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December 2ww!! - Page 22

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9 dpo?... now that is some serious power

You've been HIT!!!

! Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah !

Enjoy a well deserved, happy healthy 9 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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: : : : : : :

: congratulations shannon!!! :

: : : : : : :
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Wow! There were like 6 posts all at the same time.

So who's left waiting now?

Me me me I am and Letia and who else?

So many bfp's I'm loosing track here
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I know Hevasoul is due to test on I think Jan 2--of course I wasn't due to test until Jan 3--so maybe we can talk her into a New Years Eve POAS :LOL
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Well, I just got off the phone with my midwife, I go in at 12:15. She is baffled that I got a positive so early. SHe said "Well, that happens, but not often". I should give her your name too Shannon!!! What are the odds???

I was suppossed to test on Neew Years Eve......now I will be getting my blood test results before that !! Wow....someone else has to test, keep this good streak going!!

I posted a September thread, but I will still be back here..it seems odd not to be trying anymore, I have been saying it for over a year now!!

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I guess the congrats posts!
not sure if Velveteen has had
I think Bunches is still waiting
me and you
and heveasoul
I *think that's it.....everyone else is !
We need to get ours!
Shannon, was due jan 3? : I'm considering POAS NYE....I am gathering info. I don't want a . I have seen quite my share too, with #1 and then a few since ttc #2. I understand where heveasoul is coming from. I guess we'll just have to be patient as she waits the longest possible to be almost *sure she's .ag

Caroline! I pray that all is well!
Well, with God *all things are possible! \o/ So, I believe God for *my w/o a doubt .

I guess next are Kristie and me? Unless Velvet is still POAS? : Not suree about Bunches dpo. Heavsoul may be the last hold out. isn't due for me until the 5/8, actually.

goin to see your post in I'm !
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I just called my doctor and can't see her until Jan 5, I know it's not that far away but I'd really like to get the blood work done right away!!!! I still don't have the results back from the blood work I had done before Christmas--eek!
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Ok, so upcoming testers:

Who else?!

I'm at 12 DPO, AF due on Thursday, Jan 1. Lately the pattern's been test at 14 DPO, with AF showing later that same morning.

All this morning, I've been waffling between truly just wanting to wait until AF is actually late (Fri, Jan 2), and wanting to test today, feeling swept up in the excitement of all the BFPs (namely Shannon's at 9 DPO ).

I did PIAG (pee in a glass) with FMU this morning, and it's sitting quietly in my bathroom drawer, in case I go with door #2 and buy some FRERS today.

It would just be such a drag - esp. with all the excitment of so many BFPs in this thread!
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OK, I am just posting another one! :LOL

Sorry Shannon! With the holiday too! Who's going to the MW? : : Well, can you get your pcp (Primary Care Physician/General) to take it? Mine did my first beta? : to make sure my hormones were *dropping when Jordan died. What about another MW? That the one your going with, or is there someone else in the practice who will see you? Its just a draw? You can just get a draw and not *see the MW? : I understand!

eta b/c I didn't reply to heveasoul:

I hear ya heveasoul! I didn't have to clean my therm b/c I didn't get a temp today. I coulda been pushed over the edge lookin at the FRER just waiting patiently in the med cabinet. Maybe you might want to wait to avoid potential disappointment, having been there. (and *I'm considering testing 9dpo, according to FF, I'm *10 dpo today. ) Not sure if you should POAS the *day is due or the day after not sure when she shows up for you.

I hear ya, *I would hate to not keep the streak too!

OK! really getting off! Its my devotional time! See ya after, if I am not asleep. (not during devo. )
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we all posted at the same time...!!

Too bad you have to wait, Shannon. Pretend you waited till 14 DPO to test...
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Hevasoul, I am rotflmao. Because you attempted to be my source of common sense I will do the same for you. There is a chance this may sound familiar....:LOL
Hevasoul! THROW. OUT. THE. PEE. !!!!!!
However, I say TEST, TEST, TEST!!!!!
I suppose it doesn't affect me as much to get an early BFN because I know I'm not out of the game yet.
But do what you need to do
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Shannon, I hope you don't think that was being totally obnoxious...I was kidding - I hope you know that I know Jan 5 is a long time away, cuz the fact is, you know you're pregnant (did that make any sense?!). Any chance of a walk-in clinic doing that bloodwork, or a mw, even if you don't end up staying with mws? You were considering checking them out anyway, weren't you?
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ack, simultaneous posts again!!

I'm off work this week, so dh, on his way out the door today, asks if I tested this morning. no...what makes you ask? (insert innocent look here) Says he wouldn't put it past me...(he's aare of the waffling):LOL yeah, but would he put it past me to save a glass of pee in the bathroom drawer? :LOL

Ok, so at this moment, I'm feeling like I can handle the possible BFN if I test today...
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Heveasoul! We are on the EXACT same track!I am 12dpo with af due Jan 1st .Girlfriend...I am starting to get anxious too.

I'm not going to test until NYE I might even wait until the 1st.Then again that's 3 days from now and when you're in the wait that's like a million yrs!!!

My advice to you is if you want to be rational, Throw It Out!

But who's rational on this board? :LOL Not me that's for sure...we're all on the same wagon sister.Buy the stinkin test !

And here's some positive for you!
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thanks for all your - um, advice?

throw it out!
throw it out!

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I'm back.

Ok, so I went out and bought some hpts. I just used a FRER in my glass of FMU and - BFN.

I gave myself a big pep talk, in preparation for a BFN beforehand, so I'm not too crushed, but a bit bummed...reinforces the fears that this isn't my month.

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It's not over yet Heveasoul!

I say let those hormones build up (cuz this IS your month) and test again on the 1st with me

It really is fun to at least check early sometimes ...because you really never know if it will come up or not.If it does it's soooo great and then sometimes we have to wait :

You're definately NOT out yet...not even close.
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are we gonna have to set up a chat like the

s? :LOL

Kristie! :LOL Since Adina and Alexis are still in pre-O, I guess I'm Miss Long Cycle. : OS was asking if I was 18dpo; but, then showed later that am.

Heavsoul.... All our peer pressure too! Well.........what dpo are you?
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What's a ?

Don't worry about the peer pressure - I decided to take a chance, but now I'm staying away from those hpts for a while...

I'm 12 DPO, CD 24, with AF due on CD 27 (Jan 1).

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Kristie. Let's all set some records this month!!

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Ahhhh, Hevasoul, I'm sorry But as has been said you are by NO means out of the game yet!!!!! You will be pregnant this month, we live close and it would be cool to do the 9mw together!!
I hadn't thought of a midwife or walk in clinic, that could be a plan, we have a walk in clinic in Milton, hopefully they will order blood work even if I don't actually think anything is wrong. I don't know that a midwife would get me in any earlier this time of year if you know what I mean, however you are right, if I tested when I should have, I'd be thinking, wow great an appt on the 5th:LOL
Oh and you are not by any means being obnoxious!!!! I was having fun with everyone's comments.
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