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Bladder as a stress ball... Nope, Amelia doesn't squeeze my bladder, but she's currently sitting on it and using it as a soccer ball. Her head's smushed against my stomach though, making sleeping very uncomfortable! I'm just nauseous and heartburny all the time because her 'measuring 2 weeks ahead' head likes to rest against my stomach! :
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Originally Posted by AKislandgirl View Post
We toured the hospital today. I was hoping that the tub would be bigger but it is probably smaller then my tub at home. Bummer. Just another reason to wait a long time to go to the hospital. We live 3 minutes away so I think I'm going to wait as long as possible to head there. The rooms are a good size though and being a small town it's likely I'd be the only one there. I'm going to make the best of it as I have no choice but to deliver in the hospital.
I'm in exactly the same situation! Funny--Monday night I watched the odometer as I drove past the hospital--it's 3/4 of a mile from my front door. I haven't done the tour yet, but it's a small hospital with six brand new LDR rooms. I'm actually not sure whether they have tubs or not. I think not, but my tub at home is nice so I'll try to stay there for as long as we can. My OB office/midwife has a tub that they can bring to the hospital, but that almost sounds like too much work since I'm not planning a waterbirth. I dunno.

Anyone feel like their little one is trying to escape? I am amazed by how strong these movements are now!
Its crazy. I keep telling her, "Baby, that's not the way out. You have to turn around to get out...."
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Originally Posted by nighten View Post
Anyone else an emotional wreck these days? I'll be fine one minute then out of the blue I'm crying. It's embarrassing and annoying....
Oh yeah! Christmas carols are sending me over the edge right now...pitiful!

Amelia doesn't squeeze my bladder, but she's currently sitting on it and using it as a soccer ball.
LOL...DS is head down, so I guess he is head-butting instead of kicking. Fortunately, it's only occasionally.

I know I'm not around much, but between work, kids, other, I just don't have time to stop in as much as I would like. I hope everyone is doing well and has a great holiday season!
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The baby is very reactive to anything taking up space. I get kicked for balancing a cup or book on my belly or lying too far over on my side. I appreciate this for all the silly little first-time-mommy moments when I think, "Oh no! Has the baby moved recently?" or when my husband wants to feel the baby, a little bit of pressure with our hands will get an active response. I think this is also the way the baby responds to my bladder! If it gets even slightly full and cramps my baby's room, the baby puts pressure on it or kicks! This is my theory anyway. I hate running to the ladies room feeling like I'm going to wet myself, only to discover that I only had a few tablespoons in me! I really don't know how I'm going to live (outside the restroom anyway) once the baby drops!

Does anyone else have a weird feeling in their hip bone like there is a little baby fist or hand poking there? If I get really settled in and relaxed, sometimes I will move to get up and walk around and feel really strange because of a foreign pressure in my hip joint. Too weird. Also, has anyone noticed the baby responding to outside stimuli (other than touching or rubbing)? It has been bitterly cold here recently and the other day when I went out without a heavy coat, I'm sure my baby was moving around out of protest. Also, when I sing at church, I feel like the baby wakes up and takes interest. I'm trying to notice things like the baby jumping at a loud sound or moving in rhythm to music, but I haven't really yet. Anyone else?
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Originally Posted by nighten View Post
Anyone else an emotional wreck these days? I'll be fine one minute then out of the blue I'm crying. It's embarrassing and annoying....

Right there with ya. I also tend to get really fight-y, but I'm doing a lot better than last time with that and have not gotten into any fights yet. Although, I had my performance review at work yesterday and I got a rating below satisfactory. Try not crying during that meeting! I was a mess and cried all day.

A major complaint was my efficiency (speed at which I get things done), and I was told that since I won't be working very much in 2009, the next two months are my big chance to show improvement in that area. Improve my efficiency during the last two months of pregnancy? Honestly, I hate working for a childless woman. The good news is that when I return from maternity leave I'll be on a new project with a whole new team, and I hear they're a bit more humane. But in the meantime I've got to stop slacking, so I won't be around here as much.

In other good news, it turns out that interest rates are now so low that we can refinance our mortgage with a big chunk of "cash back" (money added onto the loan amount that we get in hand now) without changing our monthly payment amount by a penny! Hooray, it looks like we might be able to afford child care after all!

