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would the cold affect your temp unless you had a fever....
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I think it could. Even if it doesn't actually get as high as a fever, the body may still be attempting to raise its temp to kill off the infection.

But I'm going to interpret it as a possible pregancy sign.

3 more days...I was hoping to keep myself distracted by a New Year's Eve gathering at a friend's out of town, followed by a visit to my mom's, but now dh has come down with my cold, (and I'm not totally better yet) so we may be sticking around home...

At least the rain has turned to snow...a bit prettier...
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Top O the Mornin to ya, girls!

Suse !!
I say 17 dpo that sounds like testing time to me.Hurry hurry....let us know

"I kind of hate this stage, the one or two days before AF is due - I hate the way it can look so good, but still end with AF."

ME TOO!!!!!!!! I am officially freaking out.
Like I told everyone a little while ago, at about 7 dpo I had SORE boobs,cramps and mega mood swings goin on.That stopped about 2 days later.Well now at 13 dpo, tommorrow being the last day of my cycle, It started again day before yesterday only just slight breast soreness and increasing over the next 2 days till today.No cramps just SORE boobs.

Yesterday I had that "uncomfortable" feeling like you're naked...ykwim?And "headlights" all day :LOL Today too and I never have that problem I have been super emotional on and off but of course all of this could be AF.

I have to say though that this boob thing is what set me off because it feels different than AF breast pain.Help!!!

I'm going to the store today to buy a frer for the morning.I will not be waiting till the 1st.NYE it is!!!

That's all for now folks.Gotta go change my fleece bum munchkin!!
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Hang in there, Kristie! Nice to know there's someone else at the exact same stage!

I wish I had uncharacteristic boob symptoms! One thing a friend told me was that with her pregnancy, her breasts felt sore and heavy, but not in the way that they did with AF...and of course, there are Shannon's recent breast symptoms.

tomorrow, eh? Keep us posted!!!

well, I still think I'll wait until Friday...or at least Thursday. I'd like to feel confident that the opportunity for AF to show will have come and gone...
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Dense...that is how my breasts feel. Like there is substance there....

I am a wreck...I was up all night...I am just waiting for the midwife to call and say "Your hormones are exactly where they should be". Then I can relax. My husband says I am obbsessed...DUH!!!!!! At least I know you ladies understand...

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Caroline. sorry to read you had such a rough night.

Let us know when the mw calls. Everything will be fine !

You can and will have a long, healthy pregnancy!
You can and will have a healthy, sweet baby!
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We talkin symptoms, huh? Weeeeeeeell, I have checked in FF tender breasts, nothing like Shannon. I remember that being farther out in last pg. Not a *lot of nausea, if any. I'm wondering if that's something that ends up being physchosymatic. Cramps and something on Sunday that I was wondering was implantation. WOW! It was a *different feeling and persistent! Like a biting on my left side for lack of a better word! Not like the different cramps like pg. Light like cramping, and then that one on the way home. *That made me hopeful; but good grief! The light breast tenderness. I looked for blue viens like Shannon, :LOL its made me hopeful, its pretty early for . The reflux was wierd, althought, I've had it before. I was eating like a hog! I had a church fast though that day....and fatigue. But, I'm not banking on that too much. The acne was a trip. I'm wondering though if I just got an irritation. I'm trying to be rational.

Caroline! You can't get yourself worried to a vapor! You'll hear soon. Remember the baby can feel that too! One of the old folks told me mama's emotions can affect the babys disposition.

Breakfast fast it over! I have some applewood loose bacon from WF in the fridge and some organic eggs....I think they are callin me!

eta: tryin to determine if this is freqent urination....
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Well, I am still waiting for confirm of O...but according to my temp jump today...I O'ed yesterday! So here I am, just in the tail end of the Dec 2ww.

Letia - don't you dare complain about long cycles!!:LOL I am on cd 25 today!! And I just O'ed!

Much and to everyone here!!!
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Well...good news and not so good but not so bad news....My progesterone is at 39..anything over 20 is GREAT. My hCG though is only at 60. Since I tested positive last week, you would assume hCG was at least 20...it should double every day and a half...wich means it SHOULD be around 240 or above. ANd I have this awful pinching in my lower left side of my uterus. So, it is not DEFINATLY a viable pregnancy (I hate that term), but it is not definatly not either. I go back Friday (damn New Years)....but if I start bleeding or spotting before then...well, I guess there is nothing to do. The midwife seems happy about hte progesterone...

This CAN NOT happen again. It WON'T. I can't deal with it. I have been crying all day. Thank God I was at a friends house when I got the results...I have been crying on my friends shoulders.

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Oh Caroline I know there's nothing I can say, but know that my thoughts are with you.

I am glad to hear that you had a good friend's shoulders to cry on.

