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Weekly chat thread December 13th-19th

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Wow, can you believe this is the last week before Christmas? Yikes! We are finally getting our tree today! Of course, all of us have a little cold now . . . :

So, I've started oil pulling. I was interested in this for a few months, but had thought you weren't supposed to do it during pregnancy, and then I read from a source I trusted that it was completely safe during pregnancy. So I'm going to try it. It's a little hard with my gag reflx, though. I forgot this morning, I ate something right away-- so I will wait until I have an empty stomach again. (The windows of when I have an empty stomach are small and limited!)

Well, how is everyone doing?
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LionTigerBear -What is oil pulling?

We're getting our tree today too. It is supposed to snow and get really cold here today. Snow could really mess up my last minute christmas shopping plans : I feel like I have a lot to do still and can't believe it's only a week away!!!

I did go and get a bunch of my homebirth supplies. I still need a portable heater for the bedroom, an extra shower curtain for the bed and some other stuff but I got all the drug-store items. So I feel better about that. It is pretty funny to be all large and pregnant and have the drugstore clerk looking at me strange for buying all these maxipads and disposable underpads and things

We're supposed to be doing a private "birth ed" class tomorrow given by my doula friend with another couple, unless it snows and she can't get into town then we'll have to do it after Christmas. We opted for a one-session private class with my friend - I've done this twice, and while a refresher is nice I'm not willing to pay the money or spend the time to do a whole course. Who really needs to hear it is my partner - this is his second birth and the first time we never did any childbirth ed. He wants to be more in-the-know and involved this time so I think it will be good for him. The other couple is my friend who is due a week after me with her first baby. She has had doula training and also felt she wouldn't need a full class - so we had my other friend tailor a class especially for our menfolk! My oldest daughter will probably sit in, too. She wants to be more involved in the birth (she's 12).

Other than feeling the holiday hecticness setting in I'm feeling good. I'm feeling like the baby is really growing. Last night I had a hard time getting comfortable, it felt like she was all elbows and karate kicks in there.

I'm just glad the uncomfortable contrax stopped after I stopped drinking the RRL tea. That was no fun and I was terrified of being put on bedrest. I'm trying to keep this baby in to term - if she is born on the same schedule as her sisters that would be early January instead of February - that's too soon!!

Hmm.. that got long! Guess I had a lot of chit chat today
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Doing well here. I am exhausted after a very busy few days. My dh just graduated with his PhD!!! We are very excited! He worked very hard on this degree. . . at both working to earn our living, so that I could stay home with the children, and working on the degree. It took him 5 1/2 years, but he did it!

What a celebration!!!

My 2nd son's birthday was the day before graduation . . . and that was a fun day too!

I am so tired now, though!

Less than 8 weeks left now!
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Tomorrow is exactly one month before Amelia arrives!

And of course, in my usual insaneness that is me, I decided that it would be a fantastic time to redo Jocelyn's room so that her and Amelia could share a room. And of course, Amelia's stuff is pink and brown, and Jocelyn's stuff is red and gold...and so the oriental red and rice paper room I made for Jocelyn just isn't going to cut it. LOL! So, I told DH that I wanted to repaint the room chocolate brown, and completely redecorate it. Nevermind the fact that the baby is co-sleeping with us. And never mind that the room has been completely redecorated from the paint to the decorations *4* times in the 4 years we've been here (once for Brandon, Ryland, and Jocelyn, and then once because the room flooded from a chimney leak a few months before we picked Jocelyn up from Vietnam).

I just felt bad that we didn't have any rooms to paint for Amelia (we only have a 3 bedroom house). : DH knows better than to tell me not to repaint a room...I sort of love changing room colors on him. :

So, next week, I get to start Amelia's nursery (which is also Jocelyn's room)...and not one of my kids will actually sleep in there. Jocelyn's decided she likes our bed better. :
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Congratulations to your DH Larissa! I just finished my comprehensives, so I'm all but dissertation now. It's so hard to do!
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I found out yesterday I got into the PhD program I applied to in October...for next fall...

I. must. be. crazy.

Baby is doing great, I don't think he/she is back to back with me anymore so that's good! I feel great actually!

I have been sewing and knitting like a mad women...I got Ori's Ogga Booga shirt and pant set done and Laurelle's sweater is about 1/3 done and Yarrow's heavy baby doll is done and bixed up!...I still have Yarrow's Ogga Booga dress to make, Laurelle's duvet cover is *almost* done and then I have a hat to knit for my MIL...

Gifts are coming together!
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I think I am finally starting to feel better today. When I woke up yesterday, I thought I would be feeling better, but I was still miserable most of the day. By late last night I was starting to get some energy back. It's a very good thing too. I have a family coming to meet with me on Tuesday about caring for their daughter starting in May and I had to get my house in some sort of order. I had started cleaning things up, but then we both got sick so that went out the window. So, I've spent all morning cleaning and scrubbing and organizing. I was hoping to get it all done today, but I'm already feeling like I'm wearing myself out again so I think the laundry will have to wait until tomorrow.

