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Oh I checked the OS board, and frankly all that did was feed my insanity!! Now instead of just wanting to test again tomorrow morning, I want to test again tonight!!!!!
Yep it's official, they're coming to take me away!!! time for that padded room I always knew I needed:LOL
I just went out (had to get bread and milk) and deliberately went 10 minutes out of my way so I could hit the drug store and pick up another 2 pack of FRER so I could test in the morning without begging DH for a test Bread and milk I could have got at the corner store/gas station only 10 minutes from the house, but no I had to drive all the way into town, some sanity was regained in the drive though, my initial intention was to test again tonight, but I will wait until morning, oh boy, the roller coaster continues
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:LOL Shannon. I thought I heard the sirens heading your way...! You know I'll be checking first thing tomorrow morning!

Warning: rational, boring input ahead...
(you know you're meant to wait 2-3 days for there to be a significant rise in hCg levels, right?)

Hi Letia Hope you get to test on NYE, like you're hoping! And of course - hope it's a BFP!!

I'm on the computer, working on my bookkeeping (got a tad bit behind, what with vacation and Christmas...!), so it's just so tempting to check in on this thread (oh, like very 30 sec...!!).
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Shannon! :LOL I think tomorrow would be best...

OK, *what is biting my left *side! I liked to got mad riding home this pm from Pastor's house! 6/9 dpo.... Youch!

I'm tired (and hungry and I just ate a few hours ago ) . I'm laying on the couch and heard my email tone!

:LOL Thanks heveasoul! I do too! I am wondering if I should POAS w/ FMU that day.... I'm gonna use FRERs too.

Dh is quiet this thread, unless he's lurking.....which might not be bad b/c I want to surprise him with a . and that's hard with him hangin around!
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Oh I know that, however, on that thread that you pointed me to, there are women showing progressive pics of morning, afternoon adn next day that all get darker--I'm telling you, the stab at bringing reason and sanity to my life has only made me worse!!
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Hey Ladies, thanks a million for all of your wonderful wishes! I really hope you all can join me really really soon!

I know exactly how you are feeling going insane, I was there, believe me, you can read back on this thread. Out of my gourd. Good luck! And hurry up and get pregnant, I need my buddies for a September Mama'a thread!
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Hey adventuregirl..I am waiting for the September Mama's thread...I will be there!!

Shannon...reason and sanity went out the window about three months into TTC....: I would test tomorrow FIRST THING..then run here and post the result!!

Letia...you had better POAS on New Years....I am going to be the new stalker, I will come to your house and FORCE you to pee on a piece of plastic.....

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oh, sorry, Shannon! Ok, then let us know tomorrow FIRST THING! Well, after telling dh, of course! !!!

Ok, to preserve my sanity, I am going to get off the computer...any minute now!

Thanks for the dust, adventuregirl!

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are we all hangin out at mdc?

I looked down and saw the email icon. I was lurking in I'm , and didn't see a
Sept thread. I thought maybe yall ers had started one! I hope to join you adventure!

:LOL Caroline! I want to be sure there is *no doubt about a ! when you're wrong!

I'll be lookin too!

Well, I'm hot and uncomfortable on this couch. I might strip and get in the bed! ag

Night! or until later, if I get out and come back in the livin room! :LOL
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Ahhh, Hevasoul, no need to leave, you are the closest one from here, so it's you I will be calling when I break in to the drug store to get more HPT's around 4 am:LOL I'll need bail and someone to assure the judge it had nothing to do with not wanting to pay, just a need to know!!
Wait aminute, how is there no Sept mama thread, with all the we've had???? it should be the most popular one by now!!:LOL
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Where did everyone go???
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I'm here still!

WOW! So much exciting stuff going on here...Holy smokes!

I have lost track of everything.I tried to go back and catch up but I think it'll be impossible to remember all of it.

If I remember correctly a Big Fat Congrats is in order for Adventuregirl and Caroline!

Did I forget anyone since my last post?

Letia... yep looks like we're pals again huh? Actually NYE will be cd 28 for me so technically AF's not due till the next day .......but close enough.

Just a note for all the ladies here ttc their 1st munchkins...

I get so stoked to see those bfp's!I am excited for everyone but when I see a bfp that's come after a looooong time of waiting, it really warms my heart Especially when there was a miscarriage before.

So come on girls, lets make some babies!

I forgot who it was that asked me about why we are taking a break from ttc after this month? If the boards weren't so slow right now I'd go back and check but forget that!Here's the short and sweet answer-

We so want another babe! and we'll definately have one but it was just this weird experience that I really can't explain other than I just wanted to stop trying after this for a while.

I attended a birth ( I'm a doula) recently and after the birth this feeling of satisfaction came over me.It was so weird as I've never had that happen before after a birth.Ususally it gasses my fire for another babe!!! My ds is 24 months this week coming up and still nursing and still such a baby to me that dh and I are feeling like enjoying this stage of our kiddos for a bit before adding another member to the troops just yet.Strange... we were both SO gung-ho as a matter of fact HE started it!Now we are both on the same page again.I could get really detailed but I'll spare everyone :LOL

So that's it I don't mind sharing, no problem
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I have tossed and turned, and refluxed, so

I thought I would get up.: Our church had a dinner fast, so *what is causing me to reflux, I've never had the experience of *nothing, is *beyond me! Moving to the bed was the best move! I was asleep by 9, while wondering if I was squishin somebody on my belly, and thought I had better enjoy it! Dh got in and it all went downhill. He was cool and I wrapped my legs around him. He was watching tv with the sound turned down. : He *said he was looking for something to watch. For an *hour! : Then I was hot again, and he was afraid of being cold....I won out. Then he *turned off the tv. I got to tossin and turning and refluxin. I wasn't sleep; but, I was exhaused, and then I gave up and got up! hmmmmm...I feel like adventure....maybe I might make meself some cheese popcorn. *please God don't let me reflux worse*

Shannon! :LOL Yeah! No Sept Mamas thread as of the *last post! I thought I would lurk! Nothing! I imagine any Sept could start one! Now, I expect to see one when I get over there!