Thanks for all the advice about yeast. I'm still not even sure I have (or had) an infection. I've just been sleeping with my undies off and it seems okay. If it definitely blooms I'll call my midwife, and if I'm still not sure at my next appt I'll ask her to take a look. But I'm a little confused, I thought candida was always naturally present in our bodies? If that's so you can only control it, not get rid of it completely.
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CityKid, when I talk about "killing" yeast, I mean the infection. Unless I'm talking about clothing in which case I really do mean killing it entirely.

I hear you on the fight-y thing -- and it's a patience issue for me too. My poor toddler is going stircrazy because it's been cold and rainy for days on end and despite our outing yesterday she's still got cabin fever bad. And my bad hurts so badly I can barely walk today. At 3:30 I finally stuck my head downstairs and yelled at my husband (through gritted teeth), "If you're almost done I could REALLY use some help up here!"

Thankfully he was and he came up and I crawled in the bed and passed out for an hour.

Sorry about your job situation. Sounds like your current boss is a vile person. :
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And I have two months left (at least, right? ) GAHHH!!!

Sorry about the yelling. Sigh. It's just, the big belly, and all her cute movements in the womb, and how she interacts with our sounds and movements and so forth, makes her feel more real-- and then thinking about how in two short months she'll really be here-- and then I get excited and wish she were here now-- and then two months seems SO LONG.

Well, thanks for letting me vent.
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I have never been more patient in my life when it comes to having this baby! I am perfectly content feeling her move inside me and imagining what it will be like to hold a newborn daughter .. . something completely new for me, even though it's my 4th baby.

I look forward to having her and holding her . . . but I am content with where she is right now. I might feel differently a month from now, though.
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I hear all of you on the patience thing. I surprise myself with what comes out of my mouth. Things I used to be able to say inside my head are spouting out of my mouth before I can stop them. My poor husband, he just doesn't understand. We both got sick on the same day last week and I felt worse longer, but now I'm pretty much back to normal. But his job has required him to be outside walking around town while we've been in the middle of the worst winter weather this year. So, he's still dragging a bit and I get so frustrated that he's not feeling better yet because I really need his help with Christmas getting so close! I'm trying really hard to be patient, but it's not easy. I also work with school-age kids every afternoon. They are going CRAZY this week since Christmas is next week and school is almost done for the semester. It's getting really, really hard to keep my patience with them. I really want to enjoy this week with them and get excited for Christmas with them like I usually do, but they are just so loud and so wild and my patience is very thin. 2 more days! Then I have no responsibilities for two whole weeks!
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I'm impatient too. I want him out and in my arms. My whole tummy feels bruised because my placenta is at the back, so all the movements are up front. I can barely sleep because the baby wakes up and dances all night! It feels like he's standing up when I lie down. I keep looking at his stuff and just want to have him here to cuddle....and I want my body back.

8 to 10 more weeks. These weeks are going by quickly though.
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So uh....I've noticed that I am more gassy nowadays.... just like in the first trimester! And I start thinking about all the yummy food I'm going to eat and then I eat a couple of bites and I'm soooooo full!!!! But then I'm hungry like, 2 hours later!! sigh... I've been feeling hungry late at night but I haven't given in. I don't like to eat when I"m ready for bed because it makes it harder for me to sleep and I sleep so late already as it is.

I'm impatient to see my baby but not really ready for him to come out yet!!! Why can't I just take him out to play with him a little and then put him back inside????
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I am also very excited about meeting this little one. I'm trying really hard to just savour being pregnant and focus on that. And I can't believe that I'm now 32 weeks! I really don't have a lot of time left :

kssinca - I have the same issues - both the gas and the hungry every 2 hours. Luckily I'm home now so I have the time to snack throughout the day (and the privacy for the gas ).

I had a midwife appt this morning and all is well. The baby is head down and quite low. I think he's started dropping the last few days as I've been tender down there. I also had my blood taken which is a big deal for me, I really thought I was going to faint. I'm measuring right at 32 weeks. As of now he has his back towards my back so my midwife suggested a couple things to help him turn around. But there's lots of time for that.
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Originally Posted by kssinca View Post
I'm impatient to see my baby but not really ready for him to come out yet!!! Why can't I just take him out to play with him a little and then put him back inside????

