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not sure what it is....

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I have been worried about this for a while and I thought I'd post on Mothering to see if anyone had ideas...
Our daughter is 2 1/2. She has had four surgeries for eye problems and wears a high prscription for glasses. She is pretty much legally blind w/o her glasses. She has always been a hyper child. She is tall and thin--wiry from her activity. She loves to run and play. She also loves to sit and read though so it isn't as if she can't be still. She often seems to be living in her own little world to me. She is always acting somthing out and can sing songs from memory when she has only heard them a couple times. She CAN talk but really likes to babble. I have lots of discipline problems with her. She just won't listen most of the time. I dread taking her to the store or other places like that. She can become obsessive about something very quickly. Like yesterday, we went to a Waldorf store and I had to drag her away becasue she was so distraught that there was a brick keeping the door open. She wanted to close the door (she always wants doors closed) and she thought the brick was "stuck". She was totally inconsolable. Hum...I'm trying to think of other things...anyway, I have always just thought that she would just grow out of some of these behaviours but she doesn't seem to be. Could she had ADHD or OCD or something? Any replies are GREATLY appreciated!
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Honestly? It sounds like pretty typical behavior for that age. But if you are concerned you coudl bring it up to your ped and they can refer you to someone who can go through it all with you and observe her.
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I also think that it seems fairly typical and in the range of normal behavior for this age. Connor (21 months old) is obsessed with chairs, he must sit in all chairs...I have no idea why!

I would think that signs to alert you would be repetitive motions (opening and closing over and over and over) or her getting "stuck" in one task and unable to bring herself away...

Her high activity level may be normal, but I'd recommend the book "Raising Your Spirited Child" for ideas on how to work with her energy level and apparent inattentiveness. Remember that lots of moms of toddlers dread going to public places...you're not alone in that respect!
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Another voice to the typical, my DD is about the same age as your if I'm reading the birthdate right. Megan will have meltdowns if things don't work like she thinks they have to. She is constant on the go, ect ect. My oldest was like this as well - we have a few issues with him now but nothing that a little understanding from his teachers can't deal with.
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