Sending vibes and positive thoughts your way!
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Caroline, don't admit defeat yet! Your baby is *still living inside you! There have been *hopeless situations and God has done miracles, and yours is *not even close! Wipe your tears, honey and you have *faith that your baby will live and not die! I pray in the name of Jesus that the hcg would double! You *thank God* that your baby will live!
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Oh caroline honey! I am thinking of you and sending all the energy and vibes I can for this pregnancy to be okay! Don't throw in the towel yet! Please! My thoughts are with you!
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May I join in?

Right now I am 11 dpo according to my cm signs (did not temp). I did a test yesterday which was negative. But today I am noticing all kinds of smells, and that is always my first symptom. How long should I wait to test again with FRER?

Let me give a little background info. I had an IUD removed three weeks ago due to abnormal bleeding. The dang thing had moved out of place. I bled for another five days or so, then had EWFM on CD 18, 19 and 20, with ovulation pain on day 20 as well. We bd on day 20. We had been thinking of one more baby but not ttc until April.

Today I am noticing smells much more than usual, I'm very hungry and my nipples are sore which is making it hard to nurse my dd who is 20 months. I hate waiting, I feel completely insane with needing to know!

Thanks for letting me rant.
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Caroline, I will be thinking of you and sending every ounce of sticky vibes I can produce your way.
Take very good care of yourself!
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O.k. Caroline, I know this will be a sticky baby otherwise I'll be all alone in the Sept thread.
On the good side, I've done some research--both today and the ton I did during my last m/c. On the ovusoft board I saw at least one with a faint pos. and a beta the following day of only 13--therefore, as they say in some circles, it is likely that the FRER does pick up occaisionally at only 10. The doubling is actually every 2 to 3 days, if you were only at 10 with your faint pos. you may well be right in line with normal levels. Basically as I found out last time, you know absolutly nothing until you get your second beta level done. Please don't be discouraged. We're all pulling for you. The other thing I found out is that different labs can very but up 15 units of hormone. Does this help at all??? I really hope you can relax a bit between now and friday, I'm around most of the time so p.m, me or I'll just keep track of you here.
You take care of you right now.
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Adina you were just on my heels I Oed cd 22! :LOL

Kimka. Caroline just got a 9dpo, (last week? ), and we're rallying around her right now, b/c she got some negative news. Please, come and hang out while we wait.
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Thanks so much...I am feeling better and more postive now. I did some looking into it, and if we pretend I did not test last week (or as Shannon suggested, I had a SUPER sensative FRER) then I would be okay where I am now. I am trying to stay realxed...I am having weird sharp pains right down on the left side of where my uterus would be I guess...don't know what that is. You guys are super...I need your kind of support right now (the I KNOW what youa re going through kind) because I know that you really do know what I am going through.
I did stop crying...and DH is taking me out to breakfast tomorrow...so...

The moral of this story....NO MORE EARLY TESTING

Welcome Kim...I am sorry I am kind of taking over a bit....this would be my secind m/c this year (but it will NOT be) so I am acting a little selfish...

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Hey Caroline! Good to hear from you again! I'm glad you're feeling better! I was wondering also if the early dpo would have any bearing on the low hcg, b/c it hadn't built up yet, hence the *faint line! If you're concerned about the pain, can you call your mw? Once you've had the worst case scenario, its different!

breakfast! There ya go!

So I can't test tomorrow? I'm not sure. I need to put my pee cup on the counter, so I will remember to pee in it when I get up. I've been getting up early, temping and then peeing. I would think I needed to use fmu, esp since its so early. I don't know.....I would *love to spring one on dh at midnight...I"m wondering if I should wait closer to midnight,closer to 10 dpo...:LOL I don't want to be disappointed either, heveasoul. But, I want to a special annoucement and I thought at midnight...with our Knudsen Sparkling....

I told Kim in a previous post. I'm sure she understands. Its a ttc support group!
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So glad to hear you're already feeling better, Caroline. Enjoy your breakfast date!! And keep us posted.

Welcome kimkabob5. Apparently it takes 2-3 days for the hCg levels to increase enough to test + after a neg. But then again, some have tested the following day, and have seen a difference.

If you read back in this thread, you'll see that 2 recent Dec 2-wwers had +s @ 9 DPO, but 11 DPO can still be too early, even with a FRER. Hang in there! (this coming from someone who is waiting until 15 or 16 DPO, after a neg. at 12 DPO.)
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btw....I was in K tonight! Man! there must be some folks POAS! And the two FRERs on the shelf were opened! : I am hoping I'll get a with this one I have. I don't want to blow another $17 for a two pack, well, three pack...a bonus test is included...so....I could make a single worth my while b/c it comes w/ the bonus.... ag Anyway, now I'm feeling discouraged and like maybe I'd get a . I was feeling so positive... Maybe I won't test. Maybe I'll wait and see what my temps do...this is coming from Miss 17 day lp last cycle. :

eta: I saw big and bright on the FRER box find out 5 days sooner! I thought it was 4? : Sooooooooo if I'm 8/10 dpo....well, tomorrow if is due on the 5th w/ a 17 day lp and FF's O. The 3rd going by the 2ww/Pre-O concensus. ag
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