not keep the baby, but the right one, for us. Anyway, it struck me today that this is very weird timing!)

I'm thinking of retesting on friday. Anybody with me? Anyway, who's here and what dpo are ya'll? It seems like so many women are on the pre-O. (And aren't they all having a good time! hilarity insues over there...)

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Jess - Oh, that's just maddening! I hope you get an answer one way or another very soon.
Alexis - I'm so sorry that happened! I know one feels violated when things like that happen, even if you yourself are not physically injured.
Amy - Hi! So, you're a doula on top of being a diaper making goddess :LOL ? I had a doula during my birth, and I tell you, that was the best money I EVER spent, bar none. I had a big old whopper baby who was twisted every which way, and I couldn't have gone drug free without Kara's support and encouragement .
Well, my last cycle was a friekish 27 days, the two before were 30 days. OThers have been longer. I'm not sure when to think I should have AF : . I go to the gyn today, adn will talk to him about my cycles still being erratic. I've had 8 pp cycles (am still nursing at 16 mos, btw), and I would have thought they would be more even and regular by now. I was having a lot of cramping/soreness in my belly as well as burning pains in my hips, yesterday. So I kept waiting to see red and never did. That would give me hope, if not for the emphatically negative hpt's. I'll update later.
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I'm interested in what your doc is going to say. I am having the same problem. I am still nursing and have had my period back fkor about 5-6 cycles now and they are anywhere between 30-39 days.

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I just re-read your last post, and I just finished posting in someone's thread. From my early web research, 6 DPO with brown spotting is the textbook description I first uncovered for "implantation spotting".

As for whether you should get a by now, I'm not sure what DPO you are, but some people just take a while for it to show up. FF says 13 DPO is the most common day to get a first , but if you check out the chart gallery there are plenty of folks who don't get them until later (you can even do a search on "late positive)

As for me (CD 24 6 DPO) I put in my temps for the past few days and FF gave me an O date that corresponds with my monitor data, which was cause for last month and is just : this month. Boy gratitude doesn't last long with me. Anyway I was thinking my chart looked pretty nice, and I went and checked last months chart and realized you can't really tell until 12 or 13 DPO. In other words, a good temp means squat, and a below coverline drop means my period is coming. I'm doing a reasonable job keeping a lid on my excitment level, but I have started counting on fingers to figure out when I should start paying attention.

I've also been doing an implatation visualization of a fertilized egg rolling down my tubes and landing on a big soft red bed, and pulling the duvet over it's head.

It's good to have a place you can say things like that and not be considered a lunatic.
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Oh geez, now you've got me all excited again. :LOL

I have pretty much convinced myself that my body is really screwed up right now with nursing and all. I am CD 32 now and I have gone as long as 39 days, so I am waiting until then to test. I am about 14 DP when I *think* I ovulated because of the first spotting. But.... I spotted once midcycle before a couple of cycles ago and it turned out to be about 19 days before AF showed up.. so it may not be ovulation spotting after all.

Anyway, I'm not testing until either Wed. or Thursday of next week... I am pretty sure AF will show before then though.

Oh and all of the analyzing you have done of your chart is great. I wish I could chart! Right now cosleeping is not allowing me to. I tried for a while and it was always high, and I think b/c I never get more than 3 hours of sleep at a time.

This next month we are travelling back home 1000 miles away and I am going to try to take my mind off of all of this baby making. Not that I have really been trying very long, but it sure does get frustrating.

So looks like we will be testing around the same time next week, right? I am 99.9% sure AF is going to show for me before then. Sending baby dust to you--

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Well, it looks like I'm out. Started spotting tonight, following my normal pattern of AF. I'm actually glad to be out of limbo! And now that I am temping, I feel I will be a little more prepared for the 2ww (famous last words, right?)

Good luck to everyone still in the wait! I love ya'll, but I don't want to see you in the pre-O!!!!

Here's to all the BFPs that I know are coming soon!

[BTW, a big fat "doh" to myself for saying that 6 dpo seemed a little early for implantation... Mel, I really hope you get a BFP! ]

Now I'm over to the pre-O...
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