I did discover a new trick last night. This might fall under the TMI category, but I had to share with someone. My breasts started leaking a little about a month ago, mostly just at night when I'm sleeping. This was surprising to me and a little startling, I didn't realize that happened before the baby came until it started! So, last night they started leaking and I went to wipe it off with a kleenex and ended up squeezing quite a bit more out. DH was completely grossed out and is officially not attracted to my breasts at the moment! Lol! This pregnant body never ceases to amaze me!
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Originally Posted by Mal85 View Post
DH was completely grossed out and is officially not attracted to my breasts at the moment! Lol! This pregnant body never ceases to amaze me!
Lol! My DH LOVES it when I am lactating.

Anywho . . . .

Larissa, congrats to your DH!!! We are currently putting DH through college, and he is also working VERY fulltime (like 60 hours a week) plus the college courses, plus his volunteer work, so yeah, I know how much of an effort it is for BOTH partners! When he graduates, I will feel like I earned it too!

BathrobeGoddess, congratulations on getting into your program!!! Yay!

Oh, oil pulling is a holistic therapy that involves swishing a natural oil in your mouth for several minutes a day, on an empty stomach, and spitting it out (it's a little bit more involved than that). It's supposed to whiten teeth, heal gums, clear up all skin problems, improve energy, and generally improve health by removing toxins from the system. So they say. (You can google it!) I first heard about it from the lady I got my kefir grains from. And she is the picture of glowing health so there ya go. We shall see!
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Congratulations, Larissa's DP! How blessedly wonderful that he's done!

And congratulations to BathrobeGoddess!!!
Kudos to you, mama.

And a final shout out and good-on-ya to AllyRae for finishing her comprehensives! Here comes a brilliant dissertation! :

As for me, I have a deadline with two publishers in the next ten weeks. I'm just waiting to get the manuscripts back from both. Unfortunately, a very wicked case of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome has set in, so I'm not sure how I'm going to fulfill my obligation. : Hmm. Time will tell.

On a happier note, I am THRILLED to be on the other side of 30 weeks ... we're 31 weeks now, and it's so exciting to be on what feels like the home stretch. AllyRae, you must be sooo excited to know that Amelia is coming soon. And your plans for the girls' room sound lovely.
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Oh, I am so happy to have the weekend here! I didn't sleep in like I planned but I lounged around in my pj's and robe till 11:00. DH and I made a quiche this morning which was so delicious. I can't seem to drink enough OJ these days and feel like I could drink a whole carton in one morning...am I alone in this?

I plan on finishing my Christmas shopping...ok, I'll be honest, I plan to START my Christmas shopping this weekend! LOL!

We got our prefolds in the mail yesterday so I've been washing them and learning how to snappi. DH is feeling pretty proud that he did it faster then me. Good, I want him to be a pro diaper changer. We'll see how he does when the diaper is full of poop! That may be a different story! LOL
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It's a lazy morning here as well. I think pregnant women should be exempt from Christmas planning, shopping, baking, decorating, etc. AND from housework! I'm taking it plenty slow, but that doesn't prevent me from feeling guilty about it. Is it weird that I can't wait until Christmas break so that I can catch up on housework and nesting? Everyone else seems to be so busy--writing books, getting doctorates, etc. I can't seem to find the get-with-it to clean the bathroom.

The baby's doing great. Lots of bumps and movement often. I never get tired of it. I wonder though if I'm going to have a really active little person on my hands in a few months!

We're 32 weeks today!
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I gave hubby the measurements to make a small set of shelves to put on our dresser for holding diapers and diapering supplies. Except for a small stocking stuffer or so we got our Son's presents today. I got a baby bed from a friend that was getting rid of it and I'm going to see of Kara's favorite doll will fit into some regular dolls clothes so I can be lazy and not sew any. Another friend gave me some small rings so I can get some baby doll slings made up. Still not sure what my middle daughters main gift will be though I am leaning towards a simple twin sized tied quilt in a cat print fabric for her bed. I also may get her a Play Mobil Dragon that she has her eye on. Kara got a single Play Mobil person with a little horsey to go in her stocking. I think DH is going to get the Wow WoTLK expansion pack and his account renewed. I think he'll be happy with that. Oh and I think he needs a hot water bottle so he can stop using me as a foot warmer when he climbs into bed.

I feel like taking a nap but it's to late in the day for it so I am going to go clean downstairs.
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Oh and baby is pretty much staying head down which of course makes it hard to sit of straight. My midwife will be in town either monday or tuesday so that's when my next appointment will be.
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BG - congrats on getting into the PhD program. I remember how difficult that process was for my husband . . .and very competitive! I can't imagine being a mom and working on a PhD!!

