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December 2ww!! - Page 4

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Trish!!! YAY!!!! We posted at the same time!!!! WOOHOO!!! Congrats!!!

Come back and give us some of that babydust!!
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{rolling in the baby dust!!!}
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Congratulations Trish!!!

Have a fantastic, healthy pregnancy!!

Thanks for the dust!!!
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Wow!!! Congrats Trish--what a sneeky way to tell us you're pregnant!!!! Hoping we can all join you shortly.
Alright, 96 hours without this board????? I don't think I can do it!! And I'm testing on Sunday!!! (course I'll likely be testing before that as well--but come on!!)
Hevasoul, you will definitely have to update us from the beach, we can't wait for 2 weeks to find out if you're having a completely alcholal free vacation But if we don't hear from you before you go--have a great time!
Boy, I actually work most of today and I missed like 20 posts--gonna have to stop this :
Have we heard from Alexis and Kristie at all today? Hevasoul I must say your ability to keep track of everyones test dates impresses me
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Adina, I have no insight to your cramping....I think I had them really early with one of my pregnancies...I don't remember though! Sorry!

Amy..sorry..see you over at pre-O?

Trish, congratualtions!!!!! That is wonderful news!!!!

In case I was a little unsure that it was actually my period, I am officially sure now, after checking all day for it to stop so I could call it "spotting"...:

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Congratulations Trish

Amy and Caroline ~ I'm sorry AF found you guys.

Adina~ Keeping fingers crossed, hoping temp goes up for you tomorrow!

Arduinna~ Welcome to the wait.

Well, the spotting I had is gone.
AF is due for me on Sun. or Mon.
Still planning on waiting till next Fri. morning to test if no AF.
Thank you Trish for the baby dust!

It is going to be weird having MDC down.
Hope the boards are only down for a short time.
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Here's me

Soaking up the baby dust.

Yeah Trish!

I guess the downtime will make being away for the weekend easier, but I don't think I can stand waiting to see how it comes out for everyone!
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Congratulations Trish!!

Happy nine months and beyond!!!
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Scratch that:

The move has been moved! Everybody can post like demons this weekend.

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Hi everybody!

First off a big huge hug to Letia and Amy (and Caroline?) Sorry gals -- best of luck this next month! I know you will all get your babies! take care of yourselves...

Congrats to Trish!!!!! Whooohoooo!!!!

OK, to go back to what a few other people were saying earlier -- my dh (and his parents as well) are all "wait two months" people. My mom and I are intuition people -- both of us "feel" that I am pregnant, but no, it has not been confirmed. (No AF yet, though, either!!) So, due to my dh's total skepticism, I am going to (maybe) sneak out and buy a new frer and test the day after my birthday (borthday is friday, just in case you're keeping track). No AF!

Now, Adina, to the weird cramping pains -- hmmm... I was having those a *lot* last week (and maybe even the week before? I forget). One day, it even spread down my leg and became a leg cramp (and since then, the cramps have gone away, to the best of my ability to remember -- I have written some of this down in my journal, but good luck finding it! I am starting to use my blog to write down these things, but didn't start til two days ago.)

The cramps were not at all like period cramps (which I feel more in my lower back) except one day, when I was in more pai). They were more like twinges. And my lower back really hurt (that was the day of the big pains). I do, however, think that the day of the biggest pain was the day I was *completely* constipated (I have IBS, so that is normally a problem for me, but this was a little worse than normal). So I think a large part of it was all the gas being trapped.

Anyway, it is hard to describe these things, dontcha think? I never have quite the right vocabulary....

Ok, I'm outta here until at least tomorrow -- no scratch that, tomorrow I have a facial scheduled, and then a special day my dh has planned for me. (I'm going out with some girlfriends tonight). Ok, so maybe you might not hear from me until friday - and maybe I will have tested again by then!

Best of luck to everyone testing this weekend!!!! And patience vibes to all those who are just starting the wait

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Congratulations Trish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adina, what you are describing with your cramps sounds just like what I had before my BFP. They started about a week before af was supposed to show and lasted for about three-four weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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Trish, that is awesome!!!!!!!
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Oh Brandi, you just made me so very very happy!!!! Boy I hope that is what this is!!!

Anyone who has been pregnant, did you check your cervix? What did it do? I know what mine does before my period, but I am not sure what it does otherwise...cause well never been pregnant and all.

Oh man, deep breaths!!!
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Congrats Trish!!!!

Hope to join you in about 3 weeks!!!
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Ladies, ladies, ladies

A BIIIIIG hug to those whom AF found!

My goodness...one day away from you girls and I am having withdrawls :LOL GOOD NEWS the boards stay open till next week! The new server will be smokin though huh?


Well girlies,
I am on cd 39 here HELLO! No signs of AF still having some pg symptoms so I'll test ONE more time whenever I get a hold of those tests.I must admit I am sooooo confused.I do feel slightly pg but I keep thinking that it's because I'm so late etc.

Is it normal for AF not to show up once it comes back ?

A note on the early cramps.That is always a norm for me in early pgcy.I always cramp right away...even before I have tested positive.Another reason why it's so hard for me to use that as a sign for AF or possible BFP cause they are similar.They DO feel slightly different than AF cramps can't exlain it though.I say it's a great hopefilled sign!!!!

Signing off
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Originally posted by AdinaL
Letia & Caroline Sorry she found you! Let's hear it for Xmas babies!!!

I am hanging out. My temp went down today....which was a little disconcerting. But here is the weird thing...I have been cramping for three days now. Which is WAY early. I usually cramp the two days before my period...and that is it. So here I have been having cramps for three days and I am 4 days out from my period. And they have been strange cramps, more like all over ache than actual cramps. BUt they have been pretty consistent. And usually when the cramps start, my cervix softens and opens in prep for my period. BUt it is still VERY closed.

Any input? Help me!!! I am obsessing!!!
OMG! I am having the exact same symptoms. It is really weird for me too. My period is due I think Tuesday next week. And I have been having cramps for the past couple of days. I keep expecting to wipe and see blood, but nothing! I *never* have cramps before my AF.


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Hi All. Just checking in (because I can. So glad mdc doesn't go down until next week...but I can quit anytime I want...!! :LOL )

Yeah, Shannon, that pesky work, interfering with our boards time, honestly!! I really hope to be able to check in with you all before I head out on Saturday morning...!

CD 28, 12 DPO...waiting till Sat to test...

I get twinges, too, but I am ignoring all symptoms, I've been down that road before....soooo LALALA can't hear you, you symptoms checkers!

to everybody!
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Adina-I knew I was missing something in my previous post! I usually check my cervix when af is due and this time when I checked it was tightly closed. It felt so different, at first I was not sure what I was feeling. It was so hard and almost dry and so tight, which is very strange for me, because even when I am at the closed stage in my cycles, it still feels a bit open (due to having two kids). But this time it was closed tight, made me think soemthing was definately going on! I want to hear about your BFP so badly!
When do you plan to test?

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