Citykid, Some people just don't get it. And I agree, women can be really awful to each other.
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I am beginning to feel really big. 4 people yesterday at work commented to me that I'm really growing - 1 person said I was noticeably bigger than when she saw me last week. I feel noticeably bigger than last week. Yet when I told my husband, he said he had actually been a bit worried bc he didn't think I'd grown much in the past month. I think maybe it's just bc he sees me every day? I do know I was on track at my last appointments - and I definitely feel bigger.

I am starting to have trouble sleeping. In addition to my usual aches and pains that get in the way of sleeping I just seem to be waking up a lot now and having trouble falling back asleep. A lot of people in my birth class who were further along mentioned this - but boy does it suck when it happens to you!

I am looking forward to meeting baby but trying not to say I can't wait bc I definitely am not quite ready for her and I am perfectly happy to wait out the next 8 weeks to have a fully grown, healthy baby. I don't want to jinx anything! That said, I can't even imagine what it will be like to hold a baby that looks like me and the man I love so much - but I have been pondering that a lot lately!!

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I've got too much stuff to do yet to have the baby, and I really want her to have as much of a chance to get as big as she can between now and when she's born (since she'll likely be petite like Winnie was). So I'm actually easily patient with waiting on her to be born (at least now -- talk to me in 8 weeks and I may be singing a different tune). But it's being patient with the people who are already here that's causing me issues.

Have a midwife appointment this afternoon and am stopping by the birth center to register.
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We had our 32 week appointment with the midwife yesterday.

We left our wee mountain town at 10am and had plans to meet friends for coffee in the city before the appointment, do some shopping and then meet my parents at the ferry terminal on the way home (they live on a water-access only peninsula) ... but a snowstorm descended on Vancouver, and no one there knows how to drive in the snow, so people were sliding all over the road and smashing into each other.

Long story short, we left our house at 10am, and instead of taking three hours to get to the midwife clinic (the amount of time we allot if it's snowy, which it was), it took 5 hours!!! :

The midwife laughed when she saw us and said people five blocks away had cancelled, but that she knows she can always count on her rural clients to make their way.

A lot of the appointment was us all strategizing how we're going to know when to leave our house to go down to the city to birth. Should be interesting. We'll definitely have a couple OBS kits in our truck, and lots of blankets and water and nibblies, just in case the road shuts down. Last year, it was closed for 16 hours because of a few accidents in a snow storm. I was working on the ambulance that day, and we had to go collect a woman in labour out of the line up waiting for the highway to open. That could be me, this year!
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Originally Posted by Gillian28 View Post
As of now he has his back towards my back so my midwife suggested a couple things to help him turn around. But there's lots of time for that.
Did she mention swimming? It feels sooooo good, and apparently swimming on your front encourages baby to get into the ideal position for birth. I am absolutely loving the swimming lately!
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I meet with my potential Doula today. I'm so excited! I feel like I should be better prepared with a list of questions but I only have a few. I'm hoping we can just have a flowing conversation and I can get a feel for her and decide by that. I'm bringing my birth plan with me so she can really see the type of birth we are after. Wish me luck. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Swimming? Hmmm, we have a wonderful hot springs nearby and the main pool doesn't get above 100. I think we should go because that sounds like so much fun.

I'm getting a bit anxious and excited to hold this baby myself but it needs to wait at least another 4.5 weeks because I don't want it to come before 38 weeks.
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I had an MW appointment this week...baby is down low (yeah) and still back to back with me (like they all have been ) and we went back over crawling and such...we aren't going to be as proactive getting this one to turn as we were with dd since it is a possible variable for her disengaging during labor and allowing the cord to prolapse. At this point, we figure it must be something about the way I am made inside but that gentle stuff can't hurt...we will encourage but not try to force! I am measuring 30 but that is petty normal for me...I am always small at this point...growth looks good though from last toe this appointment!

I have to admit, I am happy for this babe to stay in another two months...I have no idea how I am going to function with three under five! It's scary! I have always gone post-dates so now I'm counting in that extra 10-12 days...never thought I would ever say that!

What to hear a scary something? We registered my eldest dd for HIGH SCHOOL this week! High school is big time...she only has four years until she is an adult by law...so crazy!

I only have two things to finish making for Christmas gifts...my oldestes sweater and I have to put the finishing touches on the duvet cover I made for her...but she has been home sick so I haven't been able to work on them!
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