AllyRae - congrats to you on being ABD. What a huge accomplishment! The dissertation process is difficult, as I am sure you already know. Do you have your topic?

We don't really "do" Christmas like most people do, so other than fielding questions from my children about traditions that other people do . . . it's a pretty easy season for me. We do celebrate Christmas as the birth of our Lord and Savior, but we don't decorate, do Christmas trees, or any of the other secular traditions that have developed over the years.

I saw a six week old baby tonight. . . and I the only thing I could think of was how NOT ready I am to have a baby. (not in the sense that I have to do things before she gets here, but in the sense that I am not ready to have a newborn)

I am so tired . . . and having this baby is not going to solve that problem! LOL But I am so enormously blessed, and will adore this little one!!
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Oh, I had a friend just discribe oil pulling to me and, in my pregnant state, I had a very hard time not getting queasy at the IDEA of swishing oil in my mouth for 10 minutes. I guess I'm a wimp as a pregnant person.

Is anyone else having 1st trimester queasiness come back? It's not as bad, but while I have been able to take vitamins every morning before breakfast during the second trimester, now I absolutely cannot take them in the AM, even with food. I also find myself getting sick to my stomach sometimes right before getting hungry or when getting really hot. I'm not sure why this is. I have a feeling that everything is just going to keep getting harder until I birth this baby! Maybe being uncomfortably pregnant is good motivation for enduring labor?
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Congratulations to everyone all all the recent accomplishments! I'm really impressed!

I turned 40 Friday, and as my gift my husband took the day off to help me do a ton of little errands. It was a terrific gift not to have to haul myself in and out of the car 30 times!

Any other over-40's looking to deliver??? I'm actually looking forward to it. I feel so much more patient this time.

I bought a baby album/memory book last night, but when I woke up this AM, I found myself apprehensive about starting to fill it in. This is my 6th preg, and only 2nd to make it past the first trimester. Part of me still can't believe this all might work out, and I might actually be blessed with a term, live baby.

In any event, I think we have a name: Celeste Elizabeth
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Congratulations to everyone! What a busy and accomplished group we all are!

Two of dh's sisters had new baby girls, one yesterday, one Friday. We're so happy to welcome Aiden and Kacy. It was awesome to hold a brand new baby and see my boys' reactions. My 3yo was fascinated, my 5yo was a little less interested but I think that had more to do with all the interesting things to explore at the hospital besides a sleeping baby! Both were full term, natural births and are doing well nursing, I am so proud of them!

I'm feeling pretty good on the Chirstmas front. We had several snow days last week that allowed me to get lots of the fun stuff done with the boys and some cleaning. Yesterday, we took them downtown and they picked out a gift for each other from the little 5&dime store. It was so cute watching them decide. And today we're cutting the tree, with hopes of getting it decorated tonight. We don't do many gifts, but I do love all the parades, baking and rituals of the season.

Like others, I really feel like this little one is growing. The jabs are getting stronger and my ribs are starting to get in the way. But over all, I feel so much better than I have in the past months. I'm really hoping it contiues for the next week or so. I'm at 32 wks tomorrow!
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Lovely name - Celeste Elizabeth -

Congrats on your new nieces!! I have never heard the name Aiden for a girl.

I would love to say that we have a name picked out, and we do have the first name . .. but the middle name is just not coming!
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I love the name Celeste. I tried to get DH to let me use it at least as a middle name for this one. Owyn Celeste... sounds beautiful to me. It was a no go. He is so darn picky. Last night he said he could go with Caroline for the middle name, which for a while was my top pick. However, now that he's said he'll agree to it I'm second guessing it.

What do you think about Owyn Caroline?
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I had the most bizarre dream last night: I went to the birth center and they put me in the "baseball suite" which, in the dream (since there's no such thing IRL hehe) was this really super ornate luxury suite with a giant bed, overlooking a baseball field. I was a little taken aback but otherwise kind of tickled by the room, until a tiger walked by the door. *That* I was not okay with. They shooed the tiger away and as I was getting settled in, a nurse came toward me with this strange instrument and said she needed to strip my membranes.

I told her no. She got irritated with me. A female OB came in and said they needed to do something else (I forget what -- but it was to stimulate labor); I said no, and ran home.

Once I was home I crawled on our big, unmade, messy bed, and had the baby, with no pain at all, and totally by myself.

And I woke up thinking I really should have some kind of supplies on hand (sterile scissors, string, a big bowl, PVC-free curtain, etc.) just in case I go super fast (which I doubt since first labor was sooo long), or we're snowed in or something.

So. Cool dream. Here's my question: how do you sterilize thick string? I figure I can use GSE to sterilize some scissors but what about the string for tying off the cord?
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