I had started the toss about then! :

Hey Kristie! NYE will be cd 31 for me; but, that doesn't mean anything! is due Jan 5/8. : I would *like to test then! It would be a nice day to ring in the New Year; but, I'll only be 9/11 dpo. (FF gave me one O, we, including Adina, who's a FF guide, think cd 22)

I am getting more excited about everyone's again. It used to sting a bit. We *so want it to be us! Definately those that didn't come easy are closer to my heart too! We've struggled too!

I asked about your ttc break, Kristie! Makes sense! I had another friend kinda like that, she was *older too, like almost 45, had 2 m/cs....she finally decided though to be *done. She wanted to enjoy the time with her 3? yo? : Maybe it isn't the Lord's timing, or if you get maybe it is! His thought are higher than our thoughts, His ways are not our ways! After Jordan's death earlier this year I didn't plan on ttc yet! ! One night after Griefshare.........we were in the midst of ttc again! The Lord has been talking to us on several occasions about our baby, being parents....etc. So, apparently *this is the divinely appointed time for our next child to come on the scene! And I *pray that we will be able to enjoy him/her and h/h grandkids!

OK, I think I'm gonna lay down on this couch and maybe go back to bed in a bit. I *really need a temp this am. I was also dreaming I went triphasic. I see that's not necessarily , it would be *my first since temping. (2nd cycle) I *felt like my temp coulda gone up! : I just hope it isn't a fever!

Night...or Morning! CYallL!
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Congratulations on the bfp's!!!!!!!
Adventure girl and Caroline!!!!
So Shannon, whats the verdict?

Who else is finding out???

I SO hope to join the good news in January!!!!
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Well when I went to bed last night I left the cup to pee in and a brand new shiny FRER on the bathroom counter.
Then had very little sleep waking up every so often wondering if you are up at 2:00 am if it counts as FMU:LOL
so I managed to wait until 7:00, brought the test back to bed with me and left it on dh's pillow for when he came to bed at 7:45 (works nights)
He left the bedroom and came back, layed down and put his arm around me and said morning mommy.
Yep, it's definitely !!!!!!
Woo Hooo!!!!! and at only 9dpo---I warned Steve that sometimes when you get a bfp that early it's twins--he thinks I'd have to be rolled around with twins--I'm barely 5 feet tall :LOL
All right, I'm giddy, but you'll all be happy that instead of staying in bed and cuddling with dh, I got up so I could post this!!:LOL :LOL
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Hey Velvet! Still ?

SHANNON!!!! with those boobs, that was a *dead giveaway! Could you say ? I'm *so glad you got a ! :LOL And another at 9dpo!!!! OK, yall *know you're making this hard for me.........9/11 dpo NYE, Caroline and Shannons ....ag

2 am....why didn't you post, you woulda had company! :

OK! dh wins the award....awwwwwwww

I'm imagining it was faint? Was it clear w/o a doubt? Don't *let me get a free webspace and post a pic....:LOL

I hadn't *heard that about twins! Daddy was a twin and his side has several sets so we already are forewarned....

Of *course you are!

Very good. You know where you're loyalties lie! :LOL

We *have to have the record in Dec 2ww! I *have to get a everyone will be in I'm ! ag

Well, I get to do the first smilie parade : (Martinellis/Welches/Knudsen) :bf

:binky :binky : :LOL
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Congratulations Shannon!!!

You realize that you just made us all even more crazy because we will be testing at 9dpo saying "Well Shannon got HER BFP at 9 dpo!" :LOL

Best of luck!
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AND Caroline! :LOL When your 9dpo Cole? ag
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Wow, what a GREAT way to be woken up!!

I wish you a healthy, wonderful pregnancy!!!
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YEAH!!!! Shannon!!!!!

: : : : : : : :

Thanks for deflating my balloon by the way....a 9DPO positive can mean twins??? WHAT??????

As much as I want another baby...TWINS??? Wow. I go to the midwife today to check my hormones (pray that they are rising enough, I can't deal with another M/C right now)...I guess I will ask her about it!!

Okay....over to the September thread, I think there is enough to take over the "I'm pregnant" board!!

Letia----Milkymommi---waiting patiently!!
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heveasoul I thought you were joining the club! ag

I pray that they are doubling just fine and all is well with your little pea! Let us know the results! I am watching you closely b/c I may do the very same thing.

Yeah.......I'm watching all these s.....ag I didn't get a temp this am, b/c of all the waking. I can't remember 3 consc hours before 11 pm! :

I'm lurking over at I'm . I'll be looking for the thread! I saw Shannon posted in the first time mamas thread since there was no Sept Mamas. I'll try to resist posting....: I should think I need a first...

bye Caroline! I hope to join yall in the New Year!!!
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